This Face Scrub made of gram flour applied 10 minutes before bath

Everyone wishes that our face also glows like velvet and there should never be pimples on our face, but some people think the same because all people have different types of faces. People who have facial skin are meant for their skin because more pimples are seen on their face, so we need to do what we should do if our skin is only, then today I will tell you that even today your skin is oily What to do Besan is considered a wonderful material for oily skin, now if you do not use the face scrub of the market, you can make face scrub for yourself using gram flour at home, it is very important to exfoliate your skin. It helps to remove all the details and the face is very clear. Our skin has many layers and many outer layers of dust, dirt, air polluted and gets exposed to the sun's rays, so we need our skin Everybody always says how to keep our face shining like velvet Always stay clean and fair. We should include natural things in our skin care routine, do not harm them in any way and also complete your work. It is very important for such skin and if it is made then its Will do wonders Let's know how to prepare Besan scrub at home.


Benefits of gram flour for face :-

Gram flour helps in removing the pimples of our face very much.It cleans the pimples from our face.

Gram flour helps in removing tan from our skin, it lightens our skin and makes it shiny.

Gram flour is considered a wonderful material for oily skin as it helps in reducing the paraffin from the screen.

Gram flour has exfoliating properties and it also acts as a nature scrub. If you have hair on your face then gram flour helps a lot to clean unwanted facial hair because when we apply the wesson and scrub it from you. Hair also breaks, it also kills our facial hair.

Besan has anti-aging which helps reduce wrinkles like fine lines.

By applying gram flour, we will not see any wrinkles on our face and the blacks under our eyes will also not be seen. Black sports and fight date are a common problem and help to get rid of gram flour.

Your dark skin will also become milk, like whites just mix it with gram flour and apply this thing in gram flour and oatmeal scrub :-

To prepare this scrub, add two teaspoons of oatmeal powder to two teaspoons of gram flour and add honey and lemon juice to it according to your quantity and then wash your face thoroughly after taking all these things. Apply the best on your face, then massage it with light hands, not too vigorously, that is, massage it on your face with light hands, then leave it again for 5 to 10 minutes, after that you can wash your face with cold water. Wash it will remove the oil from your face and will clean the area of ​​your face and will also make your skin shiny.

Gram flour and milk :-


Gram flour and milk work together to remove all kinds of dirt and dead skin cells from your face. Two teaspoons gram flour, one teaspoon milk and one teaspoon of grinded and mashed everything have been mixed well and then give your skin a good feeling. Clean it properly and then apply it on your face and scrub with it. Use the scrub on your face, it will give you very good benefits in your face and your face will also be clean.

Gram flour and turmeric :-

If you want to remove unwanted hair from your face, mix a small spoon of turmeric with gram flour and water, apply the paste on your face and gently scrub it on your face when you feel that the paste has dried. Use it while scrubbing it and clean it will eliminate unwanted facial hair.


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