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Birth –287 BC

Died -212 BC

    The special thing was Archimedes veteran. In intelligence, he was no less than an army. He made invaluable and far-reaching contributions to mathematics and science and paved the way for future discoveries.

Archimedes was born in Syracuse Island, Sicily in 287 BC. Father Phaedias was a noted Greek astronomer. Archimedes found early education at the famous mathematics school in Alexandria.
Archimedes was lost in mathematics, philosophy and science. He was a victim of rage many times to find out the amount of gold in the crown of King Heera II. When the water finally spilled from jumping into the pool in the public bath, the principle of Specific Gravity flashed in their mind and they ran barefoot on the streets shouting Eureka… Eureka (Paa… Paaa). This same principle of Archimedes became the basis for building even step by step ships and cans. Archimedes invented the water lifting device Archimedes screw. He learned the mathematical rules behind the lever by testing and thinking. He was well aware that more weight can be carried by applying less force from the lever. The closest value of the pie was estimated by Archimedes between 3.1408 to 3.1429. Every student of Calculus is familiar with Archimedes Spiral. Call it time-wise or ironically, he used the Lever Principle to create the tactical weapon Catapultz, which led to Greece’s victory in the Syracuse War in 215 BC. When Roman General Marsilus captured Syracuse, Archimedes was killed by the guilt of a Roman soldier despite clear instructions. The Romans honored his funeral Of.

Relative density theory __

If an object is completely or incompletely immersed in the fluid, the reduction in its weight is equal to the weight of the fluid removed by the object.

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