Make oil at home with aloe vera, which will make hair twice as long and thick

Aloe vera is considered to be very beneficial because it contains a lot of nutrients which gives us a lot of benefits. We get its benefits from head to toe. You can also apply it to hair if you want. You can also apply it on your face, that is, you can use it anywhere. It gives a lot of benefits. Aloe vera is a powerful plant which is considered very beneficial for skin to hair. Aloe vera can also make oil for your hair. You can not remove this oil from this plant, but you have to mix it with other types of oil and apply it to your hair, then let me tell you how to make aloe vera oil, which oil to mix and apply in your hair Hair thick black and long.

You can mix olive oil castor coconut oil with aloe vera, but you can mix coconut oil in it because coconut oil is found in everyone's home because it is a simple day and we are cheap Are found in everyone's home, so you can also do it in coconut oil Coconut oil is a simple oil that is used in everyone's home and we can find it easily. Both aloe vera and coconut oil are full of vitamins and minerals, so they can mix your skin and hair cells again. Applies this oil to the skin, improves the skin and removes other parts of our head, it does not bring dandruff in our head and our hair is also soft, we do not need to use any conditioner.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Hair Oil - Increase Hair :-


When you apply aloe vera on the head, it fills our blood circulation and it promotes the growth of hair because when we apply aloe vera gel on our head, we gently massage it with our hands on our head. Blood circulation increases and the growth of our hair increases very fast and our head's hair loss is also reduced. Hair also breaks down and our hair does not fall because Aloe vera contains vitamin A and these three sons. Strengthens hair cells, so that the hair is repaired and stops its fall. Aloe vera gel contains more vitamin B, so we must apply aloe vera gel in your home to give two or three to the truth so that our hair Hair growth increases and our bar is not broken.

Relieve dandruff and itching :-

Aloe vera is also very beneficial in removing dandruff from the hair, so we should use aloe vera in your hair as it was stated in a study in 1998 that aloe vera helps a lot in solving the itching of our head because When we have dandruff in our head that causes it in our house and aloe vera, when we use it in travel, the itching of our head goes away and our dandruff ends because aloe vera Fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties

Stop hair fall :-

Aloe vera also stops our hair fall, because Aloe vera contains vitamins A and B, these three times also make these hair cells very strong, which causes hair to be repaired and stops falling. Aloe vera gel contains Vitamin A and in addition to these three, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid are also found which protect our hair from falling and make it stronger and longer.

Make aloe vera shampoos better than the market at home, which will make the hair silky-strong and shiny :-


1 cup coconut oil

recipe :-

First take fresh leaves of aloevera and clean it thoroughly

After cleaning, take out the aloevera with the help of a knife, take care to remove the outer layer.

Then take out the inside gel thoroughly

Then after this, mix the gel with oil

In addition, if you want, you can also mix it together and put it in the blender.

You can also use it in the form of oil or else you can use it for leftovers, you can also use it for hair masks for moisturizing, you can also use it as hair oil. Can use any way

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