A hotel that melts as soon as winter ends


Sweden's Ice Hotel, built for the first time in 1990, is celebrating Anniversary at 31 this year, every year around 70000 people come to holiday in this hotel. There are many such artifacts in this world that anyone will be surprised to see that you know that the world I also have a hotel that melts into a river as soon as it finishes in the winter, yes it is true that there is a lot for tourists in Sweden, full of thousands of islands, zero hills and lush green forests, but in spite of all this, it is most special Is that this is a hotel made entirely of ice. This hotel is the Ice Hotel of Sweden. This hotel has everything from wall furniture bar to everything else. It is a place in the world that is unique in its world. Known tourists are very crowded there and they also remain the center of attraction for everyone, to promote the tourist, strange hotels have been built in many countries, where you will be surprised to know its unique style. One of the hotels was a hotel which melts into a river as the winter approaches, which we know as the Ice Hotel. There is a lot for tourists in Sweden, full of thousands of lamps and lush green forests, although in spite of all this, one hotel which attracts everyone's attention is the hotel of Sweden as it is understood by its name. The hotel is made of snow and as the seasons change, it becomes a river by appealing to the walls of this hotel. All these things are made of the edge, which, with the changing of the seasons, becomes the rivers. It is built in the season of December to April, from the beginning of the spring season, this hotel is originated, this hotel is very popular for tourists from all over the world. People come every year


The hotel was temporarily demolished in 2016 and was made possible by solar powder cooling technology. The hotel was first opened in 1993 and has many such items including an ice-built complex Ristra and Serimani Hall. The hotel also has a living and sun suite which is designed by England and Jonathan Greene. The suite has corals and lace which gives it a very attractive look. There are many things in this hotel that attract tourists And make them come to visit only two Ara, people who come to this hotel once, they come again to see this hotel, there are some special offers to stop the tourists in this hotel. They are told that the stay in the hotel can still be enjoyed until the snow melts, so tourists come before the snow melts or the hotels remain open from Christmas to April because if the bus leaves then this hotel It will be seen that the icy hotel has all the arrangements to deal with the cold, the donkeys are kept warm. If the tourists are able to sleep properly, then you can also take sleeping bags, you can also get lambskin to lay. Just Usha has something different, so no matter how cold it is outside, the temperature inside the hotel is stable so that Does not feel cold. A hotel room rent is $ 500 ie ₹ 35000.

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