Top 10 Tourist Places In The World Where You Can Have Fun

There are many places in the world where we want to hang out with our family, with our partners, with our friends, there are many places where we can roam well. There are many places in the world where if you want to roam freely If you want to enjoy yourself, then you can roam your family union with all of your family members, so let me tell you where you have traveled to the best place in the world, where you can feel peace and all the tension will go away. So let me tell you the name of the top place where you live a joyful life with fun and travel around with full joy.

 1.  Paris :- 

Paris is the largest city of France and also its capital. Terris is also called the city of dreams. Not only is it considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is considered the fashion and glamor capital of the world right here. The most famous Atlantic Eiffel Tower is located where people come from abroad to roam, it is situated on the banks of the river Seine in the north of France. Paris, the city of imagination, Paris, the capital of France, is also called the city of lights and the capital of fashion. Paris as the capital of France, has been an important city of Paris for more than 2000 years. It is called Paris today is one of the world's leading centers for business, fashion entertainment arts and culture, but the mere mention of it brings out the images of world famous landmarks museums and church houses such fashion capital is also called but Some of the best design names of this world such as Yogesh Set Laurent Lake on Map L'Oreal and Christian Dial etc. are also known in Paris where there are many places you can roam.

Major tourist places of Paris  -  River Sin :- 

The Seine River flows through the English Channel National for about 800 kilometers in Paris. Boat rides in the Sea River seem very popular and pass through many bridges passing through scenic spots like the Eiffel Tower. XL daily around 1 Lasts for hours but it is a good experience to confirm Paris on the way. After sunset, the sights of the city are illuminated which creates a special effect. Everyday you can also enjoy a night meal. 4 ghats in the Sea River The sightseeing of the Eiffel Tower departs with the water level of the river from that river due to rain water in Paris.

Major Tourist Places in Paris - Disneyland :-

One of the major tourist destinations of Paris is also Digiland which is considered to be a main attraction center for tourists.It is a theme park and can be enjoyed for a fantastic ride or to enjoy its various activities with attractive hotel shopping and golf. Renowned for Disneyland was established in 1993. It is the second DG Park to open outside the United States. It is located about 30 kilometers from central Paris. You can also see the wedding park Walt Disney Studio Park here. But you will find many things to see. New Zealand is an amusement park. New Zealand is located in Ana Snow, California, USA. New Zealand is owned and operated by Walt Disney Park. It is a very interesting place when a beautiful contact like Disneyland was created on Sunday. It was the day Walt Disney went to visit the graphics park with his two lovely girls dir-841, the other children present there were having a lot of fun, but the children of Walt DJ did not like this park even a bit, they were getting bored seeing this. Jiji think, but he went to his mind that why should there not be a place where children as well as adults should have fun, then what was it, after long efforts, they started to build such a blossoming and fun world. Made a beautiful place in the form of Did Zeeland, whose passion is very much seen in homes with children, here people go to hang out with their children, go to hang out with their family, go to visit with their partner too.

Paris's main tourist destination - Notre Dame Church :-

One of the most enduring symbols of Paris is the Notre Dame de Paris which is also known as Notre Dame or the Friends in France and Europe is considered one of the finest examples of fine art, crowning the great ruler of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. And the Notre Dame Church, which witnessed many wars and revolutions, including his marriage, is considered not only a specimen of the best art of the so-called art, but it is recognized worldwide as the best rattan of the objects of the world. The text recites the coronation of the coronation which took place here in 1804 and their wedding in 1810. It is not limited only to the few moments of history or the building itself, but the echoes of the ages can be seen in the experts. It is said that this is an art confluence of many centuries.

2.  Tokyo :-

Tokyo city is the capital of Japan as well as the largest city of Japan.It is situated on Holi Ashtami, because it is counted among the most developed cities in the world. Tokyo city is the principal of Japan's economic and cultural activities as well as political. Tokyo is the second major economic center of the world and it is also a special choice in terms of tourism. Here too, everyone comes to see Tokyo is a trade and excitement zone in Japan, then the border border. Book aces of work areas and many shop restaurants and giant groceries establishments located within the city limits. Tokyo is a wonderful living place for the Emperor of Japan or was an important area like the one located in Tokyo's soda water and has been prized. The family is a file comprising the private residence of the historic center and the manager's work sites or based on the location of the old & OK walk.

