Startup opportunity in making roof floor agricultural land

We have heard a lot of opportunity in this startup idea that people are hiring rooms, but you will hear very little that someone has hired their roofers. To say that is to rent your sixth floor This is a new and amazing idea that you can start. You can hire all the pucca houses that have very high ceilings and you can hire their roof and you will take sweet from their side and their roof is arable You will build the land and then you will talk about growing some things there. Now you should pay attention that whatever roof is there, the roof should be bigger then it is more good but at the same time you should also pay attention to the roof if the roof is also small. If there is a means to climb the roof, then only you will be able to make it an arable land, because there will be a need of sweets there, you will have to put sweet on your side only then you can have something there or else you will start to grow things You can keep your staff here, you will have to keep your tractor, your sweet things and you can start it Te Hai is a start that you can start in the city, you can start in Metropolitan City or you can start on the roof of those who have made it but keep it empty. Things are not growing, all of us should understand that where the sun’s rays reach, there will be agriculture and it is possible that no matter what the land is there, there will be plants if the sun’s rays reach there. If you reach the roof, you will definitely give it, but you have to pay attention that how many layers of sweet you have to put on the roof are going to grow, it will depend on the things that you guys are going to come. What things are going to be eaten have come and you can be done and can be made more and more and this is also what you do and see.

How to Start Roof Floor Agriculture Business?

Initial Requirement

Whenever you want to start a business by cultivating barley farming on the roof, then first of all you should prepare your agreement so that you will get the roof owner to sign you which will be needed for example. Talked to them to make the roof arable land and then you get them signed, that is, we will put a meeting on their roof, our stop will come and do farming and then you also signed an agreement with them that we will take over it but if Suppose that the owner of the farm told you in the beginning that yes you can make the dead roof arable land and you planted all your energies and sweetened it there. Whatever things your employee had to sow there and then if Please make the owner of the house that you do not take your meeting, you remove the sweet from our terrace, you will not let you do farming, then you can take hours here and your business can be done, therefore you need before starting this business Prepare an agreement letter which will be an agreement like 3 years 5 years or 6 years or 10 years if he owns the house If you sign, then you make their roof arable land and then you start this business, so consider it as a minimum requirement that you have to pick up and the owner of the woman who wants to make the roof of the house arable land. We have to sign on that yes, you are giving that ceiling for 3 years or for 5 years or 6 years for 10 years for more years than that, then only you will make him an elf and you will come Can earn profit.

Steps to Start

Startups should first consider this model well, and then according to their requirements, they hire some employees so that they can manage these tasks properly, as well as some things to the startup. For example, they will need a tractor to find the sweet. Remember to pour them water, you can take it from the owner of the house or you should have your own water tanker if there is no water facility or the owner of the house. If there is no water, then in that case, they will have water on the roof from their water tanker. They should have the facility of motor so that water can be transported to the roof, they also have a good understanding of agriculture, so they need someone To explain and the agricultural land that you are going to prepare on the roof is fertile, for this, you should also have a qualified expert to do the right way of sweetening. I will help the grains to go there, thus you have to prepare a whole team which is your This will help in unifying this business, only then you will be able to start it as a business model on behalf of the company and you will be able to earn maximum profit in it but you need to pay one more thing that in this business model you Pay attention that it should be properly united because suppose that if you have made arable land on the roof of a landlord, then you may be harming someone or for some reason the young children of their house If you make a loss, then all these things should be done to you and before making you worthy of keeping all things in mind, before you make them, you should have an agreement with their owner in the right way, you should not have any problem in this, you will help and How much money you will give them, whatever business model you have, you should prepare it properly first through a copy pen and then you try to give it a business model.


As we all know that the number of houses is increasing day by day and the number of arable land is decreasing and the population is also increasing and at this place we should need some new startups. We need these things We should think how we will solve the problem that the population is increasing from one side to the number of agricultural land is decreasing from the other side, then we need that why we are cultivating arable land on every house which is being built Do not go on making and for this a right and concrete startup idea is needed and a right startup is needed. It will take you hard work in the beginning but you will slowly float more and more by talking to their house owner and you will get their land When you start making, then the people will start making floor roof in such a way that it can be made arable land and either they will start farming on their own or they will talk to you to make you arable land, then there is a very good opportunity in this You can start it, you can start it at the small level and the big level in any way.

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