Ayurvedic treatment of cough

Cough is the English word to any person, we call it cough. In the language of language, Khasi has a special meaning or relation to clothes, in addition to those organs which are helpful in breathing the fruit, such as where the mind is affected by the whereabouts. In the same way, due to laughter, the entire body of the lungs is shaken, which we are destroyed.

Cough is caused due to many symptoms. Excessive sweating is more due to running fast in the sun than Jai Shri’s dhumas, due to being tired and eating the right food should be eaten only by eating high and low food. Due to not going in the breathing pipe, we go on the wrong path due to which the sneezing starts, life is furious due to which we become sad and in a state of laughing.

There are different types of cough, how to get inside the body or by stirring inside the meat muscle. Secondly, be a pimple in the lungs, not due to twisting in the respiratory tract or due to pulsation due to the accumulation of filth or overeating due to overeating. Sour Sweet: Due to sour food in the respiratory tract due to the wrong food, which comes out as pimples from the mouth, it seems that due to all these reasons, cough also gets converted into different types.

The most important reason is the second weakness of the body. The second reason is excessive my phone. The third reason is to work hard, which causes cold cough due to fatigue, high fever, high cough or after hearing something wrong, etc., which causes you to laugh a lot. Or due to change of weather, even the running of the wrong wind affects it more on my body, due to which there is hanging or cough in the ancestors, some people, whose father is found to be wrong in the things, he asks the cough. It is not said that hereditary affects the ancestral cough, at the same time, with birth, suffering from various types of disease, either it is the mother’s symptom or the father’s symptom, this is what we call hereditary. Takes.

After not treating the cough properly, it takes a terrible form which is affected by many diseases like TV Dum Phoolna Dama etc. People give up their life after suffering from diseases in this situation in my saying or telling. Definitely pay attention and along with medical treatment, do this treatment as well, it is not that you do what you say, do not like it, but you should also take herbs that are very beneficial in getting you healthy from the root. Will happen.

Busy people above the age of 5 years can take more quantity of medicine, note that the method of making medicine is first basil leaf, its ripe fruit should be ground and more than that, just by mixing it in the quantity according to the amount of round and grind it. Heat the ghee properly and keep eating it little by little, it will end everyone with a cold cough, even if you are not going to cough, it is clear that you have a fever until you have fever or fever. It will not be right, till then your cough will not be missed, for that one such great charisma is the gift given by God, which we are describing in front of you, its name is that of the Queen of the Night or of Harsingar, make a decoction of its leaves. 34-time hungry stomach after eating again in the afternoon and again in the evening before eating, your fever.

According to my statement, pay attention to the diet too; eating nutritious food will not do anything nutritious food, like if you are busy, then take the egg of desi chicken, give it to fish, fish, etc., keep taking the post-diet periodically because there will be strength in the body, then all the disease is eliminated. It will be done, otherwise, you are giving an invitation to the disease without calling yourself, come to me, come to me, it is never going to be cured, whether it is herbs or English medicine or allopathic, any treatment will never be cured. That is why every person will have to pay attention to their diet as well, they will have to take nutritious diet. The herbs that we are told, you will definitely take care of. There are no side effects. You can eat it anytime, your body will be healthy as tea too. You can take a basil leaf mixed with a flower, mixed round it, and you can drink it in the form of tea anytime in the morning and afternoon. We will tell you that those who are full of laughter are laughed and fainted. They have become very weak, they will also be treated further, but they have to be treated with care Today, in order to be healthy for busy big people, if you have any kind of cough from old to old, whether it is dry, wet, sometimes comes too much or you have difficulty in breathing, sometimes even if you have a state of unconsciousness, then along with medicine. Do not give herbs, we never recommend that you do not do the medical treatment after that, along with that, I must use the herbs as mentioned, this will not cause any side effects. You are telling a great herb whose name is Cucumber irritable, which is a small bhim with thorns that has fruit in it if you will enter it, it catches it in a warm cloth, that is its identity. When the seed is ripened, cut it and collect the seeds of the house. He will get happiness after that, he will get it from him in the form of rice, he has to work hard. Make or cook again as it can be taken in the morning and afternoon. It is your panacea medicine like Lakshman For the same was the dead Sanjeevani herb, likewise, it is a panacea for the oldest cough inhaler medicine 77 Take a diet and keep your treatment as well, but do not forget to take this thing, you will feel yourself in me. What strength, whether the strength is decreasing or not, even after finding a lot of Arju Vedic medicine.y, he will also have to pay attention to his diet, along with medicine.

