Jagadish Chandra Bose – Biography, Facts and Pictures

Jagdish Chandra Bose

Born- November 30, 1858

Died- 23 November 1937

Special point: Sir J.C. Basu has first shown that trees and plants are sensitive. Wireless telegraph was also invented by Bose, the inventor of instruments such as Koehrer and Crescograph, which Marconi went on to patent.

Jagdish Chandra Basu was born in Maimansingh (now Bangladesh) in Bengal in Paratantra India. Education took place in Kolkata and London. After graduating from Cambridge, he became a physics professor at the Presidency College in Kolkata. Basu had a tendency towards flora from the beginning. They considered him to be not a root, but a conscious creature. He said that plants are sensitive to external factors and react to them.

To record their sensitivity, they created a device called the Crescograph, which demonstrated the subtle movements of trees by increasing ten thousand times. His belief was that the pleasant trees could be identified by withering. He wrote in detail about his experiments and findings in both his books ‘Response in the Living and Non-Living’ (1902) and ‘The Nervous Mechanism of Plants’ (1926). Since, then, it was necessary for foreigners, especially the British, to state their discoveries and get their recognition, so Basu had to go to Vilayat again and again. But even on the kindly insistence of Sir Oliver Laz and Lord Calvin, Basu did not settle in London and kept on coming. On May 10, 1901, in a packed hall with scientists at the Royal Society, London, he dipped the roots of a plant in a bottle-filled bromide, and related the plant to his invented device that moved the plant from the light points on the screen. Used to demonstrate. If the plant was normal, the light points from the pulse were moving on the screen like a pendulum, but with the effect of bromide toxin, the speed suddenly accelerated and then stopped, as if a rat had been poisoned and had died once in a while. The plant was literally dead. The hall echoed with applause. Sir Basu valued radio waves. To detect radio waves, he created a device called Koehrer. With the accumulated capital, he established the Bose Institute in Kolkata. After his death at the age of 79 in Giridih, Einstein said that Bose’s statue should be installed in the UNO premises.

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