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This place is considered to be the perfect place for loving couples. Every year there is a lot of wait for Valentine's Day, every couple wants to make this day a special day and every couple eagerly waits for this day. Many people think of spending some romantic time with the partner, then some of their partner Many people plan to give surprise, on this day many people plan to express their love, in such a difficult situation, when we think about destination, here we are telling you about such a distance where you are very happy on Valentine's Day You can celebrate in a romantic way and you can spend time with your partner and say all the things in your mind, often when you think of spending some beautiful moments with Patan, the first thing we remember is where Walking with a partner where you can speak your mind and worry about this and we do not understand where we go and where to go on a date with our partner, then Valentine's Day is the time to come in 2021. On February 14, if you want to spend memorable time with your partner, then we will tell you about some special wounds of Delhi. I am telling you that now you want to make Valentines Day memorable in 2021, then I tell you where you go, I will tell you about some wounds of Delhi wherever you celebrate Valentine's Day, which you will remember forever. If you are not able to forget, let me tell you which place of Delhi the tableaux should keep our balance time day memorable.

Garden of five senses :- 

Garden of five senses is the perfect place to go on a romantic date with your partner. This place falls between Mehrauli and Saket. There are many gardens here where you can spend time with each other while enjoying the greenery with your partner. Not only this, you can also eat tasty food in the restaurant located here, which can be eaten by the heart or is considered to be a very perfect place for the loving couples, beautiful colorful flowers around this garden seem very beautiful in this garden. Flowers flock Khas Bagh curved shaped passages are many things in which to sit in sandstone seating is a restaurant which is made with your friend, made of stone elephant army station, magnificent sculptures made of lace steel. After hours of shopping, that is, there are many such things that you will get to see in this garden, this garden lover attracts the heart of couples, it seems very much attractive that the name of the garden itself shows that with five sensations The garden has been constructed with color aroma textures and bouquets of all It has kathas that tell the beauty of life and offer grateful prayers for the gift of sight and taste. In this garden, the cultural and social program of the Delhi capital is organized periodically throughout the year.

Hauz Khas :-

We all know that Hauz has gone special to party. Do you know that there are many romantic places here where we can spend time with our partner, or if we can sit for hours and talk with our partner. Even we can spend the night with our partner, we can also have candle night dinner, there are many things to see here, the attraction here attracts us if we come to this place and with our partner Ghoj Hauz Khas is located in the Laxmi area of ​​Delhi, the capital of India. The first campus of Hauz Khas has a large water tank and a very beautiful Islamic madrasa, a mosque, a mausoleum and a very fine pavilion has been built and On these days, very attractive monuments are built according to the medieval ancient history, the complex was built by Alauddin Khilji, the dynasty of the 13th century Delhi Sultanate, in fact it is only one part of the whole, then talk about it, Alauddin Khilji of Delhi Sultan This place is the second medieval city of India during the dynasty of If the name starts with a dictionary, it means water tank and Khas means right or those who belong to the royal family, then here we must go with our partner to spend time with many college children here. Hauz Khas is a place to hang out for an time expiration. One of the monuments of Delhi is a monument. If you see the fort of Hauz Khas, it is very beautiful.

Indian Mountain Foundation Moti Bagh :-

If you are living in Delhi and your partner loves adventure activities then do not go to this place at all. This place is very good for both of you. The two together have an experience of mountain climbing which can be a memorable moment for both of you. For a romantic date, do it everyday in Saket Phool Strange. The best option here is that the interior is impressed that your partner will impress. And will propose you immediately and here both of you can spend beautiful moments, the place here will fascinate you both with each other is very attractive and both of you can spend beautiful moments with each other.

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