Alexander Graham Bell – Biography, Facts and Work

Alexander Graham Bell

Born 3 March 1847

Died-2 August 1922

The special thing Bell has the credit of being the father of the telephone. This invention led to an unprecedented revolution in the world of communication and by the time the telephone became a routine among people all over the world.

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland to Edinburgh. They were raised in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It was in Boston that he opened a school for the deaf. During the leisure moments, he was busy making instruments that could help the deaf children to hear. At the same time, he also engaged in the work of improvement in the telegraph. As a result of this mix-up, he succeeded in inventing a device like telephone. Once he went to the wireless wire machine factory, he met electric engineer Thomas Watson. Soon both began to grind. Bell instruments maps and Watson models. On June 2, 1875, Bell was conducting telegraphy experiments with Watson. To the tune of sending many messages by wire, he thought why not send a voice message. The telegraph receiver had Bell in one room and Watson in another room. After the usual message Watson made a sound with a finger, she reached Bell. Pleadingly, Bell ran to Watson’s room and screamed that I heard the sound of your finger. After this they did some more experiments and managed to create a device that could hear two people sitting at a distance. His first words on this device were – Watson! Watson, come here. I need you.’ In 1876, he obtained a patent for making telephones and the following year laid the foundation of the Bell Telephone Company. He performed his instrument in many countries and won accolades. In 1915, when the opportunity for the inauguration of the 3400-mile long coastline came, the telephone’s parent Graham Bell was naturally called from New York. At his request Watson sat at the other end and after years Bell again said, “Watson, come here, I need you.” When he died at the age of 75, the telephone remained closed for a minute as a tribute to all of America.

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