How to prevent hair fall

We all know that our personality is admitted by our hair, in such a situation it is important that we take care of our hair, if we do not take care of our hair, our hair starts falling, then we will learn such tips today so that Our hair will not fall.If all of you are troubled by your hair loss problem, then you should pay attention to your food, because your food also causes hair loss, take nutritious food on your food and give more and more water in maximum quantity. Drink plenty of water and drink plenty of fluids, you can also prevent hair loss because you know that men or women need water to keep skin hair, blood etc. healthy and to do their work capacity. Loss is caused due to many reasons. One of the most important of the list is that the genetic symptoms are matched. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by an infection in the scalp. In this case, treatment of the infection can reverse the hair loss process. Can cause hair loss in women, however it can still be fully detected. Millions of people of the world are troubled by the problem of hair loss, whether men or women, both have become victims of it. Some people comb hair repeatedly Let's think that this will make the hair longer or the hair will get tangled but tell you Do this too many times hair fall, you should do hair at least two to three times a day, this will make your hair less and less hairy, that is to say, stay with hair and the fear of hair breakage will end. In order to prevent breakage, you should take plenty of foods rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B in the diet, because if the stomach is full then when and how to get a good diet, the hair starts falling right. To prevent hair fall in hair, henna should be applied from time to time or you can also apply yogurt to nourish the hair or you can also apply aloe vera in your hair to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. Apply Amla oil to the roots at least two or three times a week. Those who are applying oil can apply oil like Badam coconut oil, mustard oil, etc. There are many oils. Hair loss can stop everyone. Can be white, in such a situation, the most important thing to pay attention to is what to eat in the daily routine.


Egg is considered to be very beneficial and good for hair growth and health, because the egg is full of bio oil and vitamins, besides eating the egg, you can also use the egg in the hair and take two eggs and four teaspoons and Use Vicky quantity and make a thin paste and apply it on your head, you can do it cheaply for 2 or 3 days.



Spinach also contributes greatly to hair loss because spinach is an excellent source of iron and wallet. Spinach will be very helpful for hair growth, as well as helps in building up red blood cells that reverse hair. Oxygen delivers. You can use spinach as a salad in your food. You can add a little bit of spinach to your vegetables or else you can also eat spinach paratha, so you can use spinach in your kitchen.


If you are worried about your hair loss, then you can also use capsicum. Shimla, which is available in red, yellow and green, is rich in vitamins because it contains vitamin C, which is very good for hair health. Vitamin C is more important to make sure that there is sufficient amount of people in the red blood cells, due to lack of vitamin C, the hair becomes rougher and the hair starts to break quickly, so avoid this problem. For that we must eat capsicum

Masur lentils:-

Lentil lentils are also very beneficial for protecting broken hair because the lentil lentils contain soybean starch buffalo and peas, the importance of protein rich in iron for vegetarians and all these substances are very important for hair growth. It is more important because vegetarian people can eat eggs, you get protein from all these things like tofu soybean start yoga and peas, you can get rid of your hair by eating all these things.

Sweet potato:-

Vitamin and beta carotene-rich hair is best for growth. Other sources of beta carotene also include carrots and pumpkin. You can use sweet potato to stop your hair falling. You can also grind it in your hair. Can be applied in it so that your hair can be prevented from breaking and falling. It can be saved by boiling sweet potato in water as food.


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