3.  Shanghai :-

The city of Shanghai has been considered as the world's most populous country, which is located in China, it is also the economic center of China, as well as this city is also counted in the old city of the world. Attracts visitors from Singapore. Flight to Singhani is easily accessible from all over the world. One of the most beautiful skyline in the world is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Seeing this city, incorporating its old identity, the modern and progressive face is also full of pride. The cross and rich with traditional gardens or commercial support has been very successful in saving its green area, keeping it green and clean. Providing the atmosphere, Singhai is a world-class city for tourists, where many options for mind-blowing are available. Shanghai is not only famous for its stunning gleaming skyline but its museum is also attracted to the beautiful gardens and fine arts Botanical Garden Buddha Temple here There are many that attract It is considered a major city out of the city of Krishna. Despite being one of the most dynamic cities of the city, Sanghai feels like a European city due to its skyscrapers greenery and fashion and technology. Beautiful object art and luxurious shopping mall. Due to the beautiful temples, classical Chinese gardens and bustling markets, there is so much of this amusing cities that the traveler wants to experience mental peace in the centuries-old Buddhist monastery while spending time sipping Ok Tail. There are many places to visit

4.  Rome :-

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is a city that has been desolate many times but even after passing many times, this city has not left its identity. Even today, this city offers an unmatched sample of traditional art with modernity in the room. There are more churches that give this city a different identity. When all the way leads to the room, then understand that it is one of the most expensive cities to visit in Italy. The monument is very high and the entrance fee to the museum is at Rs. Or it gets more. The family of 4 can easily see the main attraction in the small furniture like the College Shyam Booty Museum which includes Stitching Temple and Dilawar Mud though there is a lot in the city that you can roam without spending precious Euros.

5.  Istanbul :-

Turkey's capital, Istanbul, is counted among the oldest cities in the world. This city has a unique identity in your heart for tourists. The design of houses in this city adds to its beauty. Its calling is the biggest city of Turkey. And there is an economic and cultural center, this is the only city in the world that is situated on two continents, you are surrounded by seven hills, so it is also called the city of seven hills. It is located in both Europe and Asia, this is called the Europeans Capital of Culture and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The biggest attraction here is its historical center. Economically listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site There are a lot of excellent tourist places to visit in Tula with the help of Turkey. Flight is caught for this Tu Bula and experience its shine itself. Being popular for holiday, it is offered by all major cities. Located between the connecting ground Hai is the only one in the world and has been the capital for it lives in a lot of activities. Known as the Capital of Culture if you travel this Tu Bula during the season of many times then you will have world famous orchestral choral ensemble music and Judges can enjoy places such as Yes Knowledge Room for Alien and Top are held in P's office. There is culture from the famous place. It is a place to visit. Sofia Sultan Ahmed Mosque Topkapi Palace Basilica System There are many such places. Which you can roam in Bula and people who like nightlife then club disco bar pavilion and get together with live music in this city, then the clubs and open spaces cool down in the city in the summer season and the temperature is 7 degrees. Traveling between Celsius during summer

6.  Dubai :-

Where Dubai is counted among the most beautiful cities of Asia, it is the major city of the United Arab Emirates. Bhaiya makes her own different view on the world table in terms of beauty. Dubai is also the most tourist city in Asia. Dubai is the best for shopping. Location is the city of Dubai, that is, the city of dreams, whenever you visit this place, you will find yourself in a different environment. Dubai's popularity shows that only 15% of the population living here are residents whereas The residents of other countries are Dubai's biggest attraction is Burj Khalifa, the tallest 163 floor building in the world. The city is very little to be praised. Dubai is the city to establish its metro railway network in 2 years. That the rate of shopping festival to be held in the world's largest tourist place by the year 2020 is celebrated and where there are many places to see in Dubai that will attract your mind, so let's see which ones in Dubai The place where we can roam.

Major tourist destination of Dubai -  Burj Khalifa :-


It is considered to be one of the tallest buildings in the world and it is one of the most famous tourist destination of Dubai which provides a stunning view of 124 floor cities from here also provides night lights from the city of Dubai. You can see the famous light panorama from here, it is very amazing to see, the view of it attracts everyone's mind, it is very attractive.The Burj Khalifa, one of Dubai's major tourist destinations, is the world's tallest sky-high 163-storey building located in Dubai, the open tower house in Dubai is fueled by the housing development inspired foundation system and no hotel attractions. Burj Khalifa's height So much so that you can see 90 kilometers from it, Burj Khalifa remains a center of attraction for tourists and the use of twenty four carat gold in its interior text is very amazing to see.

