5 beautiful and amazing churches showing the history, adventures and architecture of the country


People of the church religion worship Jesus Christ, it is said that as soon as the East India Company came to India, they started to build a church in India for the worship, gradually people also started to worship the church, influenced by Christianity and Then the construction of church houses started across the country. Christianity resides in the highest amount in South India and most of the churches have also been located in the same area, then let us know which are the most famous churches in India.

Cathedral Church ,Goa :-

Cathedral Church from Goa is one of the beautiful churches in Goa which exemplifies Rajashree white beauty and the set is dedicated to Katrin. Cathedral Church is also famous as Cathedral Church of Goa and Daman's latest rated Roman Catholic R DOC Is an important center of or it took almost 80 years to build the cathedral church. The city was founded as a victory for the cows over the Muslim rulers or the cathedral has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The church has five valleys of which the most famous and largest is the golden bell. It is said that the sound of this hour is heard all over the state. It has 14 prisoners, each of whom is beautifully carved from the beautiful city of Cathedral Church of India. Located in Goa, this church was built in the form of abusive Fateh on the Muslim army, who led the Portuguese army and gathered his teacher on Goa. A wonderful piece of art and style Such an example is seen, its length is 250 feet width 181 feet. The church has been built, Shukla is included which is very much visible and entices its tourists to its side. The most interesting in its structure is that the church is The inner part is made in the form of a cross while its exterior is made in a rectangular shape.

Parumala Church ,Kerala :-

Parumala Church is located in Kerala.It was built in the memory of the great saint Grigorius Jirvaghees.It is also known as Parumala Church.This church is located in Manar, Kerala or Malakara Orthodox Syrian Church was once discussed in 1947. Grigorius was given the title of Saint by the Catholicos of the Church. This church seems very attractive to see here, people come from abroad to visit the country, mostly people come to visit Buddhism.Parumala is quite an interesting place to spend holidays. Every spiritually inclined person must visit this place once.

Christ Church, Shimla :-

Christchurch is the second oldest church in North India after St. John's Church of Meerut, this church is called the capital of Christchurch, located in the hill station Shimla. Its beauty still captivates the people. During the period of the period, when viewed from the seed, the window of the church appears adorned with colorful glasses and beautiful pieces of brass which seems very attractive and attracts its tourist towards the place of this church which It is a clock, it was established in 1807, even though its clock could not work, but this church has managed to retain its identity for decades. Appearance provides color, enhances its beauty, it is very attractive to see.

St. Philomena Church, Mysore :- 


St. Philomina Church, also known as St. Joseph's Church, the construction work of this church started in 1933 by Maharaja Krishna Raj Purani Yar and was built here in 1941, it is built in the material style of the craft and the church The remains of the third century have also been preserved under the altar. The arrangement of the church is influenced by the Holy Ra and being a synagogue as well as a daughter. In the womb of discussion you can see the marble method and St. Flowers in Na and Jesus. You can see the statue of Christ, which is very attractive to see, in the glass painting in the church, you can see the events from the birth of Christ to the birth again. Another specialty of the church is that there are two 54 meters It is very nice to see that the high towers are built, it looks like the new RK St. Patrick's Church. Currently this church is also known as St. Joseph's Church. This church, built in 1933, is the largest in India. One of the churches in discussion is believed to be built in the New Gothic style, this church has 175 feet high twin towers. Milo can be seen from a distance which seems to be very attractive, and in the underground room of St. Paul's Church, the statue of the saint of the third century has been installed on its walls. Events are depicted which are fitted with glass painting, people come here to roam from abroad.

Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu :-


The Velankanni Church, known as Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most famous discussions. The church is a major tourist destination of the holy city of Belknen in the middle of the Soni century. Was built like Exupari but later in the year 1771 it became a parish church in the year 1962 given the special status of Minor Basilica by Pope John open from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm During this time, group prayers in Tamil, Malayalam and English are done at different times of the day, in addition to this, Novena prayers are performed daily and evening prayers are done in the evening at 6:00 pm, in the year 1974 to 1975 on the lines of the language of Lou Lourdes. Bansi Likha was expanded which is very attractive. Nowadays the Welcome Church is also called the pre-order. The festival held in September in this church is very important Tehwar, here it is very important for the locals. And they celebrate it with great enthusiasm if you do this in the month of September If you want to enjoy the annual festival, then you come at the end of September and enjoy the tehwar here. Every day many tourists come to this church to see the beautiful beauty of the church which is very delightful.




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