Best Way to Find Your Mistake and Recover From a Big Loss in the Stock Market

Loss in the stock market is a natural thing, but it is a natural thing to have a lot of loss in the stock market, it is not right because everyone is going to earn profit from the stock market but sometimes the trader investor makes the stock market due to his small mistakes. If you become a victim of a big loss, then today we tell you the technique and state of step by step to recover your big loss.

As we all know how many times small investors fall in the stock market and how many times they fall prey to big losses. What we mean is that if you want to do stock marketing or you are trading in the stock market When you are investing, you should understand how you can fall prey to any return and how you have made mistakes due to which you have grown up in the stock market, if all these things are done by a trader investor. Due to which he is having a big loss in the stock market again and again, he can rectify his mistakes and turn the losses of the stock market into a profit. Money has been lost in your stock market means money has been locked in your stock market, but you want to recover those money then you should know your life and your mistakes first of all, why only your money in the stock market and you Try to improve it only then you will be able to recover your money further and stock You will also be able to make maximum profit in the market

We will tell you the best state and best way in the stock market so that you can know your mistake and you can recover your big loss from the stock market so that you can earn profit in the stock market and you can become a successful trader investor. But I would like to explain to you one more thing in a good way which you should not understand. There is no trade in the world or there is no investor who does not lose is always true if it is always true that every trader investor makes a loss. Then how some traders are in profit, so let us know the same thing that is in you and other traders what is the reason that a trader is in profit and you have gone into a loss due to some reason and we will run you well Good street approach so that you can recover your stockloss and earn profit after recovering stop loss.

Step 1st: Never try to recover loss in single sort.Otherwise loss will be double. Recover Loss in Parts/slots.
Example For Recover Loss of 10,000
Let’s take Loss amount= 10,000
Means Recovery amount= 10,000

Answer to recover Loss 10,000 is: “Recover Loss of 10,000 in 4 Parts”
Let’s Start Recovering Your Loss:
1st Slot Loss Recover: +3,000
Loss Not Recover: -1000
Loss Not Recover: -500
2th Slot Loss Recover: +2,500
3rd Slot Loss Recover: +3,000
Loss Not Recover: -500
4th Slot Loss Recover: +3,500

Step 2nd: Even if you have lost Lux of rupees in stock market you not hesitate, it is ok and you have to plan some parts daily only and stick to the plan that you want to recover. You will cover all your losses in 400 days only less than 1.5 years if you need to get training you train yourself and you have to calculate and arrange all the things by yourself how you want to recover your lost money, and you plan the day on how many days you want to recover your loss and it should be clear to you the things which you have decided is working with you or not for recovery of your amount and if your recovery strategies not working with you that you have to think again and you have to find the next strategy or better strategy for you to recover lost from the stock market. And this is really very important so firstly you decide how much amount you lost in the stock market and then you decide how you want to recover the money from the stock market you never try to recover all the amount in one slot or in one day if you recover big amount it will take some time to recover your amount and if you recover your amount in a proper strategy surely you will be able to recover your amount.

Step 3rd: Record all your trading activities and time slots in full power or late evening and you can see look calls and improvement where there is a requirement and in this way you analyses your day by day record of your trading and analyze your trading behavior trading result and all other things which is related with your trading and this is very important for analysing and understanding yourself are you treating behavior because this will going to help you in long run and if you find your mistake from your first day you will surely recover and you will be surely succeed in your stock market trading or investing.

Step 4th: Whole day watching screen maker in your body mind and Eyes so take break relax your eyes and take a nap in afternoon meditate yourself and parallel self study of market trends is very important because if you want to get success in stock market you must have to study day by day because study is a key to success in stock market trading and you have to do self study of market and market Trends and write the important points in your diary.

Step 5th: Maintain your energy level to remain Fearless and to make strong decision and to take the quick action when there is a requirement in the stock market you be very clear from your mind body and eyes that you are strong enough and you take yourself meditation that you are a strong and you understand the market and you are going to succeed in the market and you are going to get the quick action when required in the stock market and it is very important to be confident to be positive for trading in the stock market

Step 6th: someday you tried very much but is still in loss of 2000 all stop loss hitting just accept it and leave the screen for today and this is very important that you don’t have any burden of launch salary electricity bill or petrol etc because this is indirectly affecting your trading behaviour because if you have pressure of anything definitely you will not able to perform well in the stock market so you first clear all your lunch or any other bird in which it in your mind.

Step 7th: We need to try and test right system for 50 days just learn to maintain 1000 in evening the things that I want to say is you try to maintain your profit and if you do able to try and if you’re able to maintain your profit then you understand yourself that no you are understanding the market and you are able to perform a good sort of getting profit in stock market then multiply lots gradually increased the profit and your property it may be increased from 1000 to 5000 or 10,000 daily but you have to understand that you maintain your little bit profit daily and when you confident enough to maintain your feet then you understand that no you understand the market and no you are able to take the big birthday and if one recharge ET in 24 months then it is late are you have to decide in Ho many months you want to recover your lost so that you’re able to be in circus of amount which you are invested in the stock market so you always try I threw recover your money e in a proper manner.

Step 8th: Keep checking all your pending order and cancel all your useless order and you also see your net position and keep booking profit directly from there and it is very important when you trade in apart why and when you buy or sell stocks in some parts then the stocks which is in profit you try to book the profit and on other side you set the stop loss of your every order so that it market behave in opposite direction then you just come out from the market from little laws and ultimately or you will be in a good profit.

Step 9th: many of traders knows that how to trade in market goods move when market moves good but you up trader knows how to pass time without read when market is in confusing tight range and this is the main things which differentiate the successful trader and an successful trader because when the market not give the clear indication many trader trading and losing the money in the market but the professional trader only trade when there is a clear indication in the market.

Step 10th: You should not have attachment or the attachment in any commodity or stocks trader sage with trade in bully side Sun traders sale I will never touch the stocks in opposite direction why we should all commodities all stocks especially in MCX to get intraday profit so let’s take if some stocks like silver or Gold Soch very good move for 2 to 3 days then there may be possibility that it will become range bound for next photo page when police takes breath best market like Copper Nickel lead zinc so big move one by one so cute strong to buy and weak to sell on that way to earn maximum with minimum risk.

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