Guglielmo Marconi – Biography, Facts, Works & Pictures

Guglielmo Marconi

Born – 25 April 1874

Died – 20 July 1937

Special thing : Nobel Prize winning Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi invented wireless wires and radio. This heralded a new revolutionary era in the movement and transmission of messages.

Guglimo Marconi was born in Bolona, ​​Italy. Marconi was interested in science and was lost in his room in a variety of experiments. The father used to pass this exasperating, but the mother took care of the son. Marconi was twenty years old when he came to know about the radio waves discovered by Hinrich Hertz. The idea developed in his mind that these waves can be used in the transmission of messages. Simply, they started research and experiments in this direction. One cold night of December, 1894, Marcona Manora woke Marconi to sleep and took him upstairs to his laboratory. He put sleepy mother near the bell placed between the instruments Or else go to the second corner and press the button of Morse Key, the amazing bell kept 30 seconds away and the bell rang. The mother could not understand what the son had done that made her sleep worse, but she could not hide her son’s immense happiness. Now excited Marconi repeated this experiment with the help of a younger brother across his garden. He then placed the transmitter on one side of the hill and the receiver on the other side. The message was late that the younger brother left the receiver and climbed the mountains and started dancing. After preparing the complete instrument, he now went to England on a Marconi ship and in 1896-97 made several successful wireless wire demonstrations. In 1897, he managed to send messages up to 12 miles. In 1898, Queen Victoria was on an island stay, the Crown Prince fell ill on a ship near the sea. Marconi connected the two sites to the device. In 1899, Marconi performed two more miracles. Through the English Channel, a radio message was sent up to 31 miles of carriage and radio equipment was placed on two American ships that could reach the boat racing newspapers. In 1901, he was successful in communicating messages across the Atlantic Sea. Due to Marconi, the radio broadcasting service was duly started in England from 14 February 1922. He died in Rome at the age of 63.

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