Charles Darwin – Biography, Theory, Book & Quotes

Charles Darwin

Born –12 February 1809

Died –19 April 1882

Special point : Darwin first introduced the principle of gradual development of man. According to Darwinism, organisms originate from a single-cell simple creature. Organisms have to struggle for survival and Swayamvara nature chooses the best.

Charles Darwin was born in England to a distinguished family in Shrewsberry. Father Erasmus and father Robert were accomplished physicians. With a father of three hundred pounds, Charles, the child, went to see the patients and based on his reported symptoms, the father would write prescriptions. After an unsuccessful study of the doctorate in Edinburgh, the family sent him to Cambridge for the purpose of making him a respected evangelist, but Charles spent more time there searching for bedbugs and insects instead of teaching. John Halen Slough, a familiar botanical teacher in Cambridge, wrote a letter to Captain FitzRoy of the ship HMS Beagle. After a long time Charles was allowed to travel the world on ‘Beagle’. Charles studied fiercely in this five-year voyage. He collected the remains of many extinct creatures and living organisms. On the Galápagos Islands he studied corals-corals-turtles, ignas. Darwin also studied fossils and reptiles in this archipelago, about 500 miles west of South America. Beagle’s journey played an important and valuable role in his theory of evolution. Upon returning from the trip, Darwin stayed in England and scripted the experiences. In 1839, he married a wealthy woman named Emma Wedgwood. After publishing a joint research paper with the naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace in 1858, Darwin’s book ‘The. Origin of Species by Natural Selection ‘(1859) What appeared to be Darwin’s name. The pioneers and conservatives objected to the monkey being described as the ancestor of humans, but Darwin kept on increasing his beliefs from book to book. Darwin was buried near Weston in Westminster Abbey. Darwinism is a revolutionary idea because it contradicted the traditional theory of the different origins of different organisms and said that all animals evolved from the simplest amoeba.

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