If there are pimples on the skin, do not make these 6 mistakes, otherwise the face will be worse.

People use a lot of remedies to get rid of pimples, they use a lot of products that our face will be removed from there and in the meantime what happens is we make a lot of mistakes, which causes the acne to spread rapidly. Let us know what mistakes we make so that we get pimples on our face.

Many people get so much troubled by the problem of pimples that they are always upset behind them all the time. Impulse is a common thing that people do everything possible to get rid of, but sometimes we inadvertently Some mistakes are made due to which pimples are spread on the skin twice as fast, so let us know which mistakes we make so that pimples start appearing on our face.

Non Do this 6 Mistake, If pimples on the skin

There are the important mistakes which people should avoid to protect the skin. The skin of the people is important both for look and for health. The skin should be properly managed to make it healthy and fresh.

Incorrect makeup and use of skin care products :-

Often people are getting on their face to hide or remove pimples and hit a lot of skin care or makeup products which can prove to be harmful to their skin according to dermatologists or the products can irritate the day and They do not make any significant impact from there, alcohol is present in these products which can block the skin as well as start spreading pimples rapidly when we use the wrong makeup and skin care product on our pimples. If it is, then it becomes worse in these products because alcohols are present due to which the skin gets blocked and pimples start spreading rapidly on our face.

Do not put too many products on the face :-

Everybody uses a lot of products to get rid of pimples which makes our face even more useless and the pimples on our face are fast because these producers cannot give you overnight results so one Applying a product on top of the skin causes irritation to the skin as well as acne does not show any effect, so we should not use too many products on our face.

Do not use sunscreen :-


Sunscreen train does not protect from Mr. Planning but it also protects us from sunlight, which are pimples on our face, we should also protect it from sunlight because if we get sunlight on our pimples then our pimples are faster than that We should apply sunscreen cream on our face so that sunlight does not have any bad effects on our face and protect our skin from acne. You should choose sunscreen creams made of non-comedogenic ingredients.

Acne, touching and clenching :-

Many dermatologists say that the pimples on the face do not want to overdose, often when there are pimples on the face, we keep it small and pressed repeatedly. Losing that which is a big mistake, it can cause facial scars, not only this, but the bacteria from the whole acne can spoil the face by playing on our screen, so we should pay attention that if you have it Wait for it to be correct and do not touch it with your hands again and again, because from there we get pimples on our face because if we are something from there and go to another place, we still get pimples today. So we do not want again and again we should wait.

Do not wash face properly :-

We should clean our face thoroughly and keep in mind that we should not clean our face only with water because we do not have any benefit from cleaning with water if we have pimples and many people would Those who talk to your face for 2 to 3 minutes only with water, which is wrong when you are getting pimples on your face, then you should use a good face wash, keep in mind that the face is at least Wash for 20 to 30 seconds while massaging

Scrubbing the skin too much :-

Many doctors say that we should reduce the scrubbing process when we have pimples on our face, so we can scrub on our face two to three times, but if we have pimples on our face then we are less scrubbing Do it because maybe during this proficiency, if we do more vigorously only then the pimples on our face become more spread and change in the form of village and the beauty of our face is also spoiled. She goes.

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