Best Eye Exercise and Diet tips to keep Eye Healthy and strength Eye Sight

The eyes are one of the five senses of our body that work to balance our body. We see the world with the help of the eye and experience it and we are able to distinguish good and bad that is why any It is very important for a person to have eye health in his body, if a person can see the right way, then he is able to enjoy the world properly, a person who cannot see the world or their eyes cannot work properly. We did not get the right enjoyment of our life, that is why we are going to bring some physical exercise and yoga to all of you people through this article to keep the eye healthy so that you can keep yourself healthy. You should remember that the eye To keep healthy, along with physical exercise, it is very important to take balance diet and nutritious food so that your eye can fulfill whatever vitamin minerals it needs, our eye will be healthy when we are concerned about the eye They need vitamins, they will use food in their body like keeping the eye healthy Vitamin A is needed for this, that is why we should also use those foods which contain Vitamin A.

A lot of people believe that exercise makes our body parts work in the same way, in the same way, exercise of the eye also helps in improving the eye and also helps in correcting diseases of the eye by strengthening the masses. It is known to us that we must do eye exercises daily so that our eye can also be strengthened. By doing eye exercises, we will correct our eye strain condition and with this our small fat weaknesses. Exercise is particularly helpful for those people who do digital work because using digital causes eye strain, you should exercise the eye properly so that your eye can last longer, then let’s see In which places does our eye exercise help us.


Eye exercises can be helpful for the following conditions:

Nystagmus, which is an eye movement condition
Strabismus, which is also an eye movement condition
Visual field defects
Vergence problems
Ocular motility conditions
Accommodative dysfunction
Convergence insufficiency
Visual field deficits following brain injury
Motion sickness
learning difficulties


Those who want to use their eye for a long time should take care of these 7 things very well so that their eye can remain in the right condition and be healthy for a long time.

1.The 20-20-20 rule:

In today’s digital world it is very common to have eye strain. When we use digital for a long time, we work on the computer for a long time, it causes eye irritation and becomes a problem. So that our focus is to increase the tax of the eye, working all day on the computer screen is very dangerous for the eye, that’s why it helps us all to strengthen the eye and reduce this train of the eye. It is necessary for a 20 roll person to work at a distance of 20 feet. Avery 20 minutes working computer in 20 seconds. This means that if a person works, 20 seconds should be done from the computer. Play and maintain a distance of 20 feet from the computer. It is very important to have a distance of at least 20 feet from the screen. Whenever you use the computer, keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds so that the eye can feel comfortable. Let me repeat that you will maintain a distance of 20 feet from the computer. You will stabilize your eye for 20 seconds in 20 minutes so that the eye can close and feel relaxed.

2.Focus change:

Exercise of focus change and focus change is very important for the eyes. It helps in reducing the digital eye strain. People must do pain change exercises to increase their eye performance, it will make the eyes stronger. So let’s see how to do it, first of all, we have to hold a finger a few inches away from your eyes, then now light is to call and rotate your fingers through your eyes and focus around the slowly press. The object is far and far back to the finger, bringing your fingers closer, then moving your fingers away, moving your fingers around the side, moving your people back, moving the side of the eye and moving it, repeat it three times and exercise the eyes Is very useful.

3.Eye movements: 

Moving the eyes and moving the eyes all the way around you is a better and better exercise for you to exercise your eyes so that your digital eye strain can be reduced to help you have to close your eyes and close your eyes. You have to repeat it from top to bottom in the same way, then you have to repeat your eyes slowly, then left then right.

4.Figure 8:

You have to rotate your eyes like 8 digits. You have to pay attention here that in order to protect your eyes from the digital eye stand, you have to rotate your eyes first by left center right and then right and left so that your The eye can rotate correctly and you have to rotate your focus area around the floor, your eyes have to face and you have to rotate the image near the 8th second witch direction, then you have to rotate the directions first. Then you rotate in the direction of right center left.

5.Pencil pushups:

Pencil helps dress people in case of convergence in infancy. When you go to the doctor, the doctor advises you when you do this exercise. This is a kind of vision therapy. You have to hold the pencil with your hands and the situation You have to look between the eyes, the pencil and usually you have to kiss. Single image of Eat white selling moving at what age. You have to bring your eyes closer to the center. Tips is not going to bring you slowly anymore. The thing to do is to pay attention to the end of the nose and towards the single image, which is the position of the pencil should be closed and there should be a single image, you repeat about 20 times.

6.Brock string:

String Eye Exercise of the Block Helps Greatly in Coordination of Eyes. This is Exercise Complete Exercise which is very helpful in coordinating the eyes. If you want to complete this exercise then the person needs to take a long string and do something colorful. Taking bits and then you have to complete this exercise. You can do it in any way, standing or sitting. You have to secure your end and then you have to grab the subject by another person to weather you object. You have to hold it on the other indie and then hold it under the nose. You have to catch a crowd and then see if the person who will correct your eye work from will be able to see the bits that the Sikar will be able to see in and if one If I close the daughter, I will fall in love with a daughter, which means that everything that will come will be in the case of 220 by looking at two bits.

7.Barrel cards: 

Exercising the eyes with the help of barrel cards is a good exercise helps a lot if you want to exercise the eyes with the help of a barrel card, then you have to make barrels in the size of one card. You have to repeat with green and then any different color, then you have to hold the card again, near the nose, the red barrel should be away from your eyes, you have to share the barrels with the image again in all different colors. Have to repeat this exercise in the middle, then in the far distance.

Best Diet and Nutrition for healthy Eye

To make our eye healthy it is suggested that antioxidants and other important nutrition reduced our ideas so we have to specific of about antioxidants that have additional benefits as well as for example vitamin A product against blindness and Vitamin she may play a role in preventing or alleviating glaucoma so so we have to be e molar specific for eye benefits of vitamins and minerals some of the advertisements like vitamin A Vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E is important for eye health in the same way some of micronutrients like beta carotene bioflavonoid diet lutein Omega 3 fatty acid Selenium zinc it is also helps to improve our eye health and make our eye healthy.

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