Cough in a child from 1 month to 2 years means that it goes over the mother, as long as the child continues to drink mother’s milk, then the child’s cough means that the mother will have to pay attention to the food and food if the mother does not eat on time. If you do not bathe on time, if you are very troubled, then the effect of cough in the child will be very high, in that state the child as well as the mother must also keep in mind that the effect of all the cold hot environment inside me is entering my baby. It is so that my little boy is suffering from sickness, we have to pay attention all the time as long as the child is drinking milk, then the mother has to be careful at all times that no such terrible disease should be heard inside my child, the child will sometimes be born. Along with this, jaundice also suffers from an illness, it is also affected by another disease, the main reason for this is that his mother suffers from that disease, then only this disease entered inside that child, so all the time the mother has to be careful to eat and live. If not all the time, then no god can prevent the child from suffering from illness, in this condition, if the child gets a little cold cough.

Next, tell the correct diagnosis for the young child, Muthia Si or Har Bakus Muthia Siyahar Bakas, by grinding or grinding the leaves of both the leaves with a fist, take out its juice and then lightly soften it, then give the child in small amounts Due to which the child will get a great benefit from coughing 34 time, but the mother of the child will have to use more bread in the food, it will be better to eat dry food, which my little boy is right, this treatment can be done anywhere in the house by herbs. No hindrance, even big men can take the juice of every bakus, they will also benefit, their mother can also drink and will benefit more.

  • chief or meat, heat, cold, paper wounds or pimples,
  • dust in the respiratory tract, or go through, etc.,
  • eat sour kaslei or fast things.
  • Drink substances in the girlfriends’ health path.
  • There are problems in stomach, spleen and liver etc.

Bad breath in the stomach even if the respiratory tract is sick, coughing on the lungs due to a lesion in the lungs causes coughing bye-bye water cough coughing faster than heat and coughing cough due to cold. Cures bile and phlegm when coughing occurs. It is the opinion of the scholars of Arju Veda that allopathy also has many reasons for coughing. A weakness of body. Excessive sex. Due to incorrect air movement, 6 cough is also ancestral descendant like Code Leprosy.

Removing the cough is the opinion of many scholars that when the dirt in the throat goes upwards in the other direction and if the tightness of life comes together, then the phlegm or dirt accumulated in the heart comes to the account with the cough. Laughs.

There is no air disease without cough, there is no cough without blood, there is no back without blood, and there is no six without back until when the disease comes on the chest, it becomes rare to get relief from laughter. Will go and will not leave the cough. At what time will the patient continue to give the village search medicines, but he does not pay attention to the metal, but the vomiting cough keeps increasing because the sweet cough does not go without fever and without fever, the metal does not heal. There can be no rest till the fever continues to accumulate on the chest and until when it will not separate from the chest, laughter will never go away. Six more other diseases may arise due to persisting for a long time, then the patient dies happily. The root of laughter will be the root of you and the breath is from the air. Many wrong doctors and hot medicines are given immediately to destroy the air so that you freeze and dry, in such a situation, the patient has a lot of trouble while laughing and every In the time and chest, the voice of the house goes from house to house when bright when such happiness is dry, it comes out with difficulty and even if it comes out So in such a situation, giving hot medicine and hot substance to the patient in such a situation is to kill him intentionally, until when the head is released from the chest, Buddha should not give hot medicine, but when should he be given the medicine.

Due to valid opinion, cough comes in the following way: When the lungs are filled with yellow blood, when it is irritated and irritated in the lungs by removing any hot or thin things from the head, the cough becomes cold in the lungs. The cough starts due to coughing due to warmth of lungs and chest, but such cough is more for old and helpless people due to dusty dust coming into the lungs, loud shouting, throbbing throat and lungs due to heat and heat. A cough begins to occur due to itching of the lungs or chest, swelling of the chest, swelling of the chest posts, swelling of the curtain between the heart and lungs, and swelling of the liver Delhi, or pimples in the lungs, which causes cough. When a person is about to get a cough, then the mouth and larynx feel filled with peels like job peels, the throat starts like itching and while eating anything, there is a pain in the throat and it is written in the throat and mouth. Who gets eaten due to swollen due to being full of thorns, and other scholars are of the opinion that Itching starts in the stomach, it starts burning, food can stop the throat or the current money remains closed, the patient’s voice becomes heavy and full of food, the food starts coming out of the mouth like anorexia and fire, due to this it is different from cough. – Different scholars have different views like Wah Taj People Umbrella.

