10 Techniques to Make Smart Trading Decisions Faster

We all have to understand that the reaction time is very important while trading how many minutes do you take for decision and execution for trade is really important and it plays an important role for success and failure in stock market.

  1. Don’t be emotional when stop loss hits it is better to hit the Big Point rather than the first point hits that is which I want to deliver to you each you always try to maintain the small stop loss and if the smallest of loss hits you don’t be emotional because in small stop loss you not lose much more money so you always try to trade and boost up yourself to book more profit.
  2. Be flexible in trading , suppose stocks goes up in morning and down in afternoon and again up in evening. Then flexible trader takes 200 points from each 500 points in safe zone.
  3. Never try to guess any commodity till pick or bottom place prior order for profit booking and book at bottom and resale again at jump or if it break Lo always with stop loss and this is very important you try to buy the stocks in both term and you try to sell that stocks in above but if market BA because it you be aware that you have definitely set your stop loss so that you never lose money.
  4. Keep time discipline trade from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. check opportunity at 2 p.m. when data comes and avoid trading between 6 to 8 without Clear trip last trading session from the different times like 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. then enjoy with studying the stock market behavior so my main concern is you watch the market and you trade only when you see the clear indication of market behavior.
  5. Target.n discipline fix minimum 2% daily target on capital is not supposed to trade on every call you can have 6000 in 3 sepal with small stop loss but this is possible when you trade with confidence and the way where the market is moving or the trader is moving.
  6. Target for maximum loss in a day should also be fix with profit target and you always be and bonded with this target at the time of trading in the market you not lose your discipline and you always be under your control of the law which you have created by yourself.
  7. Trading every hour will not give you any problem it just learnt to digest profit or loss take rest of two hour or two day after is small or big loss this is very important for settling of your mount of your mind.
  8. I am suggesting you the important website for your commodity trading so you have to check this website to see annual chart of commodity.Commodity: way2wealth, Commodity Section: mcxindia
  9. One of the great behaviour change which I want to change to every trader age that every trader should not irritate when stop loss hit always count amount of stop-loss instead of number of stop loss so you always keep in mind from next time you will count amount of stop loss not number of stop loss.
  10. If there is clear reason to buy something with reasonable stop loss then buy it and if suddenly buyers decrease don’t wait for stop-loss seat just come out from it it is very important to analyse in the market and this take some time to understand to you and take this great this season but sure Li you will learn to understand this concept.Keep booking path profit and keep trailing stop loss in remaining lots and this is the step of moving forward in the market when the stocks grow up you start buying the stocks and when the stocks going down you start selling the stocks in part wise and this will help you to book maximum profit.

We have learned how a trader in the stock market has more benefits then someone else and we have also learned how we can become a professional trader, how we should get our discipline and our thinking We should change so that we can make more profit in the market. All of us need that we need to control ourselves and control our people, if we remain in high losses then we and the stock market should be out of trust. We will go and we want to stay in the stock market, so we will have to keep our losses under control and profit will come under control automatically, we should pay attention that we always have to control our love store in the stock market so that we Do not be a victim of excess losses and if we reduce our losses then we will definitely be in profit.

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