Protect your foot in summer like this.

The beauty of the face is as important as the beauty of the feet, so the beauty of the feet is also important, so along with the beauty of the face, we should also take care of the beauty of our feet, how our feet look beautiful, take care of the beauty of the feet too. It is important to take special care of the feet especially in summer, so let us see how we can maintain the beauty of the feet. In winter it is easy to protect the feet but by washing them properly, applying coconut oil and something like that You can keep your feet clean and safe even in homes through other measures. Wash your feet daily. During the summer season, you and your feet sweat a lot. Sweat gives control to dust and soil, so before bedtime, about 15 minutes with cold water Apply master cream on your feet daily, so that the beauty of your feet is still intact, the heel of your foot is bursting, then you put lemon in that area, then squeeze one lemon in lukewarm water and measure the feet in it for 20 minutes. Massage the feet slowly with granulated salt for 5 minutes. Your feet glow, keep the feet wet by granulated sugar for 10 minutes, then soak the feet in warm water for some time. The feet will be clean, then massage the feet for 10 minutes at a higher rate, this also increases the beauty of your feet. After applying honey on your feet, soak it in warm water for 10 minutes and then clean it again. If you do this thrice a week, then the glow of the keypad will remain intact. You can also apply onion juice to your feet twice. Your foot area will be soft. Many experts say that to maintain the beauty of the feet it is necessary that you wash the feet with soap while bathing daily. Also scrub the ID so that I can wear it in the summer. Applying a little tail powder on the feet of the feet gives relief from excess moisture in the feet. Do not wear me without washing in the summer and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes regularly. Those standing and working, have to wear shoes all day if you too have the same routine. When you return home, you take off your shoes and at that time it also improves the health of your feet.


Here are some solutions:-

Wash feet daily:-

In the summer season, our feet are very sweaty and when the sweat comes, the dust gets stuck in our feet more, so to get rid of this beating soil, you should wash your feet with Delhi cold water for 15 minutes at night. Before sleeping in sleep because the dirt that is lying in the feet of the whole day is relieved after sleeping in the night by the naïve, and the brightness of our feet also increases.

Apply moisturizer daily:-

Use some bad cream or liniment on your feet in the summer season, include it in your daily routine, but keep in mind that do not apply too much mass church, especially between your toes, do not use too much master because if you are more If the master puts it between his toes, there is a possibility of fungal infection.

wear sunscreen:-

If you say shoe or shoe in your feet, it means that you do not wear the saved thing on your feet, you mostly use the sleeper in your feet or walk empty feet, then at that time to protect your feet. You can apply sunscreen on your feet, which will protect you even in scorching sun.

Use coconut oil:-

Wash your feet well at bedtime, apply coconut oil to your feet after taking it and let it stay overnight, it will also shine in your feet and after applying it, wear cotton nudes in your feet.

Use of Shia butter:-

If your feet are cracked, that is, if your heel is rupturing, then take lukewarm water in a tub at that time and soak your feet 10 to 20 minutes by adding a teaspoon of sia butter to that water. What is bursting will be good and will also shine in your feet.

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