Major tourist place of Dubai - Miracle Garden :-

The Medical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and is known for having the largest number of natural flower gardens in Dubai. The natural flowers are found here and which are very amazing to see. Natural flowers you will not find anywhere else, you will definitely find it in the Garden of Dubai. This marvel garden which attracts the mind of tourists is one of the beautiful flower gardens of Dubai which is located in the Devil & District in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. K Mere Kal Garden was launched on Valentine's Day in 2013, this garden is spread over a vast area of ​​72000 square meters, which is very amazing to see that once you come here, they definitely come again because there Beauty pulls them

Major tourist destinations in Dubai - Burj Al Arab :-

Dubai's historic and sentiment Burj Al Arab was established in the year 1999. This magnificent Burj Al Arab is one of the hotels in Dubai and the mine road which makes its presence is built in the shape of the palanquin of Dua. Located at an altitude of 180 meters, it has a 7 stars hotel nearby and one of the most expensive hotels in the world, which is a must visit during the sightseeing in Dubai on my own Burj island located on My Beach on My Beach.

7.  Amsterdam :-


Amsterdam is called a water floating city. It is very beautiful. It is called a water floating city because one fourth of this city is surrounded by water, so it is beautiful and for the beer drinker. There can be no better place than this, because there is a famous beer bike, there is a red light area in the center of the city, along with it, there are many restaurants, coffee shops, ballet dancers and a lot of tourists who are still here tomorrow. Because it is one-fourth of what has fallen between the districts, so we should definitely visit that place and see that place.Ames Dam's Canal A is world famous, many of them are in the middle of the city. For this reason it is compared to Beni. Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the most populous municipality. Its status as the capital of the Netherlands. Although mandated by the constitution, it is not the seat of government. Amsterdam has a population of 851,373 within the proper city, 1,351,587 in the urban area, and 2,410,960 in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

8.  Bangkok :- 

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand as well as a major focal point of its economy. It is a major center of tourism for the people of the whole world. Bangkok's night party is quite famous all over the world. Many people come here to celebrate their night party. For the millions of international and domestic tourists visit here every year, this city is a center of attraction for all kinds of tourists and Ang Tu Ko, among many historical and cultural tourist attractions in the box, Grand Royal Place and Mantra Free There are Buddhist temples, museums like Bangkok National Museum and Royal Veg National Museum are mainly places to visit in Bangkok. While enjoying your trip in Bikock, the traditional architecture of the city will also fascinate you. The architecture here would have been very amazing. Which is very attractive to see, which will fascinate you Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most populous city. It is also known as the fiery Thep Maha Nakhon or on its own in the Thai language. Many things to So let us now see which place we can roam in Bangkok.

Major Tourist Places in Bangkok - Pattaya City :- 

Pattaya City has always been known. It is a city of fun. It is a lot of fun. This coastal city became famous in the early nineteen eighties and since then there are millions of tourists every year in Pattaya City of Bangkok. From sunrise to sunset, the beaches of Pattaya are constantly pleasing to life as it is very amazing to be settled here by the sea, because to get in love with water sports You can have fun after dark it gets transferred to the night life of the head because it is not a good thing to stay on the beach in the dark, so it gets transferred to night life because people start seeing their vidual work here nightlife scene. Are where water and partying continues till morning. Apart from water sports and nightlife Pattaya offers endless possibilities when it comes to accommodation and entertainment. Here everyone comes with their family, their friend or their partner and have fun.

Bangkok's premier tourist destination - Tatta Bazaar :-

The floating market of BCom is famous all over the world, attracting tourists here as the banks of the banks send colorful fruits and vegetables on the boats floating in the middle of the river. You can see the forting market by taking a boat ride here and here on tropical fruits. And vegetables, coconut juice, unique fruits, etc., will be seen selling many things here at 9:00 am, apart from this, kitchen is also honored. Tailoring chain market in bank account Bank bank market is a lot of market that you will get to see here Main Ji, where it is seen that vegetables here, whatever is the same, are sold here floating in the rivers, which are nine people who come here everyday to take here, this is the most unique thing there.

Bangkok's main tourist destination - Wat Pho :-

Wat Pho It is one of the most famous temples in Bangkok or considered to be one of the largest temples in Bangkok city. Wat Pho has a 46 meter long reclining statue of yellow Buddha which looks very amazing to the tourists. It is the center of attraction here attracts huge crowds of Buddhist pilgrimages and this is a glimpse of the Indian culture. The most important thing is that the Water For is also famous for Thai Massage. Let us tell you that here inside the Wat Pho campus There are many statues that visitors can see here, there are colorful statues of Lord Buddha, so a lot of tourists come to see here.

