All the country's government will have to come together to make the world's Economy. Today there is a lot of variation in the economy of the whole world. The biggest reason for this is that many countries are not able to progress forward, they have a lack of technology. Man power is lacking and there is a lack of resources, but the same country which has gone ahead have all these things available to them today, but for the glow of the world economy, The government will have to come together and it will be interesting to see here also that how the government is ahead how and how it helps the government, which has resource resources and lack of area.

To make the world's Economy, we have to understand how any world can be expanded when economy fluctuates, its impact falls on the whole world, but if the economy moves forward then the entire world will also move forward. How are the fluctuations in the stock market? Let's say the news of a country which is spoiled is there for some reason the government slips So we see that there is a stir in the stock market across the country. The biggest reason for this is that today's economy has been dependent on one another. Today people do not want to take much risk. All these things are important but these things should be understood but Even then, we should pay attention to keeping the world economy in mind, we will carry the whole world together and today we are compacting with each other while fertilizer Should we have to continue the process, how long will we continue to perpetuate, but now it needs to be eliminated. United Nations is doing a lot of work on this thing today but still we need to change our thinking now. Holding the dimension and catching us in it, it is our goodness and the good of the whole country, if we go ahead then we can not be able to grow as much in the coming time. As he was to the group so that will have to change your thinking will bring change in their country to increase the economy of the country and the human will to the more educated.

The prime minister is the leader of the political party of the country and the leader of the majority party of the MP. It is the people of the public who are the people of the people who hold the post of the Chairman in the Council of Ministers, they consider their highest authority in the decision making policy of the Council of Ministers. Goes to the Council of Ministers and has the right to get information in respect of all departments. These are appointed by the Prime Minister of the President, such as the President of  Ambassador Public Service Commission and the appointment of all the people, in consultation with the President and the Prime Minister, the authority of the Prime Minister is increased even during the crisis because the president of the President Prime Minister's age should be at least 25 years, Prime Minister may be a member of either the Prime Minister should be a member of the because, if some member of also becomes the Prime Minister due to some circumstances, then the constitution Can not be considered against.

To make the world's Economy, it means that the whole world economy is rounded by the goal of the Cheated Nation, set it today so that any country could know how far it could have been able to know.Today, when Economics appears in the trillions.


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