“If Chance Goes, Let it Go, It Will Come Back” But If Capital Goes It Will Never Come Back

We all have to understand that, no one unsuccessful if he fall from slow bicycle, speed without skill is biggest danger. The growth should be slow and steady for retaining the success in stock market and that’s why we say if chance goes let it go, it will come back but it capital goes it will never come back.

  1. We should not be bullish or bearish by nature if we are occupied with some pre assumption, we cannot see actual movement. So we all have to be normal at the time of trading and we have to see on which direction marketing behaviour and as according to the behaviour of the market we have to take decision.
  2. We all have to reduce our reaction time if we observe continuously without any pressure then it will reduce automatically the reaction time means gap between the taking decision and implementing real trade. So we have to take immediate decision whenever there is requirement of trade and the market behave you trade and it market not be have you not trade.This is the one of the method of reducing your reaction time when there is opportunity in the market.
  3. Do not become dustbin whole media TV channel and print, co traders and many website are coming with contradictory statement and views. One become full of garbage like dustbin: Totally Confused.
    So you have to refrain from noise and listen to all but follow right reason why you are going to trade.
  4. Do not buy or sell in impulse. If right region are there like sector running above average , bounce from bottom, then buy or sell optimum volume with strict small stop loss. If there is no right reason to buy or sell, sit free whole day without any trade.
  5. Apply the serial order method. You break and order different quantities at different positions.
  6. For future and option trading call and put, you always tried to see today Sector, 3 months sector and today and 3 months, you see the strongest and weakest sector and if sector supports then pick top two of the top Gainer and Loser. It maybe for your use of the future and option trading, you have to to analyze the strongest and weakest sector.
  7. Fibonacci ratios should be taken into consideration in case the market rises and falls, such as 23.6%, 38. 2% and 618 38. 2%.
  8. Before trading in stock market indexes like Sensex 30 and Nifty Fifty, you should see which sectors are performing well today, this will help you to take the trading decision in the market and which are the sectors which are performing well in the stock market today Can’t do it and if possible, you should keep updated about them with some news so that you can understand the relation of the market with the relation of the stock market sector that if any sector is moving forward today, then it is performing well. Why and you try to trade in the market accordingly.
  9. Moving average analysis is very important for stock market trading and if you are stock marketing or if you are doing stock trading and if you close above the moving average line of the market, then you should not understand this thing. And if the market moving average is closed below the line then it will go down, but this is not true but it is seen that any technical indicators will indict you, it is not necessarily true but to some extent you will get trading decision. All these technical indicators will help you in taking.
  10. Whenever you are trading, it is very important to keep an eye on the Risk to Rewa scenes, how much money you have taken and how much money you have taken, then you need to know how much you earned in dicks of that money. Suppose you have taken some money risk but now you are doing more harm than you, then you understand that your risk is in the wall dress unity, you should be positive to the countrymen, that is, if you have taken some money then surely you To make something from it and try to come together, keep in mind that how much you will get when you take it, you will be able to make your market trading in a stop loss decision and on which market you will sell yourself Helps you.

It is very important to understand the trends of the market and to keep up with the trends of the market. You should never try to go against the trends of the market. If you are with the market trends, there will be crowds, you will definitely earn profit. You will go because you want to earn a profit, you need to walk according to the market trends, where you will buy more where you have more volume, then you will know that the price of the stock is going up and you are in it and it is for you. Why is it important that you understand the trends of the market and try to follow the trends of the market? Whenever you buy a stroke, you should also take into consideration the risk and wall ratio, whether you have set it to stop and stoploss for the stock you are buying, then set the target or both. It is very important that you are a trader, you have done trading, but if you are not chatting stoploss and target price, then start setting stoploss and target price in every trade from now on. Will also help to make profit and make more famous in the market in less loss

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