Intraday Trading Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Techniques For Beginners

The trading principal we have mentioned is a very useful principal for every intraday trader. You should consider it as a kind of rule or law so that you should follow it. I do not want all of you guys to forcefully follow this law by forcefully speaking this principal. I am telling this principal to all of you so that you can succeed in ICICI Direct.

All of you guys will be told some steps in the cucumber so that you should block it. It will also teach you a self-discipline that will help an intraday trader to succeed in the stock market ie to succeed in ICICI Direct. You must open up. To be successful in the market, it is very important to be in the discipline so that you can take the right decision in the market and make maximum profit as I told you that all of you are an intraday trader i.e. If you are doing this, then you need to make the most of it through trading. To do this, you should follow the Indicision. These principals should be considered if you liked this stock trading stock intraday trading tips, then you will follow if you do not. You will leave it all depends on how you use it.

  1. At 9:15, you are standing in front of the terminal screen in every situation here, even a difference of 5 minutes can be big, you have to follow the punctuality so that you can understand the market and take the decision correctly. It is very important.
  2. Sensex or nifty editing is given on the brightness corner of the screen as soon as the market opens, that is, the Sensex pointers are below the market is in minus, then we do not have to accelerate here, you should not understand that as soon as the market opens, you have to pay attention. From where the market is opening from the bottom or from the top, the market is in minus, then we should not be booming, keep in mind.
  3. Day traders can make money in two ways, by buying shares at a lower rate and by selling at a higher rate, there is a boom in the plus market, that is, you can do that if the market is going up or the market is going up If you are getting Indication, then buy the stock and sell it when you go up and in this way you can make intraday trading.
  4. You have to pay attention that in the first 8 to 10 minutes, you are talking to the screen with the index Nifty and the Sensex, 20 25 shares of the company are seen on the screen and you have to see these companies and about the behavior of the market. You also have to try to guess and you will pay attention to the news of the market and you will also pay attention to the changes of these indices in a good way.
  5. When the volume increases, the volume is seen in green color, when the lion decreases, it appears in red color, that is, when the green signal is found, you should understand that the share price is increasing and when the red signal is received, you should understand that The signal is coming to decrease, the share price from the purchase or bank increases and the share price decreases from the bikini and selling, that is, when the buyers of a tiger are just coming, then the price of that share will increase and if the seller of a stock will come more Then the share price will decrease, the stock market stocks work on this concept.
  6. You should understand a behavior of the market and it is also necessary for any trade and investor when the market is in fast group for a long time. In a short time, in a recession in red, the stock stays in the rate for a while in blue. It means to say that if the stock is in blue for a long time, then it will be in the rate for a while and during the recession, the stock will be in the late rate, while it will be in blue for a while, you can understand that if the market is bullish then Surely it will be in blue or it will be in green, it may go to market rate for a while, but still the market will be in green and blue only whereas in the time of recession, the market rate will be only in blue or green for the time being. It can happen in the market, but in a recession, the market will not be in blue but it will be in red, so you have to take care of all these things while taking the decision.
  7. You should or should notice that even if the market opens in plus, do not buy the stock immediately. If the market is open 110 points faster, then in a short time, plus it can come down to 70 plus. 170 points is faster, when it is correct it can be up to 110 points, so if the market opens in a plus, then you do not accelerate immediately, you may be a victim of more losses.
  8. Some stocks on the screen are seen standing strongly and rising, some stocks which had risen very much yesterday, maybe today, they are seen in the stock market, which will be seen going down by two ₹ 4, or if you have to pay attention to this If the stock was big yesterday, then it is not necessary that even today that stock will grow, you have to pay attention to it at the time of trading.
  9. Suppose a stock is growing strongly, choose two of them. There are no details on the screen, then look at the window or window of that share, in it you will get the information of today’s high low average growth and volume if the share price is from 2. 4 percent is big, so it is okay to buy now, if the current price average is silent, then it is okay to buy. It is quite wrong to buy a stock going below the average or minus a little faster, all of you should pay attention to intraday trading.
  10. You can buy the stock from the front or at the market price, or you can put a buy order of two ₹ 4 down so that the letter gets a share in the Congress price in the growing market. You should know that the stock you are buying is the market price. You can also buy above and below, but for this you will have to wait for some time and if you buy at the market price then your stocks will come in the purchase immediately, partner, you have to pay attention to a lot of important things when you enter the deal, then the purchased order. The line appears at the bottom of the screen and when the purchase is made, the message of the purchase will come down. Check that the same shares have been purchased and have come to your trading account, note the exit price of the purchase on a paper and add the estimated brokerage because It is very important for you to have the right information about the brokerage charge. Different brokerage companies charge differently; Know these things first, how many shares you will buy and sell, then how much brokerage charge you will have to pay.

The trading tips given by us will be very beneficial for all of you. This is something that every trader should know. There are some things that a trader sometimes makes a mistake and due to these he has to become a victim of a big half-hour. That he should remain in self-discipline and do intraday trading in self-discipline, while trading, he should also take care that he should look at the stock properly and buy it. This may be why intraday trading needs to be cautious in every place so that it can take the right decision and at the same time they have to always feel happy to be happy. I may not be able to perform properly, so that will be the reason for their profit in their stock market, therefore every stock market should intraday to trade happily and do it thoughtfully.

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