Cash & Margin Buy and Sell Stocks in ICICIDirect

To buy and sell any stock in ICICI Direct, you have to first log into your ICICI Direct account, only then you will buy and bridge any stock market stock, after that you also have to note that if You have logged in then you can buy and send the stocks, so let us know first of all how you will buy any staff, what are the things you have to take care of before buying, what are you looking for and give to any staff We will buy and you should buy or not buy any stock or what you should take care of to buy and sell any staff, we understand all these things

I will tell you a secret today, it will definitely be understood to you in some time, first of all what decision should you take whether you want to work as a trader or to do investment work or both are together. I have been so that you can set your mind whether you are moving in the direction of trading or in the direction of investing, it helps you in taking a decision in the market.

  1. If you are looking to buy and sell stocks, then you use stoploss to place or place an order from 9:15 to buy or you can place a buy and sell order.
  2. You can buy the stock in a few pieces like if you bought a few stops from the stock you are looking to buy, you will wait for the near the market then you will buy the stock further if you want the stocks Buying then you should not buy all the staff at once in a series of stocks. You can become a victim of more losses. You should break and order different quantities at different positions.
  3. You have to keep an eye on the market and on any news of the market and on the performance news of any company, you have to see the most active shares every morning to see which shares are active and you have to pay attention to the news that you have so that you When any new news comes in the market, you can take the right decision.
  4. Look at the top loser stocks and top gainer stocks in the market and then you have to pay attention to which company you can target in top loser and top gainer stocks and then you turn down some shares in that company Start buying and selling in
  5. If you are trying to trade in the future option, then you should pay attention whether you want to trade in the call or in the belly and you should also pay attention to some 3 month stockists and wicket tractors. Sector supports your day on which you are trading then you can buy two options as well as focus on the top and loser stocks and options so that you can understand their performance correctly and which sector gives the best performance. You can invest your money in it, you can do this industry, you can apply on the stock market index.
  6. In case of rise and fall of the market, pay attention to the series of and also keep in mind the change of 23.6% , 38.2%, 61.8%.
  7. If you want to trade in the index then you should focus on that sector which is giving good performance in the market and which sector is losing in today’s market.
  8. You should also pay attention to the moving average analysis, if the market is closed above the moving average line, then it will go upwards, if the market is closed under the bridge line of the movie, then it will go downwards. What is it and if the market moves above the moving average line then you can buy stocks and if the market goes below the free garage line then you should sell the stock
  9. You should pay attention to some indicators of the stock market, such as having an emotional discipline, it is very important that when you start carrying or investing in the market, then you start filling the market stocks. Thinking then you are in control of your emotion and if the emotion is under your control then you can check in the market, but if you are in control of the emotion then you will be able to buy and sell the stock and it fails in your market Will be the biggest reason for being
  10. You want to trade and invest in the stock market, but even if you did not take the money management into account properly, you will still be called a loser in the market or you will be able to lose more money in the market or you can do that. I bought some stocks and if you hit the condition that I can bear a loss of two percent but if your markets have gone below two percent then you are waiting to fill the same staff then that is You have not understood money management properly, you should remain strict that how much percentage of money you have invested in the market, you can use in the market, you should use something to make some profit and keep this percentage fix. So that you are a name in the motion of the market and you can make a profit or a loss in it, you will never be in loss in the market but if you keep in mind the money management then you will not become a victim of excess loss.

I just told you what things you should take care of in order to buy and sell shares in the stock market, I told you so that you can handle the loss in the market. There are many stock markets that are very They lose more money because they are unable to control the emotion and manage the money properly. You should pay attention and you should think calmly in whatever way You are looking to buy and sell the stock, first of all, consider what is the analysis for the stock from your own people. Do you feel that this company will move forward in the coming time? This company’s decision is good This company Is it going to make more profit? Have you given time on these things and have tried to understand the company, you should see the market from the market. To understand the market in order to understand the market properly, the company will have to understand which company to put in What is the company doing, what new disease is it going to do in the near future You are going to see which products are going to be launched.

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