How to take care of your health during the rainy season

After the end of summer, when the rain of rain falls on the sweltering earth, it refreshes the entire secretary but at the same time brings many diseases with everyone, everyone wishes to enjoy this pleasant season. But at the same time, people often fall ill early in this season, there is a possibility of many diseases during the rainy season, so we should avoid these diseases like Malaria Dengue Cold Cough Vomiting Typhoid So Good Disease Many such diseases bring rain with us, so we should stay away from the rain, just like you use umbrellas to avoid the rain, just like in the rainy season To avoid these diseases, we should take some measures so that we can avoid all these diseases, then let me tell you how to protect yourself during the rainy season.

Always eat fresh and clean vegetables / fruits :- 

Before eating food, wash your fruit thoroughly. If you are making vegetables, clean that vegetable with good clean water, especially green leafy vegetable, then clean it with even more water because now the vegetable is on you If we do not wash well then it does a lot of harm to our health and stale food, do not consume pre-chopped fruits and contaminated food at all during the rainy season, it also spoils the health always fresh fresh food. Eat so that your health will be fresh, vegetable fruits spoil quickly in this season, so we should use only fresh fruits or vegetables, these days our digestive power is the lowest, so it is important not to eat more fried roast but Eat food that is easily digested and eat only as much as hungry. In this season eat more cold things with more salt things like chips, crunchy chutney, eat all these things less because there is a lot of possibility of water reaction in the body in this season. So, keep in mind all these things in this season

Do not eat outside food :- 

Eating outside food can make you sick, vomiting can be typhoid, there can be many such serious illnesses, so keep in mind that do not eat outside food, you should not be completely out of roadside or hotel food. Avoid fruits that sell on the roadside. Avoid all these things, because the Chinese food water that is sold on the side of the road, the whole Golgappa burger kulcha is many things that are very harmful, so we need to eat outside. Do not eat and avoid it.

Drink plenty of clean water :- 

In the rainy season, we always want to boil what happened to the cold or consume filtered clean water, boil the water for at least 24 minutes, only then cool the water and drink cold water instead of basil cardamom tea. Drinking a little hot is more beneficial because the body heat does not come out due to excessive air in the rainy season and comes with more or more sweat, so it is important to keep evidence of sufficient water in the body Drink plenty of water so that we are always healthy

Avoid getting wet in the rain :-

Everyone likes to get wet in the rain, but getting wet for too long in the rain can also cause cold cough and fever, so we should not give too long in the rain and do not keep the hair wet for too long in the rain It is very likely to cause a cold cough, if you have asthma or if you get a cold cold cough soon, you will not give it at all in the rain. Use an umbrella raincoat to avoid the rain. Clothes shoes change immediately when the sandal becomes wet. Wearing wet clothes for a long time can also cause skin diseases like bungles, so do not get soaked for a long time. Diabetic patients especially should take more care of their feet, they should be cleaned immediately when the feet are wet, the elderly are more likely to get sick in the changing season, so it is very important that their health is taken care of Do not go out too much in the elderly rain Use hot tea, coffee or pleasure. In the rainy season, we should not eat too much raw fruit or salad. There is also a lot of possibility of fever, so we should not eat raw fruit, lettuce and soak in rain drops. try

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