India’s most expensive hotel, you won’t believe if you know one night’s rent



Knowing the 1 day rental of the most expensive hotel in India, you will not be confused that you will not believe how much will be the cost of 1 day Yes, today we will tell you about this hotel which has very high hotel fares, which is very important to know you. It is more important that almost everyone likes to roam in a new place, but along with roaming, one thing is very important which is that when people go for a place to stay, they also have to make arrangements to spend the night. By the way, people who come from outside, most of the people like to stay in the hotel because the hotel has all the facilities they need, at this time most foreign tourists in India come to Rajasthan where everyone can see the art and culture. Jaipur is the most famous city for tourists in Rajasthan, where you get a lot of foreign tourists, there is also a hotel in the city of kings Jaipur, which is considered as the most expensive hotel in India, yes the name of this hotel is Rambagh Palace. In Jaipur, you get more than one hotel, including some hotels It has been made a place of old beautiful kilos because Jaipuri is historic as well as beautiful, so this city is counted among the best cities of India to visit here, even today, there are many such forts and those already seen all over the world. People come from there, there are some who have now been converted into hotels

It is one of the finest royal palaces in the world, Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is the most expensive hotel in India where one has to pay ₹ 750000 to spend a night.This hotel is the official residence of former Maharaj of Jaipur or the hotel was built in the year 1835. Hai or Palace is the most spectacular example of Rajasthan's royal heritage. It is the former residence of the first Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II and his wife Gayatri Devi. You will be surprised to know that this hotel is spread over 48 acres.

Rambagh Palace also used to be a beautiful fort but it was changed to a hotel and made it even more beautiful, this hotel gives a feeling of the life of the kings, in which all things are worth seeing, talk about the rent of this hotel, according to media reports You may have to pay ₹ 600000 to spend 1 day in the hotel, even more can be 700000 or more, apart from this, some cheap rooms are also available but all are worth millions, so this hotel is for the common people. No, only those people can stay here who have no shortage of money, so this hotel has been called the most expensive hotel in India.


Rambagh Fort was the first school but at the time of Maharaja Madhu Singh's passing, Sawai Mansingh II was about 11 years old.After his death, the young Maharaja was taken out of the boundary wall to face him from outside world. It was felt that the young ruler needs complete preparation and education. After 1 month of Maharaja's death, preparations started to convert Rambagh to school. In his new school, with Man Singh, this new boy was in Rambagh's garden to spend his early years. Young Mansingh had a great affection for this place, in such a situation, he decided to make this place his official residence, on 20 January 1925, this place was converted into a royal palace, a large sum of Rs. Spent to make

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