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Buddhism is one of the ancient religions of India, founded by Lord Gautama Buddha, Gautama Buddha is known as the founder of the world religion of Buddhism, which for 45 years true philosophical academics emphasizing meditation and spiritual education These teachers had expanded Gautam Buddha to walk on the path of truth till the last time of his life and inspire people to always walk on the truth and choose the right path. Today there are many stupa memorials and Buddhists associated with Gautam Mercury across the country The culture of religion incorporates their precious words within them and remains a center of attraction for tourists with a Buddhist temple. Buddhism was born in India. Mercury was born in Rubina in 563 BC in the house of regional purification. Lord Narayana is considered to be an incarnation, hence Lord Buddha is considered to be very important in Buddhism as well as Hinduism, many temples have been built for Mercury in the country and some of which were also demolished but now the country There are many famous Buddhist stupas and exists today. It is said that the full moon day of the month of Vaishakh is a very important day for the followers of many religions. On this day, the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Mercury was born in Lumbini, Nepal, on Isapur 563, on this day in 528 BC What is the truth of going under a tree in Bodh Gaya and at the age of 80 on this day, the world had said goodbye to Kushinagar.

Bodhgaya Bihar :- 

Mahabodhi Temple located in Bodh Gaya is considered to be one of the most famous temples in India.Bodhgaya is located about 100 km south-east of Patna, the capital of Bihar, Bodhgaya is located on the west side of the Ganges tributary Phalgu river and west of Bodhgaya. Also known as Bela or also known as Samodi Braj Asan or Mahabodhi till 18th century, it is one of the four important Buddhist sites. Bodhgaya is considered one of the most sacred cities in the world by Buddhists. Because Gautama Buddha attained soul enlightenment under the Buddhist tree at this site, the Mahabodhi Temple located in Bodh Gaya was given World Heritage status by UNESCO in the year 2002.Before those who celebrate Buddhism, people of other religions also visit tourist places. It is believed that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment at this place, Mahabodhi temple is famous not only in India but also in the whole country abroad, thousands of tourists come here every day by UNESCO of this temple. Oldest dhar It is believed that the statue of Lord Buddha installed in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya is in the same condition as Lord Mercury sitting in austerity and that statue was installed by Lord Buddha himself. Nalanda Vikramashila's temples are also the most revered idol in the world. A replica of its idol has been installed in this city. Ashoka the Great built the monument in this city. Bodhgaya remained very famous due to Lord Mercury till the 18th century but there was a sudden political upheaval. -The city remained neglected for many centuries due to the shrines, in the beginning only the people around here used to come here, but in today's time people from all over the country and abroad come to see Lord Buddha, pilgrims from different countries visit this holy place. We worship the holy country, do circumambulation around the main temple, sit under the sacred Bodhi tree, contemplate, light candles and ghee lamps, there are many places to visit in Bodh Gaya, although the main attraction of Bodh Gaya is Mahabo. There is a Dhi temple but apart from this there are many delightful places which are worth seeing, such as the Buddhist tree under the tree, Lord Buddha had done penance and he had the knowledge that this text is believed to be one of the original Bodhi tree. The part that King Ashoka's daughter took to Sri Lanka here is the Mahabodhi Temple. This temple is one of the main attractions of Bodh Gaya. This temple was built by Emperor Ashoka. The temple was built around the original Bodhi tree in the century. There is a Thai monastery here.It is made of gold covered with tiled curved and sloping temple height.It is one of the religious and spiritual monuments associated with Lord Buddha Bodh Gaya at a height of 80 feet. One of the high Mercury temples is Rachna was established by the Dalai Lama in 1989.This temple looks very attractive.

