The biggest secret of stock market and commodity market

Stock Market and Commodity Market If you are trading in any market then it is very important for you to have some things wise. It is said that to be successful in anything, it is very important to be wise if you are sensible and things You are able to understand only then you will be able to take the right decision and if you learn to take the right decision then you will definitely be close to success, so let us understand some things so that we can succeed in the stock market or in the commodity market.

  1. You should note that the market is 70 percent time range bound and boring, really earners just keep looking at the 70 percent time screen and do 30 percent time trading. It is worth to experience what successful traders are. And it is understood that in the market 70% of the time, you analyze the market and when in 30% of the time you get an indication or rise in the market, you can trade by buying or selling.
  2. Let me tell you one thing that you probably have not been able to find in the stock market yet. The losers in the stock market are hyper active. See this purchase and they keep buying and sending it throughout the day. It went on and then bought it. Profit came again and sold Evening took 8 years of tax brokerage left in 250 Profit, still will not agree to see the truth and tell others the mistakes. This is the person who maintains a market in the buying and selling market due to being hyperactive and In the end, they are not able to earn any profit and they are out in the market because they are in the last, so you need to buy and send the stock when you get a clear indication in the market in which direction the market is going and Only then do you trade, you do not earn any profit by trading more; if you earn any profit then you can trade less but do good trading.

Silver was swinging between 40,000 and 45000 for the last several months, the traders who came in the market for 6 months used to say in full enthusiasm that the trader of Silver has fully understood and it is understood to me that when the sale came near 45000 Please book it when it comes down from the rest, but when something like that went above 45000, the new trader thought that how much will it go up. Understand very silver, now you should understand that a lot of silver 52000 opened clothes overnight, now if a man understands, what should he do, the sun is sitting and silver has also shown 59000, then I will now tell you through this story I am trying to explain that what he has seen is true for him or the market makes such a trap in months or all day and a lot of people get trapped who take away the market in such a way that whatever  in that market if he weighed it properly and did not put it in the market, it would flow into the water and then he would never be able to return to the market again. The marketer must understand every stock market to every trader because things become clear even when we try to understand things and we rectify them by accepting mistakes.

That’s why I say never hurry in the stock market

Let me now try to explain something to all of you who can change the world of your trading in your life. A stop loose is gone, so wait till the next time slot comes. We have mentioned the time slot of the movement in the last post rather the day. In leave the screen till evening, I am saying this is good because even in the evening time the market is very naive tile, you may not be able to take the right decision according to the market at that time.

  • I advise you to do this and it is also important that if there is a big loss or perfect then you should leave the screen when you get cold then the eyes can see right. I mean to say that if you have big Earned profit when you get out of the market or even if you have lost a lot, then you get out of the market because in both the condition the body is more energetic and you can take the wrong decision due to this energy. And both your profits or losses can be changed in the Opposite and you should not be a victim of more losses if you have gone to your losses and if you have made a profit then you should not convert the gains into deductions and for that you need right Taking decision.
  • We humans are very variable, a lot of things keep going in our mind immediately, but let me tell you one thing, a trader who agrees to go home for a day without looking at the screen, gets money every day and that is the truth 1000 Seeing the fall of the point quietly, took a recovery of 200 points in a silver mini and drove home, imagine what kind of trader you are. Are you buying and selling simple or are you looking at the market and analyzing it. If you get the direction right, you hold the market right, in that time you bought and earned and exited the market and maybe this is the right way to earn money in the stock market.
  • I have seen some traders who think that how much I will earn before putting a trade, it is never true nor is it ever going to happen, if you think that then only you and you are the only loser in this stock market. I may not be able to make money, therefore you will not be able to count how much profit will be made whenever you enter a trade, it is not counted how much money will be spent if all the stoploss are broken and I will go to jail to trade two more. Will it be courageous? These things are very important that how much stoploss you take in the stock market and how much you should target, all these things should be dissected and then you should not loose and sew in any way because in this you may be a bit more in the lean Money will be returned in the stock market, in the loss market, you will have to think a lot more to change the fit and you will have to give time, so you did not think anything before putting the trade, if you have put the trade, then before you take the decision whether you If you are putting this, what is the reason behind this, you have ordered

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