Famous religious places in India

Religion is given to religion and forgiveness in the country of India. India is a country where people belonging to many castes and religions are considered and live, all people live with love and they also show brotherhood. India is also called the land of faith. There are many temples in religious places of India, mosque churches, gurudwaras, there are many such pilgrimage places, residents of India visit these holy places according to their religion and worship their deity India Geographical sociocultural religious country of different villages of Yadi The people here have deep faith in the religion. Religious sites have existed for centuries. Religious places of India reflect the diversity of people and religions. India is home to various cultures and religions. Most religions in the world are considered in our nation. Some of the famous religious places of worship of India, Haridwar Kumbh Mela 12 Jyotirlinga Meenakshi Temple Char Dham There are many places that we should visit, India is called the country of many different villages, geographical, socio-cultural, religious and religious. There is a lot of faith and people of all religions are seen here, all of them believe in the deities of their own religion, all the people, whether they are from small villages or cities, all the people all their religious places For centuries, as we go along the banks of the Ganges, from Haridwar Kashi Prayag to Gangasagar, we will see more than one religious and scenic place and will see the pilgrims who visit these pilgrimages, purify their body and pray for freedom. In such a situation, the residents of India go to these holy places according to their religion and get blessings from their favorite God Allah God, today we will tell you in my article, which temple is a mosque, which is a church, let us now People see at which place in India there are holy places that we should visit


Religious place of India Vaishno Devi Mata Temple :-

One of the major pilgrimage sites of Hinduism, it is a pilgrimage site. It is a temple of Mata Vaishno Devi, one of the religious places in India. It is a major pilgrimage center of Hinduism. It is situated on the famous Trikuta hill of Jammu and Kashmir. This holy place is one of the nine goddesses. Vaishno Rani is the supreme abode of devotees who come to visit the Goddess, there is a lot of crowd during the time of Navratri, there are more people from all over the country and in the temple of Mata Vaishno Devi, the devotees walk a long walk on the gun bird. Decide and hail Mata Rani. There are many holy places in Vaishno Devi Dham from where you can roam the cave of Vaishno Devi and the inside view is very famous all over the world. A place called Katra, about 42 kilometers from Jammu. Vaishno Devi Temple is located in the heritage of thousands of millions in Jammu and Kashmir, where devotees come to visit Mata Vaishno Devi in ​​large numbers throughout the year.This temple has many stories of Goddess Vaishno hidden in this cave and one This temple was slaughtered by a demon The main attraction of this is 3 prints kept in the cave. The temple is installed in the cave. The rest is 30 meters in length and the height is 1.5 meters. It is said that the desire is fulfilled after coming to this temple, so we must definitely visit this temple. People come from all over the country and abroad to visit here. There are very popular stories about the mother of Vaishno Devi, who is different. It is said that according to a famous ancient belief, Mata Vaishno Devi has given her supreme devotee. Pleased with Sridhar's devotion and helping him to organize a bhandara for the beggars and devotees, Mata Vaishno Devi arrived as a girl in her bhandara and slaughtered Bhairav ​​Nath, a guard who joined the devotees there. Trikuta was taken to the mountain when Bhairavnath was killed, then his head fell 2.5 kilometers away from there, because of which Bhairav ​​Valley does Bhairavnath apologize to his mother before dying, then mother told him that you will get salvation only when you have to see me. Devotees will come to visit your temple, later Mata Vaishno Devi has given Shridhar In the caves of Trikuta mountain, there are many such stories as there are other stories, according to the belief that Mata Vaishno Devi was born in the south of India at Ratnakar Sagar, she was named Trikuta, Mata Vaishno Devi took the sea from her father. Mata Vaishno Mata as a girl told Sri Ram that she had accepted Rama as her husband, but Rama said that she wanted to do penance on the banks of the temple and was searching for Sita praying to Lord Shiva in austerity. He has promised to Sita, so he will appear in writing in Kali-yuga and marry Vaishno Devi, not Sri Ram, and asked Mata Vaishno Devi to go north and meditate and Mata Vaishno Devi conquered Rama over Ravana. Having decided to celebrate Navratri, Shri Ram promised that Mata Vaishno Devi will be worshiped in the whole world, then there are many stories related to Goddess Vaishno Devi that we get to hear.