Sarnath :-

Sarnath situated at a distance of 13 km from Varanasi is one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India. It is one of the most important places to visit around Varanasi. After walking in the ghats and lanes of Kashi, you can find this figure in solitude. It is believed that after attaining enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, Lord Mercury came to Sarnath in search of his former companions and he gave his first sermon here, from where Sarnath started the Buddhist cycle of Buddhism. The Stupa Museum is a city of historical wonders with ancient sites and beautiful temples which proves to be a cause of great surprise for tourists and in the world it is said that Sarnath has to go through a series of historical upheavals from the 10th century BCE. However, when the emperor Ashoka took special interest in this place and built magnificent structures like the giant stupor, the attraction of this place increased and in the tenth to twelfth century BC when the long invasions were invaded by foreign invaders for a long time. Modern answer Many cities in the country were destroyed and Sarnath was torn to pieces and in the mid-19th century Sarnath was re-preserved by some British accomplished elements due to its historical importance and one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhism Received as a place of worship, Buddha Purnima is celebrated as a festival of enlightenment and salvation of Gautam Mercury. On this special occasion, most Buddhist sites are held every year and for pilgrimage from all over the world to visit Sarnath. This festival is celebrated with full pomp on the full moon night, so in India, this festival is also known as Buddha Purnima, on this holy festival, along with free medical camp for the poor people, all day long. Prayers are offered in Sarnath. There are many places to see, such as the Chaukhandi Stupa of Sarnath is said to be the holiest of all the holy pilgrimage sites in Uttar Pradesh and the most visited by tourists. It is one of the most important of Buddhist culture. This stupa is told It has been constructed at the same place where Lord Buddha had met his five ascetics. He preached Budhini teachings here. Here Ashoka pillar Sarnath Ashoka pillar is the national emblem of India and a stone Ashoka built of Emperor Ashoka's visit. There is an impressive pillar with a lion on its head, with wealth or a 50 meter tall gift to Buddhism by Ashoka, here itself the Chhai temple displays a famous art rally in Sarnath Sarnath. There is a center which attracts tourists and pilgrims who come here and after coming here one feels peace and is provided peaceful here. Here is one of the main sites of Sarnath Tibet. It is decorated with a Tibetan Buddhist figure. This temple has a statue of Mercury. Here one can see the prayer money outside the temple building which is rotated clockwise. Here is the Archaeological Museum of Sarnath which is 1910. Archaeological Museum established in third The century BC displays the collection of artifacts from the 12th century CE. This museum seems to be very attractive, so there are many things to see in such a Sarnath that you come to see Lord Buddha here. But after seeing many things, you will go to Sarnath, you can also come by plane, you can reach by train also you can reach by bus, all the facilities are given here.

Lumbini :-

Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha. Lumbini is one of the most important places of Mercury in the world. It is located in Rupa Devi district in Nepal. Lumbini is the place where Lord Buddha spent 29 years for his life. It is included in the World Heritage Site. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Thousands of Buddhist followers visit this place of Nepal every year to visit and see this place. It looks attractive and attracts its tourist towards it. This beautiful place in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains is Lumbini. This place is located in the Rupandehi district of Pal, close to the border of India, which is very quiet and a major pilgrimage center of Buddhism which Considered to be around 2000 years old, this place is also known for the memorial pillar of Emperor Ashoka. People traveling to Nepal study the Lumbini scriptures and visit this beautiful place to learn about the religion of Gautama Buddha in Lumbini. There is also a temple named after Maa Maya Devi Is called Maya Devi Temple.

Kushinagar :-

Kushinagar is a major Buddhist pilgrimage site located near Gorakhpur in the north eastern region of Uttar Pradesh, Lord Buddha is believed to have died in Kushinagar after which Emperor Ashoka erected a stupa here to mark the fairy building site in that form. The revival statue of Mercury in which the dyed and dying Mercury statue has been installed is the same city is a religious city which attracts a large number of tourists and especially followers of Buddhism and other heads of the same city. In the sights you can see Chat Rambhar Stupa Middle and some popular small temples. This temple seems very attractive. It is said that the Mahaparinirvana temple is located in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh. This temple has a 6 feet tall statue of Mercury which is always a It is covered with chunri and it sees only the face of the idol, here people come from all over the country and abroad to see Lord Buddha.

Sanchi Stupa Madhya Pradesh :-

Sanchi Stupa is located 46 km from Bhopal, the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, on the banks of the Beitab River in the northeast, Sanchi Stupa is one of the most prominent Buddhist sites in India. Established in the century BC, a very attractive temple of Lord Buddha was built where the relics of Lord Buddha are kept and the statues and monuments present at this place give a good glimpse of Buddhist art and architecture which Attracts its tourists. The Sanchi Stupa by UNESCO was included in the World Heritage Site on 15 October 1982. The remains of Lord Buddha have been kept at this place. Sanchi city is situated atop a hill and is surrounded by lush green songs that make the tourists coming here feel peace and joy. Come for Most of the followers of Buddhism come here to do tourists and tourists are attracted to this place. The glimpse of Buddhist art and architecture in this place and the statues and monuments present in it is very delightful. Sanchi Stupa Stupa The work of establishing temples and monuments at the wedding, also known as the number, was started in the third century BCE on the orders of Emperor Ashoka and the entire construction work lasted till the 12th century BCE India was first built during this time. The Sanchi Stupa is built in the form of a sphere on top of the remains of Lord Mercury, on the basis of which a raised roof has a railing and a stone umbrella on the crest to form a structure that is of a high quality with its original structure. Sanchi Stupa has a Posco in the Holy Hemisphere which cannot be entered but inside it is kept the sacred and genuine relics of Lord Mercury, Harika or Ka wire railing situated in the middle tells about the holy site here. There are three circular pupil discs and bou Emperor Ashoka built the Sanchi Stupa in honor of God in the third century BCE. Sanchi Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Mauryan has been polished, which has shone like glass in the statue, Sanchi has many tourist places to visit.       


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