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Michael Faraday

Born-22 September 1791

Died-25 August 1867

Special point: Michael Faraday is credited with the invention of the generator needed to produce electricity. He was the originator of electro-magnetic induction-electro-magnetic induction and formulated the laws of electrical decomposition.

Michael Faraday was born in Newington, a town in London. Father was a poor blacksmith, so it was not possible for Michael to go to regular school. At the age of 13, the order of going to school was completely broken and he had to work from house to house distributing newspapers. Encyclopपीdia Britannica and Jane Marcet’s ‘Dialogues about Chemistry’, respectively, sparked such a keen interest in electricity and chemistry that Faraday continued to research these faculties throughout his life. In 1812, after listening to Sir Humphrey Davy’s seminar lecture, Faraday sent an application for a job at the Royal Institute, along with a bundle of his research and Dewey’s speech notes. He got a job as a lab assistant. In October 1813, Faraday set out on a two-and-a-half-year tour of Europe with Sir Davy and Lady Davy. After returning to the Royal Institute, he expended himself fully in his master’s field of chemistry, electrochemicals and metallurgy. He conducted several experiments one after the other in electrical analysis. By then, the magnetic field was created due to the flow of electric current. Faraday considered the opposite possibility of why electricity should not be produced by magnetic fields. He succeeded in generating electricity by inserting the magnet into the coil of the wire and in 1831 he made what was the first dynamo, the name of which rang all over Europe. Powerhouses and transformers operate on the principle of Faraday. The term electrochemicals refers to electrode, cathode, anode, electrolyte, ion and Faraday.

Electromagnetic induction

Faraday has been obsessed over the years that electricity has to be generated from magnets. Finally he proved that if a magnet is inserted through a coil of wire, an electric current is generated.

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