Religious Temple of India Golden Temple in Amritsar :-

One of the religious pilgrimage sites of India is the pilgrimage site, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, built by the fourth Sikh Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji of Harminder Sahib Sikhs, Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib is one of the Sikh pilgrimage sites in India to visit religious places in India. It is believed that the Golden Jubilee unholy tourist destination has many historical events in it. The Golden Temple of Amritsar attracts tourists towards itself. The visit to the Amrit Kalash and the pilgrimage complex attracts many trustees or the pilgrimage site is very beautiful and attractive. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is not only in India but also a world famous temple or one of the famous pilgrimage sites of Sikhism, the upper garland of this temple is built with 400 kg gold, so this temple is known as the Golden Temple. Little is known but this temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib. There is a lot of history to build the Golden Temple. It is said that the history of Amritsar is about 400 years old or the fourth Guru Ramdas of Gurdwara in 1577 kept it in 500 bighas. was Amritsar means Guru of Amritsar, Arjun Dev built the Harmandir Sahib i.e. the Golden Temple in the middle of this holy lake and established the holy book Granth of Sikhism, Shri Harminder Sahib complex is also considered to be home to the Akal Takht. It is said in the rite that Emperor Akbar donated the land to the wife of Guru Ramdas, then it was started by Guru Arjun Das in 1581, during the construction, this lake was left dry and empty during the completion of the first rites of Harmandir Sahib. It took 8 years in this temple, it takes 4 hours when you feel like you can eat the langar here. It is said that everyone can join the langar in the gurdwara of the temple. Even if you are surprised to hear, but the gold Every day 40000 people are fed free in the kitchen of the temple. Four lakh people eat langar here. Most of the rotis are served here for which 12000 kg of flour is applied everyday. People come from far and wide to visit this temple. There are many places in Amritsar where you can roam before going to Gurudwara. There are some rules that we should follow such as if you are entering inside the gurudwara then avoid wearing a cut sleeve dress while visiting a temple covered with a handkerchief scarf or scarf. It is also forbidden to wear any dress above the factions, it is not aloud here in Amritsar, so to come here to roam here, only the clothes of cotton with you, photography is only allowed to revolve, after this, special for taking photographs inside. Permission is required to be taken and driving liquor cigarette meter truck with you is absolutely prohibited. You cannot bring all these things here alcohol cigarettes are being held inside the Darbar Sahib if you want to honor Guru Granth Sahib if you If you have gone to the Golden Temple in the Gurdwara or anywhere, then there is a Guruvani happening inside the Darbar Sahib, we should sit down and listen to it. It is only by listening that Guru Granth Sahib gets respect if you are going to the Golden Temple for the first time. If you do, then you have to follow all these things first.

Holy pilgrimage sites of India  Ayodhya :-

Ayodhya is one of the oldest religious cities in India, having religious mythological significance, this city falls under the Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh.It is situated on the banks of the sacred Saryu river, Ayodhya is considered one of the ancient holy sites of Hindus and Jainism. Previously, this city was also known as Kaushal Desh Ki. This religious city situated on the banks of the river Saryu was founded by Valmiki Ramayana, son of Surya, Maharaja Archana Manu, according to the history of Mathura, the war of the system was about 6673. BCE was born the son of Brahma, the great sage Kashyap, was born to Kashyap, a son of faith and faith, the system Veda violated Ayodhya as a city of God, Ayodhya is one in the Satyuga Ayodhya was not even in this. That whenever the pilgrimages of ancient India are violated, then the name of Ayodhya first comes in it. Ayodhya Mathura Maya Kashi Kanchi Puri Dwaravati Check Week of Moksha Daik is considered in all these places. Holy holy place It is said that this place is said that this place is the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, the worshiper of Pavan son Hanuman and the center of the faith of Hindus, Lord Sri Ram is called Maryada Purushottam. Since then, this day is celebrated with great pomp as Ram Navami, Hanuman Nagri Temple located in the center of the city of Ayodhya can be reached just 76 steps from the main door of the Siddha Peetha temple. It is believed that Hanumanji lives here in a cave and Ram protects Janmabhoomi and Ramkot as Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.The statue of Mother Anjani with Bal Hanuman is installed in the main temple. Ayodhya 3 routes can be reached very easily by air rail and road. The nearest Amausi Airport from Ayodhya is in Lucknow, which is located about 1 km from here. This airport is connected to major cities of the country through many sites. Is anyone in Ayodhya country Ayodhya can also be reached by road from Ney can also be reached by road. There are many places in Ayodhya where you can roam as the Saryu river flows through here. There are 14 major ghats along the banks of the Saryu river, including the secret gate of the ghat. Many Ghats Kaushalya Ghats Papa Mochan Ghats Lakshman Ghats There are many special notable ghats that you can visit in Ayodhya after visiting Ayodhya. The Raghuvanshi kings in Ayodhya had a very old political capital, before this Kaushal was the capital of the ancient and articles. According to this, Ayodhya Puri is described in detail in 5 sections of Valmiki Ramayana, which gets its area 96 square.

