If you are troubled by weak hair, these 5 tips will work

Hair adds beauty to your beauty, as well as it talks about many things related to your health, but these days hair loss has become a common problem, hair is a part of human body and if women talk If they like their hair a lot, every woman wants her long thick and dark hair but it is not possible, some women have very thin hair, some women have very thick hair and some women have short hair. So some women have long hair, all have different hair but everyone thinks that we too have long, dark hair and black women also use many products in the market but in spite of the product also on their hair It does not matter if the hair starts to thin and fall when they are not taken care of properly because if you are using a product on your hair, this product has to be used regularly because of some mistakes. If the product you are using on the wall is not producing the product, then pay attention all the time that the product you It is very important to know what are the reasons why hair is getting thinner, to avoid this, understand the hair you are using, and pay attention to how to use it.Hair needs to be taken care of a lot. If you do not pay much attention to your wall, then your hair will start falling and breakage and in the present time the whole world is going through lockdown so that we are not getting good products but one. There is a lot of benefit that now you stay at your home in Down, then you can pay maximum attention to your hair in your house. Let us know how you can make your hair strong and beautiful at home. Huh.


Castor oil:-

Custard oil ie castor oil is considered to be very beneficial for hair. Custard oil is an important contributor to strengthening hair naturally. This oil is extracted from the State Bank and contains many medicinal properties. Omega fatty Acid is found which is considered to be the best moisturizer for hair skin. Massaging the scalp with custard oil strengthens hair and does not break hair. Custard oil does not cause dandruff and hair roots. It is stronger than this and it also makes the hair long, so we must use custard oil in the hair.


Onion juice:-

Onion juice is considered to be very beneficial for hair, but very few people know about the benefits of onion juice, because onion juice has many benefits because onion juice has antimicrobials and anti inflammatory properties which are found in hair. Along with strengthening, it also removes the problems of bonfires.Apart from this, is there a very big source of Parliament which is the main element of hair protein keratin, applying onion juice regularly to hair stops hair fall. And onion juice also strengthens the hair at the roots of the hair and the group of hair that grows from it grows very fast, this makes our hair longer, onion juice also prevents the problem of hair loss. You can use onion juice 3 to 4 days a week by applying onion juice to your hair and you can leave it for 2 hours, you will also see a lot of benefit.


Eggs also contribute a great deal to prevent hair fall and breakage because there is nothing better than eggs for hair growth and nutrition Eggs contain protein minerals and vitamin B complex vitamins and other essential nutrients. Prevents and softens hair as well as makes hair thicker Egg also works as a conditioner with strengthening hair. If your hair is thin it breaks easily then you start applying egg to hair. Do this, your hair will not break and not even about you and it will also cause puff in your hair if your hair is standing and not fond of it. You will not need because the vitamin B complex is found in the egg and all the things that are found in the vitamin, then you can also use the egg in your hair.

Fenugreek seeds:-

It happens in everyone's kitchen, which is considered to be very beneficial for hair. You can stop hair loss by using fenugreek and can also use them to increase hair land. Fenugreek works effectively. Fenugreek contains protein iron and nicotine acid which also strengthens the hair follicles along the roots of the hair. Fenugreek contains natural oil which prevents hair breakage and gives them a lot of shine and softens it. The best way to apply this is to make the middle of it overnight and then make a paste of it in the morning and apply it on your head like mass, and after drying, wash it with cold water.

 Take care of towels and towels:-

People ask their body for the same after bathing, they also ask for their hair, which can prove to be very harmful for the hair if you want to keep your hair from falling or getting thinner. If you want to be saved from this, then you must pay attention to the way that you are not asking your hair for the way you are asking your body, keep a separate one to ask your hair, so that you can dry your hair in the same way. Keep a separate towel for it. Also try to dry the hair on its own so that there is no damage to your hair, use the driver as little as possible.

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