These unwanted facial mole will disappear without surgery in a week

These unwanted facial mole will disappear without surgery in a week

Many girls have a lot of heart on their face, which is not good to see because only one or two or three look good on our face. If you are also suffering from facial mole, do not do surgery but eliminate them from home recipe. You can get your beauty on your face, but when you have one or two, if you are too much then it seems to spoil your look, laser therapy is used to remove mole but it is very expensive, that's why It is not a matter of bus for everyone because it also costs a lot of money and not all people have a lot of money, in this way we will know about how to remove the mole of our face today. How to remove the mole on your face from the items found in the house?

Pineapple :-

Pineapple secret plays an important role in cleansing the impurities and dead cells from our skin. Its juice contains enzymes and citric acid which works to remove pigmentation which removes facial mole as pineapple is sour. Acid is found because of this day, it proves very helpful in removing your oil and if there is sesame on the whole face, then drinking pineapple juice is thrilling on the face two or three times if you want and apply it on the same night and without any Sleep too will have more effect than this. Remove fresh pineapple juice and apply it on the affected area by rooting it, if there is more mole in the whole face, you can apply it in the whole face too.

Banana peel :-

Banana peel is considered a panacea in removing oil. With banana peel, we can remove the mole of our face, take banana peel and place it on the heart and tie it on top with a clean cloth. And leave it like this overnight, the oil will expire in a day, it will not expire until you have finished the oil, along with the oil, it also eliminates the wart in the banana peel. There is also the ability to dry the wart. You can apply banana peel on the skin at night and tie a cloth on it so that it can be done for days until your warts are gone.

Castor oil and baking soda :-

Castor oil contains anti-oxide which is very helpful in removing our skin, along with the heart, it also solves a lot of skin problems. You can use it with baking soda because when When we mix castor oil with baking soda, it exfoliates and gradually removes the heart as well as it does not leave a mark on the face. How to use it. Take a few drops of castor oil and pinch it Add baking soda and wash your face first, then apply the mixture on the mole area of ​​your face and leave it overnight or for a few hours. Apply it in this manner for a few days until your mole Do not expire

garlic paste :-

Garlic is always present in our house because garlic is used in our vegetables. It is kept in the kitchen. Garlic can reduce your oil problem. Make a paste of some garlic buds and keep it on the oil. Tie a top of a clean cloth on it and leave it for overnight. Keep it like this for a few days until your three are smart. This will eliminate the mole on your face. How to use 2 big garlic Grind it and apply it on the sesame completely covering it. Leave it overnight and wash the best in the morning with lukewarm water. Use this regularly until your face is removed.

Apple vinegar :-

Apple vinegar is also considered to be very beneficial in removing the oil from the skin and it also eliminates the mole of our face. Take a couple drops of lion vinegar on YouTube and apply this portion on fun for 15 to 20 minutes. Leave it in the same way, after 15 to 20 minutes, you wash your face with cold water or else wash the face well before going to bed at night, after that lightly massage the face with apple vinegar and face for the whole night. But keep it on, after getting up in the morning, wash it with cold water and keep doing it till your oil becomes light, do it daily until your face sesame is left.

Onion juice :-

Onions are found in many properties, which are considered very beneficial for our skin, you can also remove your heart from the onion juice, this is how to use this. Looking at a small onion, its fine paste. Make it gently on the heart, where there is sesame in your skin and leave it for half an hour, then wash it with cold water and apply it daily for weeks to remove the heart, a little salt or apple cider vinegar in this paste. Can also be mixed

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