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If you are fond of walking, then what winter, what summer and rain for you. But while traveling in any season, you should always keep some important things together while traveling so that you face the least hassle while traveling, but you need something important while traveling in any season. Things should always be kept together, because you can adapt to that weather, then you must have the necessary things, so note that the weather you are traveling in that season was needed, take it with you if you want someone. If you do not have problems, then you do not have to face any further trouble. Most people like to travel because they get to visit a new place, they get to see a new place. If I see all of us go somewhere, because it is a new life in a boring life but also a little relief from your stressful life, if you are going on a trip, then you must have started packing but you will notice it It is necessary to keep the waste items with you that it is the need Decide so that your travel will be fun and memorable because in the run-up part of this city, we think of somewhere to share peace and beautiful place and we go on a journey, taking a little time out of our busy lifestyle instead of family Or to spend relaxed moments with friends, then everyone wants to be the reason that people often plan to enjoy a hill station tourist destination on vacation, during the journey people do it and go out on the journey many times we need We forget to carry things with our luggage, due to which we have to face during the journey if you are going to hang out on any holiday, remember what we have to pack so that we can have someone Do not face any problem and if you are going to visit somewhere in vacation then you do not have any problem during the journey, so do not forget to keep these special things with your honor, let's know what is the thing that you Take a trip with you


Water bottle :-

If you have gone on a journey, then keep a bottle of water with you, because having a water bottle will not reduce the water in the body and you will be able to cross your journey without any trouble because water is our everything and everywhere we Water is not available and water everywhere is different, water is contaminated in many places, water is used in many places, so we should keep our water bottle with us.

Glucose drink :-

Along with having a water bottle, we also need to have a glucose drink with us because we do not get food to eat everywhere that my heart does and what happens with it makes us hungry. That I do not like to eat, what we do in it, we are left hungry, do not eat and if you are traveling during the summer time, then it is more needed glucose drink because if you do not get something to eat then you can get gulakose You can give relief to your stomach by drinking a drink, in such a situation, it will be a relief for you to have a gulakose drink.

Minimalist wallet :- 

A small wallet in which your card ID card needs all the things you need comfortably, you can easily keep this wallet with you in your pocket or in your hand. The biggest advantage to you is that you will be able to do it again and again. You will find the document in your big bag, like you can keep your ticket in your wallet. If you are going to roam somewhere, TT can come out of your wallet and you can show your ticket to TT. All your financial resources will be with you and you will not have to find them in the bag again and again.

Wet tissue :-

In traveling far, the color of our face starts to wilt because we do not get water everywhere, there are many places to wash our face where there is no water and we feel tired and the faces of our face It is seen that it starts getting extinguished and feeling tired, then it is better that you keep a wet tissue packet with you so that you can clean your face anytime and your face which is extinguished Even he will not come.

Sunglass and sanitizer :- 

Whenever we travel far, then we must have two things: screen and sanitizer because we do not know where the weather will be and when the weather will change, it is not in our hands, therefore we It is necessary that the passive and sanitizer is not always needed. The screen is needed at the place where there is too much sunlight. The eye we have is the settlement from sunlight because if we do not use sunscreen from our eye. Direct light is available, which is likely to cause blackness under our eyes and may be so that is why we should use sunscreen, we do not get water everywhere to wash hands, so we need and in the present time, ask It has been where there is a lot of use being done in some work, so if you are going somewhere, so if you are going somewhere, then keep a sanitizer and sunscreen with you because there are sanitizers for which there is a lot of use Is done and used for sun protection in summer Hut is more important.

First aid kit :-

If you go on a trip, then keep some medicine with you because you do not know when you get sick, when you have fever, when you get a cold, what will happen if you travel on the place where you are going We are going to not be able to enjoy that place, so it is necessary to keep some medicine with us as if we have fever, then if we have fever medicine, then we should take medicine immediately and we feel a little relaxed after 1 hour. If you feel that you will get medical at every place, it is not necessary that you can get medical at every place, maybe the medical is away from the place where you have fever, you may have fallen ill at that time. So that the medical shop is closed, in case you need to study immediately, you can take your medicine and become good if you want to enjoy well.

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