Verbal deduction by R S Aggarwal Logical Deduction: Video lecture

in any competitive examination the logical reasoning is one of the the parts of the syllabus of competitive examination the main reason for this is to check the logical ability of the students the thinking behaviour of the students and that’s why this subject is very important for all of the students.

A modern approach to logical reasoning and verbal deduction by doctor r s Agrawal is one of the important book in the field of reasoning and this book is help for the competitive examination like UPSC, Railway, IBPS, SSC and other competitive examination so before reading this book you must check your competitive examination syllabus and if your syllabus match then you start learning logical reasoning and logical deduction from the Rs Agrawal book and in this the video lecture of Dr R S Agrawal book a modern approach to verbal reasoning is provided by Diznr International you must watch this video to improve your understanding in this subject and understand the concept from watching the video lecture provided by diznr International.

The revised edition of the book is covering the logical reasoning syllabus this book help the students to strength and structure the thinking behaviour the presence of the mind and the the strength on understanding the mathematics the book has included all the things to increase the logical ability of the student by solving the mathematical question for logical question this book covers the topics in a well arranged classified manner so that the students easily understand the concept by reading the theory and solving the question paper and the key features of the book is it gives the additional section for the students to solve the questions and other the book also covers the previous year questions so that students able to understand and familiar with the previous year examination question the book is based on the latest trend and pattern of the examination so that is student solve the latest pattern question the complete solution for the questions of logical reasoning solve the question and he feel any doubt then see the answer and understand the concept the topics included in this book.

Table of Content :

  1. Logic
  2. Statement – Arguments
  3. Statement – Assumptions
  4. Statement – Courses of Action
  5. Statement – Conclusions
  6. Deriving Conclusions from Passages
  7. Theme Detection
  8. Cause and Effect Reasoning

Verbal deduction by r s aggarwal r s aggarwal logical deduction a modern approach to verbal reasoning general mental ability logical deduction logic statement – arguments statement – assumptions statement – courses of action statement – conclusions deriving conclusions from passages theme detection cause and effect reasoning.

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