DOUBLE PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEAS: Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Simultaneously in two piece of Land

The Double Profitable Business Idea is based on the premise that if animal husbandry and agriculture are started together and that land is interchanged, then the land that becomes fertile will become very good once the land becomes fertile and agriculture will look very good on that land. Then where the animal husbandry is done there should be soil. No plaster or any brick or concrete is to be put down so that the faces of the animal husbandry can mix with the urine soil and it will slowly make the soil fertile and then when 1 year For these processes have to be done and it has to be interchanged land and the animal husbandry land has to be made arable land next time and so that the land which has become fertile due to animal husbandry, the maximum agricultural produce at less expense Can come and then next year, have to make animal husbandry on the land of agriculture on which agriculture was first grown and both of these work have to be done after each other.

Steps to Start Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Business Simultaneously

The idea that we have told you can bring great benefits to all of you, this idea is on the basis that we start doing animal husbandry and agriculture together and the animal husbandry and agriculture which is made of both should be different first. Are in our homes in our society, but if we start this thing with a business model, then maybe it will be a new thing, how can we start this thing, we have to change our thinking and thinking in some new directions in this business model If you want to change, first of all, or you have to pay attention that in this model you have to take two farms, that is to say that you should have two lands, on one land you will do animal husbandry at once and on another land you will do agriculture at once. You will understand that this work is done, you will understand that for 1 year, you will do agriculture in one part of two parts of land and livestock in one part. This is the first step of this business model that you do not need to understand the second largest The thing is that anyone who wants to build a house for animal husbandry should be in such a way that you can at any time on the other side of the land If you can do it in a short time and in less effort, you should do one here and do not understand that the animal husbandry which is to be built is to be tempered in such a way that you can save it on another land, so you should Build houses like this so that you can change easily. Now all of us have understood what we have to do. Now we see further that the land on which we have done agriculture work has done agriculture. But it has been 1 year and the land on which we have worked on animal husbandry has also been 1 year, when we have to start next year or when the next year starts, then where you and the land on which you are farming We have to build a house for animal husbandry there and now we have to keep the animal on the land and there will be animal houses and this house will still be there. It was the first condition of us that the Temporary house should now be the land on which we Had done the work of animal husbandry, now someone has to work on that land, so by this we have understood these things that both of them have to run together and it has to run both together and the next step In the AP, we have to pay attention to the fact that on the land on which the agriculture was done, animal husbandry is being done and on the land on which the animal husbandry is being done, if you interlink with us for one year, then any one of our It will also be very good and our animals will also be healthy very well, now you will say how we go, now we understand.

Future Scope of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture

This is an initiative by which organic farming is being promoted, as our business model is that the land on which animal husbandry has to be done will have to be cultivated next year and on the land that has been cultivated this year, next year If we want to do animal husbandry, then our business model is not using any type of fertilizers, mainly organic fertilizers are being used in it and the organic fertilizers that will feed our grains will annoy the organic organics and our food. Vegetables will be beneficial because as we are seeing in our society in our country that our peasant brothers use more fertilizers because they have to use fertilizer to make their land strong again and again because of the land Power is slowly decreasing, fertility of the land is gradually decreasing, but if we do this business, then our business model is through this business model we will have to use fertilizer and we will also save the money of fertilizers of our animals. Will also follow If more and more produce comes to us, then both our farmers brothers are going to be benefited and whatever business they do is going to be done, the future of this is also heard that we are gradually becoming aware and we understand We are finding that the fertility of our land should be maintained and if we eat the grains prepared by the fertilizer, then our bodies are getting weaker and more and more are getting sick, that is why we need organic farming Promote and Business it.

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