Diagnosis or Causes of Havah Taj Cough and Symptoms Rough Cold Sour Foods Eating Less Eating the same amount of food Habits too much sex Stools to stop urine Harder Harder He Causes Back Cough Symptoms Heart Tiles Ribs Back Chest and Headache The wrong air is entering the chest, keeping the mouth and throat dry, the patient has to stand up crying Is sleep makes more noise, sounds like dry when it gets stuck in the throat, dry cough comes, in which there is no work, you get out of a big problem and when you get out, the patient gets to rest and rest when The reason for knowing or diminishing is the penetration of the wrong air, the water cough is calm by eating smooth salty and hot substances. Note that the water cough is known as a dry cough. If the letter does not come at all, then the patient gets relief. Chest temporal ribs and headaches are more common, especially cook with a combination of herbs in cough. Drinking or licking ghee oil or gooseberries provides quick benefits, such as Pipliya di Ghritkumari dry cough and according to the opinion of the scholars of Greece, Vaidya says

According to the Greek Vedas, the dry cough has been described in many ways, if a hot or thin thing comes out of the throat and causes a burning sensation in the lungs, then dry cough starts coming in the night. Laughter becomes like a wound in the lungs when there is laughter due to heat or dryness on the lungs, even when there is no hunger, thirst and walking time or cough increases and eating liquid things or cough suppresses this patient. The taste becomes uncontrollable, the patient’s body becomes lean and the woman starts walking fast, then it becomes more coughing and heat reaches the heart, then tuberculosis or tuberculosis, which causes laughter, chest lesions of the lungs. The swelling of the jugular chest and lungs is caused by the swelling of the curtain between the heart and the lungs, the swelling of the liver butterfly and tantrums also becomes a dry cough, there are more pain and stretch in it. Cough, children and teenagers in the age group of 2 to 16 years of age, sometimes even older people or coughs arise late. And a little improvement comes from the mouth of the disease when it comes to calm, a lone voice comes out with laughter and the patient’s mouth opens sometimes it spreads like an epidemic due to fever or season change.

Next, we will describe many types of cough, but now we are describing fever or cold that will give special attention while staying at home or country, be it Vijay, city, village, everywhere, this herb is found in almost every quantity. Do not consider it useless, to keep your body healthy, children, old men, siblings, parents, friends, etc., make a visit to anyone. The food is eaten less, the stomach heat has come and gone, while doing medicine, you are not getting upset, in any situation, the doctor should keep taking it along with the treatment, according to the statement of scholars of the world whether my father agreed or not Sure it will never go in vain. The opinion of scholars is Ved, congratulate Ved, congratulate God, good luck, it will surely be good to take Harsingar or Queen of the Night leaf in it, Tulsi leaf round chilli, past you, mostly on the side of the garden road. Will be found or and the green of the harvest will be mixed with the power to grind the carcasses out of its juice and extract its juice from the hungry stomach Keep taking it in the afternoon in the evening, it will soak up the heat of the stomach from far away, you will start running it within a day or two, whether the medicine is allopathic homoeopathic or not, if you are benefiting more than that, then definitely follow it You could not get any more.

You have to drink herbs, you have to drink Harsingar, you have to drink throughout your life, stay healthy, be successful, maybe a fever will never come to you, even if you do, you will not be able to drink it. Do not feel hungry, which is a disease due to work, even if you have a cough, keep taking it in it, along with that you can also say Tulsi can be taken in the form of Kaka tea, Harsingar can also be taken as black tea. According to this, but the morning and afternoon in the morning, in the hour of crisis, there is a panacea, you cannot go anywhere near the doctor to the city from a remote countryside, but Harsingar will show you the treatment of the world sitting at home, not deemed useless, never going to waste. Will definitely keep taking it, even after taking chronic fever, it cannot stop with you, it will never stop.

