Know how uncountable will come on your face in 2 to 3 days.

Just as our body needs to take many breaks from all kinds of work stress, many kinds of difficulties, in the same way, our skin should be left alone for a while on a fasting note, which Swift is called Skin Fasting. It is as if all of us do fasting occasionally so that we work, do not use any kind of beauty skin product on the skin for one or 2 days in Hindi, its concept is called fasting, this concept is called skin fasting. And it has been introduced almost a decade ago by a Japanese brand of weeding clinics. Give it for quite a few days in the beauty industry and leave it to heal naturally.We should use any cream while looking at your skin, because all people have different types of it, if someone's skin is dry or before it, then we must apply a cleanser donor Sanskrit opinion according to the screen. But during its fasting, we should stop applying all this.

Many experts say that the regular use of beauty products loses our ability to protect ourselves, so this process is considered very important for the skin because we should put our screen in fasting mode, so let's know Here is how we keep our screen in fasting mode and what should be the benefits of this and when and how to keep it.

Benefits of skin fasting :- 

The biggest advantage of skin fasting is that we also get to see how much we glow from within ourselves without using any product and this tells us whether skin fasting for natural glow comes or not. But there is a detox inside, if you are on skin fasting, then do not use any cosmetic product on your skin for a day or two, even then we will see the effect of our fasting, how much natural glow is coming on our screen.

How to do skin fasting :-

Keep in mind that we should start skin fasting at night, but do it in the night of the beginning of fasting, because before going to bed, find the skin thoroughly with water and go to sleep without applying any skin care product, then wake up the next morning to lukewarm face Wash with water if there is moisture on your screen, then do it for a long time, according to how the effect of this screen fasting on your screen, decide its duration because all people have different types, then all The thing to note from this is that keeping in mind your team, decide its fasting day, whether to stay for 1 day or 2 days or to stay for 3 days. We should stay for at least 2 or 3 days on how many days to stay on fast.

If you have pimples on your face, do not do this work at all :-

If you have pimples on your face, you should not do this fasting at all because if you have acne on your face, then you are applying anti-acne cream on your face and at that time if you are fasting then nothing on your face It seems because your face is already Holi and if you do not apply anything for 2 or 3 days then what happens because of this, our face starts to pimple even faster, so we need that every day we have to face Keep applying something or other, it will not make pimples on our face

Try this way :-

Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

You can not leave all screen care products, you can change them if you leave chemical skin products for two to three days for a few days and you can use home products on your screen. By which the screen benefits, you can use such things kept in the house, like you can apply gram flour paste in your house and you can apply it on your face, there are many things that you will get in the house like You can also add rose water or curd to turmeric and apply it on your face so that you benefit the skin.

Follow the advice of doctors :-

Many doctors say that for healthy skin, follow 11 good skin care routines according to your skin type so that our skin remains bright all the time, always talk about skin care routine glowing on our skin, then you get cleanser sunscreen Night cream should be used in cream and night cream because it is very important because it does not work to protect the skin from damage during the day, so we should also use night cream on our screen.

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