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Galileo Galilei

Birth-1564 AD

Died –1642 AD

Special point: Galileo very boldly placed the Sun at the center of the system of the universe and laid the foundation of subsequent science by showing the planets revolving around the Sun.

The great scientist, astronomer and mathematician Galileo was born in Italy the same year that the great litterateur, Shakespeare, was born in England. Galileo sitar and playable. Was a master at making toys and household appliances. He joined Pata University for his father’s wish to become a doctor. At the age of 20, he dice. In the church, I saw Kandeel swinging right-left and matching his pulse with Tik-Tik-Tik, to ensure that Kandil’s right and left oscillators were equal. He introduced the theory of oscillation and also the notion that oscillators can be used to measure the pulse of patients. He dropped two different weight balls from the ‘Leaning Tower’.

Their falling together meant the false rule of Aristotle. He rolled the ball into the beam and found that it takes twice as long to cover the quadruple distance. In this sequence, he also identified the inertia of objects, which was later refined and Newton introduced the first law of motion. He also stated the tactical rule that the speed of the cannonball is parabolic. In Pedua, he made telescopes to look at the constellations and found that the Milky Way is a clump of millions of stars, stars are the clusters of volcanoes and the Earth throws back sunlight. People did not agree to believe that the Earth is not the center of the universe, so Galileo vowed to reject his own theory in court.

 ‘Dialogue on two new sciences’

This book, published in 1636, four years after ‘A Dialogue on the System of the World’, describes in essence the complete discovery of Galileo in motion, motion and gravitation. It was because of these works that the great Galileo became copious.

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