Peel Hansi type of cough causes yellow torture or when yellow comes or back comes mixed when the eyes of the patient nails and the face turns yellow. Fever will appear, the patient main remains dry and he feels thirsty, he feels very hot, he feels a burning sensation in the throat and throat, all the while the continuous back of the cough appears like a shrivelled fainting father. And the blood is bubbling. Tiger Bhatt is of the opinion that the voice deteriorates; Brass laughs are known as heat cough. There are many symptoms of it. Chhaya, burning sensation in the throat, mild fever, mouth dryness, mouth taste, bitter thirst. According to the scholars of Ayurveda, when coughing up the heat when it is yellow, the back cough is due to many reasons. The cough which is caused due to the formation of a simple warm nature in the lungs, there is a lot of thirst in the chest. Increases in such cough.

According to the miraculous doctor, the cough that occurs due to a more warm nature in the lungs, the thirst is felt in the cough, there is a lot of heaviness in the chest, which is increased by the arrival of heat. And it is beneficial to write. Second, the cough that occurs due to the filling of the blood in the lungs, there is also rice and burning sensation. Subhash is very hot. And coughing loudly, pus also comes in this cough. It is beneficial to soothe the body heat and to soften the work etc. and soften the health, the woman moves quickly in the cough that occurs due to producing intermittent blood pimples. And urine comes out hot, there is benefit from cold and loss from heat, it is beneficial to give bile destroyer in it. Causes and symptoms of cough First heavy right now River and sweet matter Do not work hard sleeping in the day Symptoms Fire is not interested in food When the building or cold starts, they stand up and the taste of the mouth remains sweet. When the mouth is filled with it, when the white body becomes yellow and smooth with yellow wishbones in laughter, when the patient’s body remains heavy when the chest feels like a brother when laughing, only then will it come that the land team will be mouth-watering and falling But does not come out, there is a lot of pain in the heart, remember sleep, there is inertia in the body.

As we all know that we all want to make our life happy, we want our life to be in happiness, but along with the situation and environment, our environment has made us sometimes helpless We fall ill, we fall victim to cough and this is a disease that a lot of people suffer from, so today I am telling all of you about your first aid so that you can save yourself from your home. But you can also treat your cough in an Ayurveda way, this method will greatly benefit all of you and there is no harm to it. If you are looking for your home remedies to treat your cough then this article Is for. The specific cough is called when to cough or logic. The following is the identification of when the mouth is full or the throat is feeling full of headache, having a headache, having a frock in the throat or body. cough.

Laughing of lungs and chest causes laughter, such a cough occurs to the elderly and extremely nature, it brings out a lot of phlegm and it is sticking in the throat, there is a lot of coughing in the chest, this cough is very moving even after awakening in the lungs. Cough occurs due to cold in the winter; Thirst seems to be less, there is benefit from heat and loss from cold. Causes and symptoms of Chhatar cough; Working more hard, taking more burden than your strength; Walking, wrestling more powerful than you, for many reasons, when the chest hurts you in the lungs due to various reasons or shock, then they get injured when a person coughs and gets a call when the symptoms start to bleed. The mix comes from laughter, there is a pain in the throat, throat hurts, there is the pain like pricking needle in the chest, it seems as if someone is falling to the chest, the patient becomes restless due to chest pain, joint pain or in the joints. There is suffocation, ur bust decreases, cough goes on.

Breathing goes on, the voice worsens, the patient was crisp like a pigeon or takes out abusive pain in the ribs, there is insidiousness in the body, semen is strong, and the voice is destroyed, the blood is mixed and the urine comes back. Gets when blood works, blood mixed urine, ribs hurts, waist and back are gripped, then disease and help are considered to be a shallow seal and century cough symptoms are completely the same and in relation to the roof We have already described the back, according to Veda, Chhatar cough is more due to coughing, injury due to injury, reading of air, pushing of someone’s mouth or breaking and wounding in lungs, Jhansi is also another symptom. Slow slow time remains in the body. All the centres of tuberculosis or tea are revealed. The cheeks of the patient become red. Laughing purse or PP comes out sometimes at night or at other times when sweat comes from the body in the last decades. Reaches the end time of the patient, until today, the nails become cold like tuberculosis and the back of the feet swells. If such a patient cannot live more than 4 days, the causes and symptoms of Chhaya Jhansi cause wrong food, food against nature, excessive Gemini, stool, urine and contaminated air, stopping too much worrying about what causes a person to spoil the whole jat ragin. Jatra song. Due to many reasons, the jaundice of man is worsened due to the malfunction of Jat Ragin and the Vata Pitta Kapha gets contaminated and produces 680. When the Jat Naagin deteriorates due to odd food etc., now the juice is not able to be formed properly if it does not form, then it will remain Where will the metals get all the metals? It starts at 6:00, so Veer Ji 66 Cough is the symptom, the sun goes on in the body, you are irritated or the mouth is the mouth, the force is eroded, the weak patient explodes when the flesh that feels Then there is yellow blood in the Khakar, the patient is like a smelly state with a yellowish Ganj green and red Gupta. The ribs become corrupted, the heart falls like when we will faint, you feel like heat and cold very much.

