7 Most Important Points to Earn Money from Stock Market

Most important things to earn money from stock market these tips which is provided to you in this article is depends on you and you accept only those which you accept and there may be some points which not suits on you so it’s on your decision you accept it or not.with this article I will help you to understand lot of things in stock market and lot of things which every stock market should understand to earn money from stock market I know when I was beginner I also done the mistake no I am doing some mistake because I don’t know so there is some mistake which is done by most of the stock market which I am consider through this article and this point definitely very helpful for you to be success in the stock market.

1. Two most important things which is very important to understand and follow
Technical – To understand basic direction of chart

Discipline – Time discipline + Target discipline

Whenever a big up or down woman comes it attracts all the trader bake and this is really very important to understand when trader come back to trade it becomes range bound again and just noticed last Friday free fall then very dull movement on Saturday Monday and Tuesday morning when 90% auto trader becomes hopeless it just move up 2008 in four hour and with this example you have to understand that when there is a up or down movement you not change your decision you see you analyses and you take the the correct decision in direction you should trade or you played or not it’s all depends on your understanding of the market behavior and you should Bond with your decision.

2. Beginners are high protective Detroit to trade on every up and down
  • Most Trader choose 10 trades in a week and you should understand my most successful trader not much trade did trade list but that trade effectively.
  • If chance goes it OK but capital should not go away this is very important there may be some possibility you get the good chance but you are not able to trade you not hesitate again chance will come and then the most successful trader trade and get success.
  • Calculate number of trade and stop loss you can expect and this is very important to calculate because this will give the clear understanding of the trade and the profit you make from your trade.
  • You suppose there is a positive by call in Nickel average point 1034 stop loss is important but the things which I want to discuss with you is a small trader can’t afford it but he want to you and he should use the some points of the trading and this is possible in option trading because in option trading they able to buy small point like he buy at the rate of trade and in this way it is possible to trade search call in just some amount.

3. How were the Global market last night see at finance.yahoo.com

4. When market open at 10 a.m. first of all see the direction of index Nifty 50 and Sensex 30 and try to understand the behavior of the market based on your market analysis.

5. Create market watch before 10:00 a.m. and this market watch should be created from the top 2 gainer and topped two Looser from each and every sector.

6. Place 4 comedy on Upper half of the screen and place Odin chart in lower half and try to understand which stock or commodity performing well and CNN news is related with the change or anything else and after analysis you do your next decision what you should do you buy or sell which fever is beneficial for your trade.

7. You can start test trade with micro silver at 10:00 a.m. it is possible to have 150 points in silver in first 3 minutes of market opening but do it with strict stop loss when you become confident for 7 days in Silver Micro then do it with minimum 5 kg 30 kg for this it is necessary to have keyboard and operator skill in your hand buy silver at the rate 51900 stop loss 517505 to 100 police all the order passed after confidence and observation 3 lot give you 1500 in first 3 minutes never do it without district stop loss because when the market open there may be sudden change in time so you all which apply stop loss when trade after opening market within 3 minutes.

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