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Isaac Newton

Born25 December 1642

Died-20 March 1727

Special point: Newton, the world’s greatest scientist, proposed the theory of gravity, discovered the three laws of motion, analyzed the motion of waves, invented calculus and did many maths, lighting. Made valuable discoveries.

Newton, the father of physics, was born in the village of Woolsthorp in Lincoln Shire, England, the year Galileo died. There was little hope of the little one born on Christmas day. Mother was a widow. When he remarried, the two-year-old Isaac was sent to his grandmother, where he continued to study day and night. Sometimes the mill would make models of kabha clocks, imitate pictures and collect fruits and flowers. He came to his mother when he was 14, because he was widowed again. When the teenage boy did not feel like farming, he was eventually admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge University at the age of 18. In 1865, he received his B.A. Got a note of Isaac Barrow, a mathematics teacher, recognized his talent, encouraged and made him his successor – a mathematics professor at Cambridge. Falling from the apple in the garden, he proposed the principle of gravity that the earth pulls all the objects towards its center. He also explained the universal law of gravity that all the bodies of the universe are hanging in space due to mutual attraction. He said that every object draws another object with the force of attraction, which is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Newton laid the foundation of calculus in mathematics. He introduced the three laws of motion – no immovable or moving object will remain the same until it changes, the speed of any object can be reduced or decreased by the use of power and the equal and opposite reaction of every physical action it occurs. Newton first discovered through prism that white color is actually made up of seven colors. His theory of light is published in ‘optical’ and all other ‘principia’. Sir Newton was elected to the Parliament in 1689 as University Representative. In the last years he was doing important work on celestial bodies. This great talent, dedicated to science for a lifetime, passed away at the age of 85.

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