Best beauty tips for oily skin

All people have different types of schemes, so the screen needs of everyone are also different, before adopting any beauty routine, it is important for everyone to know what kind of screen is your skin oily. If it is not dry then it is not meant what type of screen you have, use cream according to your screen, because if you use cream according to your screen, then it benefits more than that. Oily skin people are more prone to nail pimples, so they should pay special attention to skin cleansing and their diet, because if oily skin people use more oil, then their skin will get more pimples and pimples. Food should be paid more attention and they should also cleanse their skin more and wash the face with cold water two to three times daily and wash the face with light hands patting them if the face gets acne pimples repeatedly. If you are, use face to face wash to wash face After use skin toner or agent use water best oil, this will reduce the nail pimples on your screen.

You can also get glow skin, just need some tips which if you follow, then your skin will also start glowing.


Coconut water can also be used to cleanse your face. Coconut water cleans the face very well and after cleansing it should use alcohol free toner to turn off the flashlight of the skin.


Moisturizer should be used in both winter and summer.If you have oily skin, then you should use water best gel and master ice because your skin is oily and wash the face with cold water, this will keep your face temperature low on the face Will come and not even acne because more attention has to be paid to oily skin



Never forget to apply sunscreen lotion SPF 20 is the best according to the Indian screen, it is a sunscreen with a production is especially beneficial for normal skin. If you have sensitive skin, sunblock you can also use B production sunscreen.

Night cream:-

Wash your face thoroughly before going to bed at night because all day’s dirt will come out of the face because you keep moving around all day all day. What happens to this is dust and it sticks to our face So we should pay attention to Delhi, wash your face thoroughly before going to sleep at night because we apply a lot of cream in the day and roam outside. Should give wash your face before sleeping on your face night and put a nice game that suits your face in the night.

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