Wish for heat and cold on its own, strength is not attained even after eating a lot, the patient’s mouth becomes smooth and happy, teeth and eyes become beautiful, in the end, p900 was etc. arise. According to the statement of allopathic 6 cough, today cough ICC film fair says: Working hard due to cold, cold and strong breath, sniffing symptoms First, there is dry cough without tides and cold laughter is constant. Keep warm, the throat becomes breathless, the patient’s voice gets torn or the ribs do not have pain or the pain is caused by a little bit. She gives

.What we are telling you about the herb is very beneficial, there is no harm to it.

You can also take any medicine in the form of tea, keep taking it in the morning and afternoon only you will benefit from it, otherwise the body becomes useless and by giving medicines, you enter the last stage, which is the herb which will also increase the body’s appetite. Will keep you healthy, the mind will also remain fickle, you will also feel heartless in doing some work that we are perfectly healthy.

The text of what is being told next is a lesson in headaches, the same is the lesson of headaches, there is no heart in any work. To be sweating in the upper half of the body, falling of hair, the next part of the fingers, becoming thick at dawn.

It is very rare to come in human form. Many scholars are of the opinion that sages and sages are of the opinion that after 8400000 johnny people enter the vagina, therefore it has been said that even the death of those who are born is certain. It is the law of the world that if we want to come, we have to go, but every person suffers from many kinds of diseases. 1 Animal bird moths are different types of animals that depend on nature and they are the only trees of nature. Whatever plants are there, they protect them all the time, in which human beings also get restless due to various types of diseases, they cannot think anything and turn their ovens into old age. Many scholars go through the world, according to many scholars, sages and sages, and the Vedas are also a distinction, according to which according to the research of many scholars, it has been told that which fruit is used for which flower, which tree is which leaf and which one? What is the fault of the root whose stories are a gift given to the sage sages whom we ourselves Any people of essence take it and the disease gets rid of it?

Further, the various forms of cough were described which is a part of the cough in the morning and at night, the cough increases due to hard work and after hard work, the breathing starts going very fast, sometimes fever comes. But in the evening, the time becomes more white, there is a white lip on the tongue, if there is an iron disease, then its menstrual period is closed or more, the treatment is relaxed and if the form is again, then the patient’s feet swell, such patients, die. According to the opinion of Allopathic, Chhaya Jhansi, their symptoms are lack of appetite, lack of digestive power, thirst, vomiting or desire of the mind, little coughing, chest pain, feeling weak in body, feeling warm, air only This disease came on the people between the age of 12 to 22 years, or it is a special recognition that the front parts of the nails are down, the patient should be fed with milk broth, butter eggs and bread, etc. The rath of confirmation should be fed. The room or house of the snake should be ventilated and the patient should wear warm clothes and take a quick bath when asked to bathe in pure water. Many scholars have also written the signs of papaya happiness, Vapi Taj Jhansi.

According to many scholars, there are many types of symptoms of cough, Vapi Taj cough, like a lot of rash in Hansi, itching, thirst, soot inside the stomach, sleepiness, dry cough, running, these are the symptoms. Eyes become very red and bleeding in phlegm, Tiru Dasharatha cough, itching, burning sensation in this cough, breathlessness, anorexia, pain in the head, swelling and sputum from the mouth are symptoms. Hangs from being or if you cough too much and hangs from being weak, this is called Kabba. It is very difficult for young children to hang out when talking. It seems that there is a sore throat or laughter in the throat all the time. As if someone is getting stuck in the neck when the patient does not get any relief at all, when such silence is not taken up, then when should it be picked up when coughing, this cough is caused by a cold or a cold, it is very difficult to get relief in this cough. If you get this cough in old age, then the patients whose metal is warm It is often found that they remain cold, cough due to no relief of cold until there will be no relief in metallic disease, cough will continue to occur, this cough is of many types.

