Mastering Trading Psychology and Money Management to Trade in Stock Market Effectively

Trading is an art that human beings learn from practice. Any person can be successful in trading if he controls his emotion and learns to manage money properly. It is very important to manage these two things for any trader. Because when there is a lot of upheaval in the market when there is a market station, in that case any trader considers it very difficult to control their emotion and because of this and many times the money is lost in the market, hence both the trader investor One needs to understand the market correctly and to take any market decision correctly, there should not be any kind of emotional pressure on the partner, he should come to manage the money properly and that money management How many rickshaws can I take, all depends on the trader.

  1. We should not love or hate any stock forever. Suppose there is a shortage in silver today, then you will be disillusioned on the third day, in such a situation, there will be disillusionment on the third day and after 2 days fast, there is a lot of doubt about falling on the third day, that’s why you understand Either way, if you have love or hate with the stock, then understand that you may not be successful in the stock market. You can see the stock market as a money market where you have many stocks, there are many companies. And whatever company is giving the best performance, you should learn to befriend them, this is the secret of success in the market.
  2. You should always keep your monopoly, your position under control, you should never keep your thoughts in such a way that I am out, I only work for buying, I only work in police or berry or fast or recession, that is, only when I I will buy only when the fast comes, I will only send you when the recession comes. You should not accelerate in the day of recession, do not do too much during the fast, otherwise you will earn one day and lose the other day, so always keep your mind under your control. Keep position under your control, never let your mind dominate you because we are the market, if the market goes up today, tomorrow it will come down and if it is down today, tomorrow it will go up; Anything is possible here anytime The market may fall and may rise even if the market falls, so always try to understand the market, try to understand the behavior of the market, try to see the market from the lens of technical and fundamental analysis so that you Understand the market and take advantage of the market.
  3. Let me tell you one thing that will help you a lot in the stock market. It is okay to sell a deal in a recession at the top rate in the chart. If gold falls 200 points at a time, then short selling 70 to 80 bounce so that 50 Work in the small stop loss of the point and you get out after making a profit, if you have made a profit in the market then you may not be sitting in the market only, but your money will be changed in your account if you have made profit today. You close the market and if you get engaged in your home work or any other work, you have made a profit, yet what are you doing sitting in the market, you leave the market and you And pay attention to other things, focus on understanding the market. Analyze a company of all these things.
  4. While going through the screen in the morning, check Alt Plus trading record 10 minutes before the market close in the evening. Sometimes, the operator accidentally purchases more volumes for less volume, the order book every 10:10 minutes and Alt Plus Apps Six Profit and Loss From there, purchases and sales are possible, all these things also have to be kept in your mind. This means that you pay attention to everything in the market. Also understand the feature so that you can trade correctly Trading never means that you will buy and sell start from you. There are many features in your trading software. You should also analyze them and exploit them properly. So that you can manage the money properly, managing money is very important for the stock trader and it leads the stock trader to success as well as you should pay attention to the psychology so that you are exposed to the market and in reverse condition. Also, not psychologically emotional and you can take the right decision.
  5. May be the stock which was very big yesterday and I am trading risky, you have to assume that whatever happens in Sensex stock today. If you can turn around tomorrow then you have to pay attention to all these things, but you do not relay today from the previous days, you look at that chart, look at the chart of the same stock correctly and try to understand from it. And fundamental analysis is very important.

Trading psychology is defined as the response of direction which generates a reward to the people when the people is motivated then the decision taken by the people is good and when their people is depressed that the decision taken by the people age may be good for men not be good so it is very important for humanity for trader or investor that you should interest your on psychology so that learn trading psychology and apply the trading psychology so that you are able to trade with full of your efficiency and energy.

As we know in trading it is very important to manage money. Money management is also necessary because it becomes necessary for the trader to analyze his trading at the end of the day and find out that he has become a loser in the market. Or to say a loser means if the reader lost the press in the market then it became a loser and if the trader withdraws money from the market then the trader will be a gainer.

He has earned some profit but here we should note Manages money in such a way that the maximum loss can be tolerated, after the maximum loss, the trader does not trade as if you are a trader and you are trading a percentage of the money you have today. After returning to the market, the trader should not trade today because if he returns once, the money can be there, he will come into motion and he wants me to have a percentage that I have lost It has to be converted into a pick and because of that it starts trading right away and because of this and one to two.

This is due to the return of the person because he could not control his emotion in his psychology, and he went back more, that is why every trader should always manage his money if the trader made it in his money management I can get 1 year and if a percentage is scared in any way, he should stop trading because he can return more in the next time because today he will feel weak in psychology and emotionally because he is in the market today. He has lost that he needs to come to the market with another day and there is no one in mind to buy and sell any staff and here you should first analyze which companies will give the best performance and you will do the analysis. Only after purchasing any staff, surely you will move towards success and you will be able to recover your stock market easily, it is very important to recover it in the stock market and this should be done by the trader, but for this, the trader is right It is very important to take a decision.

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