If you want something important to globalize the whole world, then today mobile of mobile technology has united the whole world. Today the person feels very easy to meet each other, even if the person sitting in America is in Russia Whether sitting in Brazil or sitting in India or sitting in Canada or sitting in Africa, all these things have been posible today. With the help of technology, today you see people on Facebook, you can read their comments, you can see their comments, read their posts, and not only do you get access to the entire world's website. You can take advantage of technology and knowledge. In all these things, we pay attention to this thing that we have increased our thinking, the result of our thinking is that today we At first level we see in earlier times that we read in history that the person did not know that there is any other country like our country, and there is no continent like our continent but when the first time people like us There is more and the person's living on it will be different but this is not the way for us today. Today we can read books of any language sitting at home. All these things Has become affordable and needs a lot of advances but still we know how to make this mobile better and we can contribute to it. You can make your own contribution by creating your own software. Create a platform to take advantage of more and more income and your service, and this will be a great way to take your company forward, day by day, new techno Oji is coming is the result of old technology is changing attitudes being.

Samsung is number one company in Top Ten Mobile Company Samsung company started in 1938, Samsung company was founded by South Korea The Samsung company was started by only 40 people. More than 375000 cremation work in the Samsung company Samsung company today is very good because all the Samsung company's applications work very well The Samsung company's growth began 995 And Samsung was built not only in electronic roti but also in the world's tallest building.

Apple Comes Second on Samsung After Apple's company debuted on April 1, 1976, Apple founder founder Steve Jobs is one of the first people of a moment to have a picture of Newton and Apple Company employs more than 83000 employees Apple All the smartphones that Apple's iOS operating system

Oppo World Third Number Mobile Phone comes in the Oppo company The beginning of 2000 was in one OPPO company is a company that will be very popular in a very short time. Oppo company works on the smartphone Android operating system Oppo smartphone is known as its camera because the opera smartphone cameras work very well.

Vivo Vivo Comes to World No. 5 of the World The Vivo company started in 2009, Vivo is very good to talk about what blocking smart phones in a very short time, all smartphones work on the Android operating system.

Nokia comes to the number of company Nokia company launch  started in 1865 It is believed that the Nokia company was the first company in the world of mobile. Bertha Today Samsung and Apple's arrival in the city has reduced Nokia's train.

The beginning of 2000 was in one

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