The tremendous benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera is known by many names such as circle kumari and hawthorn also known as Aloe vera. There are more than 400 species of aloe vera, some of which are poisonous. Each aloe vera cannot be eaten. Used in food and for screening beauty. Aloe vera is rich in ayurvedic properties. It eliminates 200 people in the body. Aloe vera is a small plant that has thick and Wednesday leaves. It leaves thin and inside Guddi or gel found is important only, there are many species of aloe vera, some of these species are used somewhere, aloe vera is used to make many herbs, so at the same time the beauty and health of aloe vera is It is also done to increase, so let's see what the benefit of aloe vera is for us.


The main ingredients found in aloe vera :-

Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Folic acid

Types of aloe vera :- 

There are 300 to 400 species of Aloe vera, out of which we mainly use 5 species which we use for our screen in making herbs.

Aloe Barbadensis
Tiger elo
Climbing elo
Aloe Deskingsi
Red allo

benefits of aloe vera :- 

Aloe vera has many benefits for health, for skin as well as for hair care. There are many such benefits of aloe vera, aloe vera is a treasure nutritional nutrient for every part of the body. Why should not people later, Aloe Vera contains vitamin folic acid iron calcium magnesium, many such nutrients are present in our stomach skin besides aloe diabetes also cures diseases like diabetes cancer.

 Aloe vera to lose weight :-

Take a look around us. In your workplace, even in college, people will find you upset with obesity. Due to all these troubles, our sales are also lifestyle and wrong eating habits.According to a report, more than 5% of the population of our country is facing obesity due to the power lifestyle. Institutions like Indian organizations declare obesity epidemic in India. In such a situation, if we drink aloe vera juice daily then we can easily get rid of this problem. Aloe vera is full of anti inflammatory properties, it proves very helpful in reducing our weight, according to the acidity, eating more than aloe vera It helps a lot in reducing obesity, it reduces the frozen stomach in our body rapidly. Aloe vera is very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and obesity, so should diabetes and obese people use aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera useful in hair problems :-

Aloe vera is very beneficial for hair for hair or shows miraculous appearance in hair. Whatever problem is related to hair, aloe vera removes everything like hair fall, dry hair, dandruff etc. at least 2 times a week Before shampooing, add jasmine coconut oil or any oil to it, mix the juice of aloe vera and apply it well in your hair and leave it for half an hour, after which you wash your hair properly, this will make your hair length even faster. You will have black hair and you should do this process twice a week so that you will see a lot of benefit in hair.

Aloe vera for digestion :-

If your stomach gets upset by eating spicy and chilly spicy food then you can take aloe vera juice because the setting is found in aloe vera juice. It helps a lot in keeping our stomach healthy. Aloe vera helps our digestive system. Also detoxes from within, aloe vera is also beneficial in stomach and sulfur in addition to IBS. If you have a problem with acidity, then you can use aloe vera juice, according to a study done in Iran, whatever time of aloe vera detoxes. This reduces the problem of stomach pain and flatulence in the IBS patient, in addition to this, aloe vera gel is also very beneficial in the treatment of armor. Study the same thing in India shows that aloe vera paper ulcer also An Indian study shows that there is no side effect of Aloe vera in stomach-related diseases, however Aloe vera in ulcerative colitis disease. Should not be consumed.

Aloe vera for mouth health :-

If you have a blister in the mouth, then you can use aloe vera to get rid of the blister, aloe vera has proved to be very effective in rooting out many diseases causing bacteria in the mouth. It is found that aloe vera can be very effective in treating teeth as well. You can also use aloe vera as a mouthwash. No side effects have been found in it. The reason helps to reduce the inflammation in laborers. The anti-bacterial properties present in aloe vera can prevent the person who causes decay. The juice of aloe vera can also be helpful in shayari. You have to use it in such a way as to aloe vera. There is a gel in the middle of the leaf, after cutting it from 20 leaves, remove the water from it and after that to get quick relief from the blisters, apply this gel at least 2 times a day where there are blisters where it is affected by more blister Place on the place.

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