9.  London :-

London is the city from which the entire world was once operated, and even today there are many countries in the world, whose owner is the beauty of London in London is very famous all over the world. London is the most populous city in the world or the sixth most expensive city in the world. In London, you can visit many places such as the British Museum The National Gallery The Natural History Museum 10 South Bank Center There are many things that you can do in London. Can see and roam in London The London Eye located on the banks of the river in London, there is a huge ferris there, it is 335 meters long and it is 120 meters in diameter, there is a House of Parliament and many things, there are many tourist places in London. Some of the major tourist destinations of the Tower include the Tower of London Tower Bridge from Madame Tussauds London London.Hight Park Greenpark is one of the many parks where you can roam, there are many forts in London. Will it be fantastic? Start by getting information about some history. You can visit forts, palaces and castles, historical monuments, archeological sites and many other important ancient sites. You have many fascinating places of tourism in London and each of them has the ability to cater to every kind of tourist. There is nothing that you will not see in London. Everyone comes here to spend their holidays. Everyone comes with their family to their friends, along with their partners, everyone comes to visit London to celebrate family holidays or a lovers couple alone. Remember, a young group of friends, travelers or art connoisseurs, everyone finds something here to take London within their limits and be happy. You can see many things in London. It is one of the greatest cities in the world. Once you come to London, it will never work in your mind that I did very bad in London, I did not like anything there, it can never come to your mind because London is a very attractive place, very happy place. It means you can live in London the way you want to live; It does not disappoint, whether it is daytime or night color, you can find many options of mind-blowing when you talk about the fun of human beings, your adventures are presented in the service of time. How the club and the blouse will get to see many things here, which is very beautiful to see here, people from all over the world come here, but the capital of Britain, London, was always the status of a great city, it was a period that London was the British Was the capital of which could not be believed, then the city suffered heavy losses in the second world war, Britain is in the politics of the world. This is the reason why the city started to be described as the greatest metropolis in the history of London. This year is particularly mentioned in the year 1966, was first written in his books in 2003, then in 2015, Johnson wrote the book in the same name as 1966. Is that it is the same when London was at its height, if we look at the history of London, then I am going to London in today's tour Just ahead, the city is greatest from today, it is the most moving, it is the best, the city of London is better than ever, so we must go to London once.

10.   New York :-

New York City is the world's largest economy-wise city or America's most populous city. New York City represents America's strength and modernity to tourists around the world. New York is America's largest city, which is its Attracting tourists from all over the world due to its attractive tourist destinations, Newark being a prestigious world center, New York is known for its spectacular architectural art films and art culture. Apart from the bustle, the experience of wandering on Wall Street is very interesting and because of the overnight fun in today's night life, this city is also known as the never sleeping city. History of New York City in Europe and especially New RK emerged as an agricultural tourist destination due to the investment and control made by the British in 1883 by Sarita Daksha, which was known as the national capital of the United States from 1988 to 1985 due to the sea port. Of new york city The population grew very rapidly in the 98 century and in the 19th century the city started to visit rapidly on the development track. There are many major tourist destinations in India that you can see. More than 800 languages ​​are spoken in New York City. New York City was the first capital of the United States. New York City has a birth in 4.4 minutes. Going topless in New York City is illegal. No, although people like to wear their clothes here. The New York City Library is home to over 50 million books such as it is the third largest library in the world and the second largest library in the United States behind the Library of Congress in Israel. The largest Jewish population outside is the largest Chinese population outside Asia and the largest population of any city in the world. You are very full, so let me tell you if you are going to be prevented then in which place do you visit New RK, which will be your favorite, which will appeal to you, new you, so let me tell you the names of some places

New York's main tourist destination - Central Park :- 

Center Park, famous for sports in New Art, is situated in the middle of the city. This place proves to be an ideal place for children, the elderly and the youth to spend some time relaxing here. Anybody can relax and feel peace. Apart from skating bicycles in the Time New Art Center Park, tourists also enjoy other sports, attracting views of the lake in the park, seeing the birds and animals is a different experience in this park. There are many things that you want to see in this park like The view of the birds moving in the boat, the view of the animals, there are many things that you can see, many tourists come to see here.

New York's main tourist destination - Statue of Liberty :-

The Statue of Liberty located on the island of Liberty in the harbor of New York City attracts tourists. It is very amazing to see this is a beautiful statue made of a flag. Let this statue be called the limit train lighting the world. Statue of Liberty, also known as Statue of Liberty, is considered a symbol of freedom.The statue is celebrated as the Roman goddess Liptus, the goddess of freedom. The creation of the Statue of Liberty is the result of joint efforts of France and America. Of Liberty has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is very amazing to see many people come from abroad to see it, it is fascinating to see Statue which is in very high places.

New York's main tourist destination - Empire State Building :-


In New York, you will also find many historical sites, of which one of the main historical sites, the Empire State Building is a major attraction of the city, which is a very high building, this building was constructed in 1930.This building is equivalent to 102 floor height But due to this it is also known as a skyscraper.This building is located in the magnets of New RK Midtown. Limestone has been used in the construction of this building. It was done but has not been created. It is very attractive. In the coming time, it will also be considered one of the wonders of many creatures.


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