Do these five (5) tasks as soon as you wake up in the morning, which will make your skin shiny

To keep our scheme always bright and turmeric, we try different things so that the glow always remains in our team, but after getting up every morning, how you talk to your skin makes a very big difference on the screen. Women also follow the designation of the skin's routing at night, but in the morning she washes her face only by applying facewash. We all do this as we get up in the morning. That is wrong, today we will tell you how to do it in the morning so that you have too much and keep you bright always, then from today you follow our morning routine after getting up in the morning.

1   After waking up in the morning, washing your face with cold water in front of your face stops the side of your skin. Cold water also acts as an anti-wrinkle agent which slows the aging process of the skin. Make your skin tight and youthful because anti wrinkles are found in cold water. We should clean the face thoroughly with cold water first thing after waking up in the morning. It is very beneficial to protect the skin from harmful rays of cold water. Want to be considered.

After thoroughly cleansing the face in the morning, you should price tow normal on your face. It is believed that rose water is found in very high amounts which helps to close our open course and refresh the scheme. Always apply moisturizer according to your skin after applying both.

To hydrate your body and skin, drink fluids on empty stomach in the morning. This helps to block the skin from hydrating the body. In this case, green tea and coconut water are considered very effective because it contains too much Fluids are found in quantities

Use rose glycerin mixed with rose water and lemon juice on your skin in the morning. If you give it to your face, it gives a glow to your face. After washing your face, apply glycerine on the entire face and neck. Works as a cleanser or cleanses the dirt and oil of your face Glycerin contains a lot of master ice which reduces diness from the face and also tones the skin, so we need that in the morning on your husband Use glycerin. Before using Krishna, it is important to clean your face with rose water and lemon juice.

Multani Mitti is considered very beneficial for the skin. After cleansing your face in the morning, make a face pack of Multani Mitti. Add a little rose water to the Multani Mitti and after that you apply it on your face after drying Washing with cold water will give a glow to your face. Multani soil also removes dirt and milk from your face, and it clears our complexion and this causes the black spots on our face that stains on them all slowly. - Gets over.

A good sunscreen cream should be applied on the screen because it is very important to protect our face from the sunlight. Before getting out every morning, face the neck, apply sunscreen on the skin and hands around the eyes, signs of aging like dark spots and training. It is considered very good to protect from problems.

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