This cough occurs in many types of diseases: In Pandu disease, in Raja Akshama, in the disease of speaking of Gulabya, due to injury in the snatch of metal, Babasir and cough in cold, mother’s mother start coughing small children from the stone 6 and Tridosha’s It is very beneficial to take root in cough, it is good to eat the truth of liquorice, it is good to eat cough cough Yamini raw way, cough causes pain of colic, joint pain, confusion, sore head pain and eye severity. Loss from coughing neglect means that a famous saying in the rural village is that the root of the battle is the root of the battle, and the root of the death is laughter.

Therefore, cough is a very bad disease, due to which many diseases are born, so it is wise to have proper medical arrangements as soon as a cough is present, ie, to cure cough 9, many diseases like swine, etc. are very soon, so it is very important to overcome cough. With the help of the group, people start coughing, if the metal is pure, then without any treatment, the cough gets relief, if the metal is contaminated, then the root of the cough takes hold and the rest without purifying the metal. If the cough does not happen due to many remedies, Veda must take care of the metal, how many times the body gets cough due to the effect of cold or heat, it does not get symptoms like Vapi etc. 200 which cough The symptoms of Vata pitta and phlegm are found due to taking kupath, such a cough makes it home for the patients and due to the difficulty that comes from cough or forgiveness, it also destroys the powerful body if the strong patient If Jata Ragi is strong, it happens with you, but it is very less, that is, it is the same roof today. It is also in relation to Jhansi, Chhaya Jhansi has symptoms of all the three doshas, ‚Äč‚Äčthat is why he calls him an evil doctor. When this cough is in the system, then he or she says, Wah Taj Pitta and Kapha cough are half easy. It gets to rest in itself without treatment or soon in the proper medical sense, this cough also becomes like a cough of tea.

The cough caused by old people is called a little wish, this cough is also accompanied by pain or incurable, the cough of cold goes due to the relief of a cold, if it is careless it becomes incurable so it causes a slight cold cough. Should not be neglected by understanding, Vapi Taj from two hundred and the fat of the stomach is coughing up the cost. The shadow of happiness and the coughing of the student is terrible.

How to have a field road and identify them: Reading on the lungs due to going in strong sunlight and burning the lungs rapidly before the pus cooks, the lungs get inflamed and they get injured in the swelling of the rib or Inflammation of the parents or chest or swelling of the Delhi that gets caught near the back and falls in it and when the cough comes out on the lungs, it burns and burns due to excessive coughing or injury etc. or By reading the gill or by pushing somewhere, the mouth of a patient is opened or any vein breaks and blood starts coming out from the throat and becomes a wound in the lungs. All the qualities of the cheek become red, the cheeks turn red, especially in the condition of fever, the pus comes out from laughing, sometimes at night or at other times, when the sweat of the body is reduced, the nail reaches the end like tuberculosis. When the end time of the patient comes, then the back of the feet swells, the pieces of lungs and the string or fibres of the veins come in the stomach, the defect that flows out It becomes very big and stops, it is very likely that from where the end of the lesions of the lungs is born, clean blood starts coming. If in this case the cough and blood are stopped by the medicine, then the blood stops in the lungs and kills the patient. And if this is not done, then the patient also dies due to excessive bleeding.

Important things should be kept in mind in the treatment of cough, first of all, it should be seen whether the age of the patient is strong or not. And should be given medicine after considering depression, head medicine should not be given in hot cough and cold cough when the pressed rope gets dry and settles on the chest, no medicine should be given; Hot medicine and hot paper in many clumsy or illiterate cough Due to which, the patient suffers great pain while coughing, when he does house-to-chest, when there is a lot of pain in the chest while releasing from the chest, measures should be taken in this condition so that the phlegm that is deposited on the chest comes out like the main or Buddha. In such a situation, when one or two towels of flaxseeds are mixed with a whole lot of sugar in a decoction, when you get rid of it every day, water or dry cough becomes chronic when it becomes very difficult, such a cough does not drink without oil. But if you drink oil, do not give the patient forgetting milk, Chaumasa or Tola Gold in an equal amount of mustard oil. Dry cough also brings relief in dry cough by mixing sugar candy in the decoction of linseed or mixing sugar candy in the work of all three, ie, dry cough goes on, that is, if you have a watery cough, then you should also use pan-yadi remedies first. Milk should be given and atomizer should be applied in the rectum, the oil is very smooth, the juice of 21 substances of the substance is curd, kanji, sour fruit, liquor, delicious sour.

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