Konark Sun Temple, the historical religious site of India :-

The Sun Temple of Konark is located in northeast Konark, about 35 kilometers off the coast of Odisha in India. It is a huge temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Surya and is one of the major tourist destinations in India to see the ancient temple. Many devotees come here to see this temple, devotees also come from abroad. Konark is made up of two words on and meaning where the meaning of Ka is not and the meaning of Suri is combined jointly or There is a corner of the Sun i.e. Kunal. This temple is also known by the name of Black Pagoda. The Sun Temple of Konark was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984.All people tell different stories about the construction of this temple. It is said that on the basis of Brahmin belief, this temple was built by the former Ganga Dynasty king Narasimha Dev I in Teri in the century and this Chudi Dev Dham Konark Sun Temple dedicated to Surya is almost completely off the coast of Odisha, India. One of the 13th century at Konark, 35 kilometers northeast One of the famous Sun Temples, situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River, the Sun Temple of Konark, built in the mid-13th century, is a vast confluence of the spirit and mastery of engineering, the great ruler of the Ganga Bridge, King I, ruled from 1243 to 1200. During the construction of the Sun Temple of Konark with the help of India program, according to mythology, the son of Lord Krishna suffered from leprosy due to the curse of his father, in the possibility of becoming a friend in Konark at the ocean confluence of Chandrabhaga river for 12 years. He meditated and pleased the Sun God, which cured his illness.To thank him, he decided to build a temple similar to the Sun. The next day while bathing in the river, he found a statue of God which was the body of the sun by Vishwakarma. Sambhar installed this picture in the temple built by him in Mitra Forest where he preached to the Lord. Since then this place is considered sacred and is known as the Sun Temple of Konark. Temple that goes A heavy magnet was placed on the head of the temple and every two stones of the temple is equipped with iron plates. It is said that due to the magnets, the idol appears floating in the air. The sun god is considered to be each of the energy and life of the sun in Konark. The temple is considered to be the best for the treatment of diseases and fulfilling wishes. The Sun Temple of Konark is one of the five great shrines located in Orissa. The specialty of Sun Temple of Konark is that 12 pairs of wheels are situated at the base of this temple. I think this wheel is unique because it also tells the time, the time of day can be gauged by seeing the shadow of these, it is believed that the first ray of sun in the Konark temple falls directly on the main entrance, the sun's rays cross the temple. In the center of the statue, the reflection of the diamond appears bright and both the entrance of the Konark Sun Temple and two huge lions have been set up. These cities have displayed an elephant walking under each elephant. Take a breathtaking view conveying It is believed that people from all over India and abroad come to see this future. If you want to go to the Sun Temple, then from February to October it is considered best to visit the Konark Sun Temple tourist spot located on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River in the state of Odisha. Is so that there is a small place where the temple is located, so first one has to reach the surrounding cities and then go to the Konark temple.

Somnath Jyotirlinga sightseeing in India :-

Among the religious places in India, Somnath Jyotirlinga is the first Dwight Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. Somnath Jyotirlinga is a major religious place of Hinduism located in the state of Gujarat. Hinduism related or sacred place invites tourists to its court here. People come and speak, which is a desire, it is fulfilled after coming to this temple. This temple is considered to be the first of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. In ancient times, this temple was frequented by many Muslim invaders and Portuguese. After demolishing the bar, the present Hindu temple was constructed in the current style of art, Somnath means Lord of Gods, which is considered a part of Lord Shiva, Somnath temple of Gujarat is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated at such place Where there is no land in the straight line between the Somnath sea till Antartica, due to the ancient history of the Somnath temple and its just you alone and fame, a large number of tourists in the country and the world come to visit this temple. It seems so much that it attracts so much to see that after coming here, everyone gets emotional, it is believed that the construction of Somnath temple was done by Chandradev Somraj himself, it is mentioned in the Rigveda that historians believe that The glory of the Somnath temple in Veraval port of Gujarat extends far and wide, the traveler Alberuni mentioned it in his visit Vrindavan, impressed by which Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked Somnath temple with his 5000 soldiers in 1024 and The temples were completely destroyed by looting his property. During that time around 50 people used to worship inside the Somnath temple. Ghajini killed all the people and ran away with the UTV property. After this, Raja Bhima of Gujarat and Raja of Malwa food. It was rebuilt in 1919, when the Somnath temple was demolished from Delhi in Gujarat in 1297, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ordered in 1702 that if the Hindu worshiped Somnath temple again, it should be completely demolished. Dropped this way It was a very late night, yet this temple was erected, so there is a lot of story of Somnath temples, so we must go to Somnath temple once and see all the things there, the story related to Somnath temple is very ancient and unique. According to Saumya Chandra, he married King Daksha with 27 sons, but he loved his only daughter the most. Seeing this injustice happening to his guests, King Daksha cursed him that from today onwards your shine and fast After that, the brightness of Chandra Dev began to decrease every other day, after being disturbed by the curse of King Daksha, he started worshiping Shiva in front of Lord Shiva, pleased with his own night, and freed him from Daksha's curse clearly. After getting liberated, King Song Chandan built the temple of Lord Shiva at this place and the temple was named Somnath Temple. Since then this temple has become famous all over the country of India and all over the world. Radioactive properties in Shivling located in Somnath Temple Which helps to maintain balance above ground The construction of the temple took 5 years. The peak of the Somnath temple is 150 feet in height and there is also a dance pavilion on the Garbha Griha Sabha pavilion inside the temple. There is a confluence of 3 rivers Deer Kapila and Saraswati and this Triveni fair comes to bathe in the temple. Spread over 10 kilometers of the city and has 42 temples, the Somnath temple was also known as the flow area in the beginning and it is here that Lord Shri Krishna sacrificed his body, it is believed that the Cedar Somnath temple in Agra is believed to be Those who were robbed by Mahmud Ghaznabi, Somnath temple is open for tourists and devotees from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm There are three times aarti in the temple to see this amazing aarti in huge numbers. Devotees gather

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