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Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Born-October 21, 1833

Died-10 December 1896

Special point: Nobel not only invented an explosive called dynamite, but he wrote a new tradition by writing a will to award annually to a person who made significant and outstanding contributions in five faculties with a sum of $ 9 million.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Alfred was only nine years old when the family moved to Russia. He was interested in chemistry since childhood. After leaving Russia in 1850, he studied chemistry for a year in Paris and then the United States. Four years of higher studies in the US. From there they went again to Petersburg, but in 1859, after the father’s factory went bankrupt, the father and son returned to Sweden. There Nobel started experiments on explosives and set up a workshop near Hollenberg. Nobel’s spirits were high but Darbhagya was following him. They manufactured explosives called nitro glycerin. One day there was such an explosion that the workshop was blown out. Five people, including Nobel’s younger brother, died in the accident. The government of Sweden called Nobel mad and did not give permission to open the workshop again. The Nobel factory in Germany was also destroyed by the explosion. France-Belgium banned nitroglycerin due to multiple explosions. In 1896, he left behind a sum of 9 million dollars and bequeathed that every year from his interest in physics, chemistry, literature, medicine

And the award for significant contribution to peace (later also economics).


In 1866, Nobel, a packaged nitroglycerin in soil called Keiselguhar, found that explosives do not explode due to soil and can be protected. The name of this safe explosive is dynamite

Kept. In 1887, he discovered the nidhum powder ballisterite of nitroglycerin. -… The whole world took it up. Nobel has a hundred on his explosives. Received more patents.

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