Fruit facials like own parlor

We all know that to stay healthy we must eat fruits, then doctors also advise us if you want to be healthy, then there is a difference every day, so many doctors have given us advice to eat fruits everyday and we have also given ourselves It is known that regular intake of fruit not only keeps you fit, but the vitamins in these also play an important role in giving you beautiful skin, so you all know that there is a treasure of beauty in fruits by applying fruits on the same skin. You can remove the blemish from your face and get the desired glow on your skin.You all must have heard about the fruit facials, and we also go to the parlor to get the fruit facials and get your fruit facials there by giving money, if you do the fruit facials at home then you will save your money and such Even now there is a time of folk down in the world where all the crazy shops are closed, so let me tell you how to do fruit facials at your home.


Clean face:-

Clean your face first with raw milk and then wash your face with water, after washing with water, soak cotton milk in your face with the help of cotton, you can use it on the face and neck and 10 Allow to dry for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes of drying, wash it with raw water.

Exfoliate the skin:-

After washing the face with milk, clean the face after cleansing. Exfoliate your screen well. For this, mix a little baking soda in lemon and prepare the scrub by mixing water with baking soda. Your script will be ready i.e. paste will be formed then apply it on your face and gently scrub it on your face with normal hands then leave it for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes wash your face with cold water.

Skin pores cleaning:-

By scrubbing, the dead skin that is on our screen gets out, but keep in mind that what is on our screen, the posts are closed, we need to steam to clean the post. If you want to cover your face with Liya, you can also use facial streamer, you can clean your face screen post in this way.

Make fruit pack:-

After cleansing the face properly, it is now the turn to make fruit packs because everyone's faces are different, some faces dry, some faces dry and some faces are oily holly, so different for all four Face packs are made like I am telling you. If your face has stopped, then make a pack by mixing bananas and honey or else you want to make an anti-face pack like that, then you have to mix papaya and honey if your face is oily. Make a face pack with Where Are You and Lemon Juice

Apply face pack:-

Apply the one you have prepared and put on your face and neck and massage it slowly. After 10 minutes massage, let it dry for 5 minutes, after drying it leave it on the face. Wash with cold water and wash it well and dry it slowly.

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