How to take care of your eyes

It is very important to take care of eyes to keep your eyes clean and temporary, because our eyesight decreases with age, you must be listening to people who show them, so it gives us a little less We will know about how to keep the light intact because the eyes showing you the world do not just see but speak, so the eyes are considered to be the most precious in all our senses, so we should take many measures for eye care That keep our eyesight on and in today's time, they were sitting at home because people are running down all over the world right now, people are down in their homes, they are busy on all things, easy laptops etc. But we remain busy and what is in it, watching TV, watching serial, watching movie, the time of all things is increasing, it starts to irritate our eyes and our eyesight also keeps going, so how can we avoid all this and our Know how to protect eyes.

How to keep your eyesight sharp and healthy:-

First of all, when you wake up after sleeping, you first wash your face and do the fast, then remember while brushing, first of all I have to keep my mouth watering and rotate my eyes all the time. The first thing that we have to do is to turn our eyes around the gain with the right and to do this process at least 15 times, but keep in mind that the inside of our mouth should be watery. You have to keep mouth watering and after throwing mouth water, you do not have to rotate again, then empty the mouth, do this process twice, after the last time, fill the mouth with water and splash on the eyes when you do this. So you will feel a slight burning sensation in the eyes, but you have to keep doing this process, before you finally rinse water, you have to give a little bit of light to the eyes with your fingers, you can do this process three to four times a day. Your eyes will get a lot of rest and the light will remain intact, along with this, you should pay attention to your food and green vegetables in the food. Take fruits rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C. Vitamin E and also get plenty of sleep.And avoid direct sunlight, it means good habits and pay full attention to your health and take care of your eyes because eyes are the biggest contributor, eyes are the body's window. We see the outside world through this window. By looking inside the eyes, doctors can cure cataract, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, many other problems of healthy health, and protect them from our eyes, if there is any slight irritation or irritation in our eyes, then immediately we doctor should contact.

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