Which SEO Tool is best for WordPress Website? Yoast SEO, All In One, Rank Math

Every website owner wants to Index and Rank the Page on Google as much less time as possible and on the top of the Search Engine Ranking. But here the main things is along with writing an article the other factors along with the article also matters which is as follows:

WordPress SEO Plugin Helps to Manage

1. Article Title: Title which shows on Google search Result.
2. Article Description: Short description which shows on Google Search Result below the Title.
3. Keywords: Keywords means Short Sentence describing Your Content(Key means short and Word means sentence).You may write more keywords separated with Comms(,).
4. Heading: While writing the article you should manage the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Paragraph and performed as according to the topics and subtopics of the articles.
5. Image: You should also use the related image, related to the article so that the article should be more clear and precise.
6. Tag: You have also the option to tag your article on different topics and this tag gives the article tagged with keywords. In one article you may tag more than one tag words.
7. Categories: To categorise the articles on different categories you have the option to make the articles on different categories. And in one category one type of articles is used, this gives the viewers ease of reading.
8. On link: Linking your website another article with the page or post. You link only those articles which are relevant for that article only.
9. Off Link: Linking other website links with your article so that is the user is interested with your article and want to explore more then they may go to the off-link also.
All these are the factors which are responsible for Search Engine Optimization(S.E.O) and these SEO plugin helps to do that in a different extent either with the free plan of Paid.

Comparison and Review of SEO Plugin 

Now, let’s compare these SEO plugins so that we will be able to compare it and know which one will best fit for You.
Yoast SEO Plugin:
Helps you step By step that what is required in your article to make it more SEO Friendly article.
Allow only one Keyword in Free plan

All in One SEO Plugin:
There is No restriction on keywords, You may enter as many keywords as you want.
You are not allowed to set the priority of Individual Articles.

Rank Math SEO Plugin:
Helps you to boost your articles in score basic.

Benefits of SEO Plugin:

Helps you to Improve the Ranking of your Page. These SEO plugins will help you to manage the SEO part of your article that should be properly managed so that the article should be rank top in Search Engine.


Overall Best Paid: Yoast SEO
Best For Free: All in One
Best For Beginners: Rank Math

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