How to Place a Stop Loss and Limit Price Order When Trading

To trade in the stock market, you buy stocks, but the way to buy the stock is different from different traders, the way you buy the stock, the way to sell the stock is also different. There are different types of shares, so let us understand how different traders buy and sell stocks. We know that to buy the staff, we want the stock to have a market price, that is, the price that the stock is currently running. Is, you can buy the stock at that price and if the stock is free then we get the stock in our account at the market price, but not every trader does that. You can buy or sell the stock to anyone above or below the market price.

You can set as if the price of a stock is currently 10 but if you want to buy that stock for  8 then you will set 8 rupees for the order and when the price of the stock decreases to 8 You will get united in your account in the same way. Suppose you have bought a staff for 10 and you want If the price of that stock falls below 8, then it should be heard that you are not willing to suffer a loss even then you place an order for selling at the limit price of the stock and if the price of the stock decreases Goes and decreases below 8, then the stock will be sold by you in the same way. Suppose you buy a staff for 10 and you are wishing that if the price of this stock exceeds 12 That is visible and you get an advantage of 2, then at this place you will also set the price limit of this truck as if now the limit price of the stock will be 12 and if the stop perfect increases to 12 then it will The fountain itself will be sold and you will earn 2, then you should understand how important it is for you to put stop loss and limit order, so let us try to explain the stop loss and limited separately to the staff and its meaning.

It happened that you place an order on you, below which you cannot bear people, that means your stop loss is that your order will go to sleep and you will not suffer much loss and it will stop Ga limit price in the same way if you limit it that we cannot lose more than this or if we want to sell the order so much profit is made then you place a limit order, you can also use stop loss order in the limit order.

  1. When you buy the stock then you will put stop loss below as per your ability. Suppose your staff is biked at 243, then you place a selling order at 240 so that if the stock goes down then there is no more than 300 on 180 years Also, place a selling order of 249 above so that your stock will be sold if the TG is waved and you get a profit of 600. The profit and loss will be due to buying and selling your number of shares.
  2. Even after applying a stop loss, if it is stable in any way or has not been executed, then you can remove the lower stoploss by selling the same staff so that you can exit at a lower loss in the market as if you bought a staff and If the same stock is not going up and not going down then what decision will you take in that case, you should always keep the below stoploss and also keep the top staff so that if the market goes, then you make profit and If the market goes down, then you get out of the market in low loss.
  3. If you book a small loss, you can cover the corpse at any time by buying any other rising stock, in the same way that the stock reaches again and again, then you sell the same stock and remove the above deal. See here you want that small Taking a loss from  bought one of your staff and the stock you bought was not able to give the performance you want, then you can sell out the same staff in a low loss and if a stock is giving very good performance Then you buy that stock and you can make a profit in it.
  4. Sometimes we sell shares that are less profitable, then later regret, that is why by waiting for the rest by selling a stock and you are thinking of more benefits, you can give 200 shares to different prices at the same time. You should buy some stocks first, if the market is moving further, then you buy some more stocks, then the market is moving further, then buy some more staff then you buy step by step wise stock. And in the same way, if the stop is falling down, then you sell step by step wise stock and keep making profits.
  5. Do not trade more than two to three at a time, because we are able to watch more shares than this at 9:00 am nor can we take the decision, that’s why you should see every share rising in a fast, new traders 1757 shares Plus, at one time, four to six can be seen increasing within 2 to 3 hours, then it becomes clear that no one else is able to decrease, we are able to book profit on growing and share it from home, so that we can control it That is why we start buying and selling a lot of shares, that’s why you buy some shares and watch it properly and you analyze its performance correctly only then you will get more than that stock and what will you make and you profit.
  6. Tax is also heavy in over-trading and if there is a single fall, then it turns into a loss and the brokerage charge is levied separately, so you should do less trading. Overload trading will help you in tax as well as brokerage There will be losses from both sides, so never do over treading.
  7. Every lion has a limit to increase or decrease in 1 day and this limit you should understand how a stock increases and decreases in a day which is called please limit or circuit limit. For the first 20 percent then 10 percent becomes 5 percent. You cannot buy every single share in the circuit because if the purchase is not stopped, the growth of the eyes cannot stop. You should understand here that you can not buy or sell shares in the lower circuit. The price stops falling only when the sell is stopped. Everybody in the circuit wants to buy the stock because the next day the stock is sold up. In spite of the ban on the purchase, the viruses are put directly in line, then you have to understand the behavior of the market. Which direction is going in and you have the advantage in making profit only by going to the market direction, you may be a victim of going into the opposite direction of the market, that is why you always follow the market, but before following the market, you You have to understand the market only then you can understand the direction of the market Will be able to understand.
  8. If a stock moves downward for a few days, then keep talking about it as if a stock rolled too high and high and fell from there to the next day falling down until the falling range bound until the fallen commodity i Stock last month chart. Do not come until the average level is reached, because until it does not come above its average, at any point of time it can roll down the price of the stock. You can understand from monopoly how any stock trader Any trader will look at the stock. If the trader sees that the price of a stock is falling, he also guesses that the price of the stock will stop now and you should not buy it at that time. You should do it when the average is hidden. Take more chances to make a profit.
  9. Stocks that are very big tomorrow may be big but today they are risky, this thing you should understand that there are no guarantees that stocks that are big tomorrow will grow even today, so if you want to trade in it, then trade it carefully Whatever happens in 30 stocks or 50 stocks of Nifty and Sensex, they are reversed tomorrow, then understand that they will grow and in this way you have to analyze different things in the stock market and apply it in the market.
  10. Buy stock or commodity on Hi and it is risky to keep the position if it falls under the reverse, you should understand that by making silver high, it comes down to selling pressure and then it remains the same for several days until its money will not come. We will be stuck and we will not be able to trap money in the stock market for a long time, due to which we have to make losses, so you always want to buy stocks or commodities at high or high prices, but if you turn around, then you are out of the market. Go so that you don’t fall prey to too much loss.

Look at trading in the stock market as a profession and start trading in a professional manner. Never think that trading will buy any staff and send it to any staff, then you will get benefits that will never happen in the stock market. You need to do trading in the stock market when you are convinced that this stop will now proceed. Why is this stop going forward? Stock market news will keep you updated and you will be able to understand the market behavior of the market.

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