Ayurvedic and home remedies to eliminate stomach worms from root

Most of the children in India have a lot of problems with stomach worms, this problem is seen especially in most children and the elderly, but some young people also have to face this problem. Pain persists and even after eating sufficient amount, it feels like weakness. People who have worms in their stomach also lose weight rapidly. Not only this, if the disease is not identified and treated in time So many diseases start to arise due to this, you can also cure this problem with the help of home remedies.


What are the symptoms of stomach worm disease ? :- 

Person grinds their teeth while sleeping
Sometimes itching in the nose
White worms appearing in the stool
Skin dryness
Tongue white
Spotting on the cheeks
Red eyes
Mild fever
Having a stomach ache problem
To get confused
Feeling of weakness in body

What is the main cause of stomach problems ? :-

Habit of eating food when there is no appetite

Eating food with dirty hands

Consuming food contaminated with flies

Excessive consumption of sour and sweet items

Maida, raita, curd, curry, powdered food

Drinking impure or contaminated water

Due to the weakening of the immune system.

In case of worm disease problem, you should keep away from all these things :- 

If you have worms in your stomach, do not eat salty food or eat fish, do not eat all these things. This worm can increase in the stomach. You should not eat too much gram flour pakoras, do not eat more potatoes or red. Do not eat too much of chili, do not eat too much and do not eat dinner in the morning, it can increase the heat of the stomach and do not sleep during the day, you should stay away from everything if you consume cigarettes If you do not consume all this stuff, it can also increase the worms of your stomach, so you keep distance from all these things.

In case of worm disease, you should take all these things :-

In case of worm disease, you can use amla and orange ginger juice and chutney, you can use honey lemon, moong, asafoetida, celery juice, pineapple juice, mustard greens, rai. ,  gourd, bitter gourd, parwal, you can use many such things, if you are suffering from worm disease problem, then if you use all these things, then the problem of your worm disease will start reducing gradually and your stomach Insects will also die

Ayurvedic treatment to alleviate the problems of stomach worms 

=> Crush neem seedlings and take out a spoonful of juice and lick it mixed with honey, it kills stomach worms and comes out with your feces.

=> Dry and grind neem leaves and drink two pinches of powder with honey in it.

=> Remove the juice of bitter gourd leaves and drink it with warm water

=> 50 grams of gold fly, 50 grams of gulakanda, 50 grams of honey, 50 grams of bark of pigeon pea, 50 grams of shot mix all these things and prepare small tablets and start taking these pills with milk. All the worms of your stomach will die in a few days from use, you can take these pills at least 2 to 3 times a day.

=> Drinking Amla juice 3 times a day will kill your stomach worms

=> Taking a decoction of basil leaves makes the kidneys die of your stomach and this causes kidney disease of children immediately.

=> Drinking pumpkin juice daily will kill your stomach worms

=> Worm disease is cured by taking powder of leftovers with them, these are very easy remedies for children's worm disease.

=> Even drinking orange juice two to three times a day kills your stomach worms.

=> Even eating radish kills your stomach worms

=> Worm disease will also be cured by taking churned of mustard rye with cow urine. One or half teaspoon of mustard solution should be dissolved with 100ml of cow urine.

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