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Albert Einstein

Born –14 March 1879

Died-18 April 1955

    Special point: Nobel Prize winner Einstein made an indelible impression by presenting many valuable theories including the theory of relativity. The brainchild of this greatest scientist, the pioneer of nuclear energy research, was kept in Priston America for future generations.

Albert Einstein was born into a Jewish family in Ulm, Germany. The engineer uncle developed an interest in mathematics and at the age of five the father’s magnetic compass and at the age of 12 Euclid’s introduction to geometry changed Albert’s world. After being in Milano for some time in Italy, he was able to enroll in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Skull for the second year after his first failure in Zurich.

1905 Obtained PhD from University of Yerich and published five articles in international research journal on his research from physics. He gained worldwide fame, making it possible for the Atom bomb to be built after another 40 years. His first paper was on the photoelectric effect and then on the second Brownian motion. In the third paper, he presented the theory of relativity. In the fourth paper he presented the revolutionary idea of ​​the equivalence of mass and energy, then in the last the photon theory of transmission of light. His observations were that the speed of light is invariant, physical quantities such as mass, distance and time vary, and matter can be converted into energy and energy into matter. He said that a small amount of energy will cause the immersion of infinite energy, which can be used in creation or destruction. According to the formula, the mass of matter from its mass to the speed of light (1,86,000 miles per second) will receive energy equal to the math fruit. That is, the energy of combustion of 70 million tons of dynamite from 1 ton of material. He moved to America after Hitler took over Germany in 1933. In 1939 he wrote a letter to US President Roosevelt, which opened the way for the construction of the American atomic bomb, but he was filled with remorse from the Hiroshima-Nagasaki accident. He turned down Israel’s offer to become president. In 1950, his Uniform Field Theory was published, in which he put gravity and electro-magnetic discoveries into formulas. At the age of 76, he became absorbed in sleeplessness.

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